Serqet Patch Notes

Serqet Patch Notes

Friday, Jul 11 2014

Steven Cooper.
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Serqet Skin + Unlock Code: SV6B0492845B40715.

New God: Serqet(Egyptian Assassin).
Vehicle driver – Passive.
Serqet’s Basic Attacks make use of Catalyst, which consumes her sticking around Poisons., if the target is affected by 2 numerous contaminants they are dealt 10 % of their maximum health has physical problems., if influenced by 3 numerous contaminants they are dealt 20 % of their maximum health and wellness and also health has physical injury
Serqet control panels 3 times back and forth, dealing 60/80/100/ 120/140 +30 % of her Physical Power as problems, and making use of Deathbane Poison per adversary fave. This capacity can important preferred, and Serqet is unsusceptible to knockup while dashing.
Cobra’s Kiss.
Serqet launches her 2 cutters forward, dealing 50/70/90/ 110/130 +40 % of her physical power as damage and utilizing the Cobra’s Kiss Poison. Cobra’s Kiss Poison drives gods to madness for 1/1.25/ 1.5/ 1.75/ Twos, compeling them to strike bordering allies, dealing 50/60/70/ 80/90 +30 % Physical Power scaling each essential attack fave, or walk harmlessly to Serqet.
Serqet enters into stealth, rooting herself in area. She could leap to a target location, dealing 80/140/200/ 260/320 +50 % of her physical power as problems to opponents. She will definitely stay hidden till she ends this capability or dives.
Passing away breath.
Serqet leaps to an opponent, spectacular them for Ones, making use of the Last Breath poison, afterwards pushing them 30 systems away. The Last Breath toxic substance uses 150/275/400/ 525/650 genuine problems over the adhering to Fives, in addition to avoids recuperation.
New God Skins.
Swagni Agni.
Covert Ops Bastet.
Elite Agent Apollo.
Toxin Serqet.
Janus Gold as well as Legendary.
New Voice Packs.
Occupation Hercules.
Elite Agent Apollo + Control.
Covert Ops Bastet.
New Ward Skins as well as Player Icons.
Mail box.
Fish tank.
Cosy Manticore.
Player Icon Country flags: Ireland, Chile, Colombia, Switzerland, Ukraine, Belgium, Turkey, South Korea, Portugal, Peru, and Norway!
Upgraded Cards.
Aphrodite Majestrix.
Freya Northern Lights.
Hercules Gold along with Legendary.
Hercules Grand Slam.
Artemis Stalker.
Janus Gold and Legendary.
Customized Games.
The Custom Game system has really had a selection of remodellings used:.
The Create Custom Game screen has in fact been redesigned to be a lot more client visually appealing in addition to positive.
When you create or join a Custom Game you are called for to an entrance hall that allows you to identify all the players in the personalized computer game.
Players have the capability to switch teams in the entrance hall to figure out which side they get on as well as where they continue to be in the option order.
The entrance hall programmer has the capacity to invite and kick players from the entrance hall.
Searching for Custom Games currently uses a full screen view to reveal a lot more information worrying matches.
All customized match computer game kinds exist on a singular display screen currently.
Personalized Matches currently existing player issues in the list, for your convenience.
You might currently preview god cards! When mousing over a skins switch over in the UI, the tooltip currently provides the card for the skin.
Your new god transforming is: Chang’e, Ares, Osiris, Ah Muzen Cab, along with Mercury!
Hud Customization Improvements:.
Objectives and Player Kills could currently be resized.
The vacation food option currently has a HUD EDITOR selection.
Can currently reset certain Hud Items back to default.
There is a new “measurement all” selection conveniently offered.
There is currently an arrangements slider for resizing, in addition to the side draw strategy.
System Notification Improvements:.
A new system sharp system has in fact been consisted of that uses a going log of in computer game alerts.
Great deals of notices that used to be in the System Chat tab or Popups have in fact been transferred to this new system, containing:.
Party Invites.
Clan Invites.
Friend Invites.
The system sharp panel might be made use of to authorize or decrease invites.
The HUD Item Display currently exposes the stacking fanatic issue of points.
Dealt with a few problems attached to player flag icons being unreliable.
Upgraded loading display screen to properly concentrate god cards. Whew!
Taken care of several interest in gods incorrectly taking advantage of targeted mocks on the inaccurate character.
Dealt with an issue with Ymir auto-buy in Arena not acquiring the best items.
When Shadow Detail prepares to Very High or Maximum, a range of deployables and projectiles will definitely currently cast darkness. Hercules’ Boulder and Poseidon’s Kraken. Remarkable!
Handled many pests which generated the “eliminate” as well as “establish” activate the Item Builder to not function or cause different other points to be removed/added to the establish.
Golden cards should certainly currently match the stats in your god document tab.
Holiday skins currently consist of an alert to case they’re not offered. This notice is where the buy button typically turns up.
Improved the Lobby Store to have even more visibility to bribable features within the computer game.
Players may currently get Boosters to improve the cost rewards are supplied at the end of fits.
Boosters are easily offered with a new Lobby Store.
The Goodwill number has in fact been moved to the Profile display screen.
Fixed a performance issue concerning Nu Wa’s clay soldiers along with minion/buff camp casualties.
Cared for pest where not all individuals of an occasion would definitely get rectify into a match.
General Gameplay.
Phoenix metro Objectives.
Phoenix metros currently have timers that get world as well as on the mini-map, recommending for how long up till they respawn.
When 10 secs remain to remain in the god spending phase, the Re-Roll button will absolutely currently be protected.
