SMITE-ing in the Middle Lane: The Basics


As of current, the SMITE meta involves a lot of burst damage – this is a role most mages are capable of. Mages in Smite are in a great position currently because of their viability at all stages of the game. However, they aren’t invincible. They have many disadvantages for example their low health.



Mages fit very well into mid lane for a number of reasons of which we will run through now.

● Gold and Experience: This lane arguably offers the best gold and experience gains. With a single mid camp earning you 90 gold and 280 experience (solo), you can easily get ahead just by having your support and jungler rotate or by stealing them from the enemy by yourself if you have a god suitable for that. Your jungler can also help you out by sharing some of that red buff back harpies gold and XP with Bumba’s Mask.

● Relevance throughout the whole match: As a mage in the middle lane you will be able to dish out incredible amounts of damage and it doesn’t matter what the match timer says. Your presence at mid harpies will make a big threat out of you – especially to enemy guardians who have very little magical protection in the early game.

● Great carry potential: I am not saying that you will have the ability to get a penta kill whenever the enemy shows up and single-handedly carry your team to victory by just putting them into your backpack but… you can make some really crazy plays with the help of your teammates because right now in Smite, late game is all that matters and mages deal the most AoE late game damage out of any role which might make them change the outcome of a game with the press of a single button.


While all of these points seem really great, there are also some major negatives to playing mages.

● Constant ganks and pressure: Having a great gold and xp farm also brings in some negative side effects however. There are 2 lane entrances and most junglers can easily jump over the mid camp wall which can make up for a pretty nasty surprise. If you don’t want to be an easy snack, be careful and ward .

● Low defense: If you want to play mages and be successful with them, you will need to understand this: you have incredibly low protections, hp pool and most mages don’t even have a reliable escape mechanism. (Yes, there are exceptions – Zhong Kui or Janus for example do have high defense values or incredible mobility but they can still be killed fairly easily.) For this reason, you will have to create a special mindset for playing mages.



Now let’s go over all the stages of the game and see what we can do to be the most useful to our team while we are leading it to victory…

Early game
Your early game motto will be ‘Farm, farm, and once again, farm.’ After you take the right side mid camp and push out your first wave, your priorities will be as follows:

1. Push waves.
2. Poke the enemy.
3. Pick up at least one mid camp every 3 minutes.
4. Plan to rotate.

If you can’t do any of these things between clearing out waves, look where your jungler is and help him clear out the attack or speed camp. You can also take down back harpies on your own for some quick and safe gold and experience. Doing all these things will get you ahead of the enemy mid laner and ready for the mid game.

Mid game
At this point of the game we will need to make sure that the teamwork and rotations of your allies and yourself are on point. Try not to forget to secure at least one mid harpy camp every 3 minutes and of course, take your red buff when it’s available. Keep an eye on your map for the enemy rotations, if you can get the drop on an enemy support, collapse on them.

Don’t be afraid – if they are alone it means that they’re an easy pick and you might even get a gold fury for that kill. To add to this, look out for advantages on every side of the map for example: Athena uses her ultimate to help secure a kill on your solo laner? It’s alright. Take this as an opportunity to siege and bully the middle lane or (once again) take down the gold fury. Depending on how well you and your team manage to grasp opportunities, the late game will be much easier (or harder).

Late game
This is the time when the match victor is decided. It is also the time when a lot of mages shine the most. Your damage should skyrocket by this point if you have farmed and itemised well. However, you are still susceptible to a lot of damage and you probably won’t survive long without your allies. You should group and roam as a 5 man team.

Look for picks, don’t get separated from your pack or it will be you will find it difficult to survive. If you are ahead, it is usually a good idea to bait an objective fight. In fights look for enemy mages and hunters but also look out for assassins (such as Loki) as they can kill you in a matter of milliseconds by now. All you need at this point in a teamfight are some nicely placed spells and victory will be yours.



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