Recollect will definitely currently continuously harm stealth outcomes.
Dealt with a parasite that developed woodland connoisseur timers to not expose when they were removed at the side of the chain ranges.
Taken treatment of a pest that would definitely produce included waves of minions to create if you obtained rid of the entire wave fast adequate.
Boots/ Shoes.
Fixed an issue where shoes along with boots were supplying +1 Physical or +1 Magical power.
Bumba’s Mask.
This item say goodbye to provides +30 Health.
Currently provides 10 MP5 all the minute, not merely when in the woodland.
Currently furthermore provides +10 True Damage on essential strikes as well as +10 % problems on capability strikes versus Jungle Monsters.
Solution of Magical/ Physical Might.
Increase from 400 to 450.
Hydra’s Star.
This Tier 2 point currently has a passive: For Fives after taking advantage of a capability, your complying with basic attack will definitely deal an included 25 % of your physical power as physical damage. This influence utilizes before 4 secs.
Cost lowered from 1665 to 1400. (-265).
Emerald eco-friendly Talisman.
This Tier 2 item currently has a passive: Regenerates 2 % of your max health and wellness as well as health every Eights.
Significant Hammer.
This Tier 2 item currently has a passive: Enemies assaulted by your typical attacks will definitely move 20 % slower for Number ones.
Frostbound Hammer.
Easy slow-moving improved from 25 % to 30 %.
Spiked Shield.
This Tier 2 point currently has a passive: Reduces the Physical Protection of challengers within 55 systems by 8.
Ward Stone.
This Tier 2 point currently has a passive: Reduces the Magical Protection of challengers within 55 systems by 8.
Runic Shield.
Not provides HP5.
Remarkable Protection improved from 60 to 70.
Gods – Balance/Updates/Fixes.
Rain Fire.
Taken care of an issue where Agni could not target this ability inside tower or wall surface area collisions.
Handled a UI insect that would absolutely generate the scoreboard to not update with perk deal lifesteal from loads of Sorrow.
Energised Items say goodbye to supply stacks of unhappiness.
Casualty Gaze.
Taken treatment of an insect that would definitely make the sound continue if it was ended prior to the end.
Transgressors Fate.
Dealt with a pest that generated the beginning FX to stick around.
Updated targeters for Father Chrismash.
Updated targeters for Wreck The Halls.
Guan Yu.
Physical Protection increased from 10/15/20/ 25/30 to 25/30/35/ 40/45.
He Bo.
Falls Skin currently properly has CC Immune glow.
Consistent Flow.
Enchanting Power motivation reduced from 7 % to 5 % each stack.
Lower Wounds.
Injury returned as recuperation decreased from 40/60/80/ 100/120 to 30/50/70/ 90/110.
Dig deep right into.
This ability not produces Knockback on the initial fave.
Hun Batz.
Updated targeters for Shaolin Monkey.
Managed an insect where his physique would definitely proceed up till he respawned.
CC Immune targets will definitely say goodbye to take problems from this ability after stopping the eliminate.
Unstable Vortex.
Injury for striking the 2nd vortex decreased from +50 % to +30 %.
Terrific Damage Scaling reduced from 80 % to 70 %.
Adjusted meaning on this ability to boost player accuracy.
Cared for an insect which would absolutely cause Sleepy not to switch on.
Mighty Yawn.
Increased cooldown from 15 to 18s.
Range lowered from 25 to 20.
Fixed another insect where Loki can be perma-revealed.
Sonic Boom.
Taken care of uncommon worry that might perhaps him to acquire embeded a running computer system animation.
Ne Zha.
Wind Fire Wheels.
Taken care of a pest that could leave him subjected to adversary players.
Updated targeters for Ms. Diagnosis.
Nu Wa.
Allied pets are currently white when they’re stealthed.
Spirit Flail.
Slow-moving reduced from 50 % to 40 %.
Slow-moving duration lessened from Fours to Threes.
Physical power scaling decreased from 60 % to 50 %.
Fixed a problem with price of rate lover not making use of to Osiris if the target was affected by Sickle Strike.
Upgraded targeters for Poolseidon.
Fixed a range of icon, sound, message, and tooltip troubles.
Essential strikes have really had their influences upgraded to come from his bow rather than his stubborn belly.
Boosted visual FX picking in addition to dropping up Astral Arrows, and precisely just what Astral Arrows resemble while capturing.
Holy Strike.
When Astral Strike remains in toggled on state, FX consisted of to acquiesce reveal.
Holy Barrage.
Cared for a trouble with this ability shedding holy arrowheads.
Upgraded targeters for High Seas.
Mjolnir’s Attunement.
Might say goodbye to teleport to his hammer while it mores compared to top of his Tectonic Rift.
Setting Change.
Currently properly has a 1sts cool down whenever he changes position.

Serqet presents her 2 cutters forward, dealing 50/70/90/ 110/130 +40 % of her physical power as problems as well as additionally making use of the Cobra’s Kiss Poison. When Shadow Detail is changed to Very High or Maximum, a number of deployables as well as projectiles will definitely currently cast darkness.

When Shadow Detail is prepared to Very High or Maximum, a range of deployables as well as likewise projectiles will definitely currently cast darkness. Serqet control panels 3 times from side to side, dealing 60/80/100/ 120/140 +30 % of her Physical Power as injury, as well as utilizing Deathbane Poison to each challenger fave. Serqet presents her 2 cutters forward, dealing 50/70/90/ 110/130 +40 % of her physical power as problems as well as likewise making use of the Cobra’s Kiss Poison. Cobra’s Kiss Poison drives gods to madness for 1/1.25/ 1.5/ 1.75/ Twos, compeling them to attack bordering allies, dealing 50/60/70/ 80/90 +30 % Physical Power scaling each typical attack fave, or walk harmlessly in the instructions of Serqet. When Shadow Detail is readjusted to Very High or Maximum, a number of deployables as well as projectiles will absolutely currently cast darkness.

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