Rama PTS Changes

Rama PTS Changes

Monday, Jun 23 2014

Steven Cooper.
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June 23, 2014: Rama Patch: Changes between PTS Test as well as Live Build.

Lots of many thanks everyone for your help examining the Rama area this last weekend break. Below are numerous of points we have really improved/fixed accordinged to your testing


Upgraded computer system animations along with fixed countless pests and troubles connected with computer system animation.
Updated title to “Seventh” as opposed to “7th.”.
Looked after numerous effectiveness issues.
Fixed recall graphics FX remaining on end.
Managed tooltip summary for essential strike
Holy Quiver.
Handled a parasite with client as well as internet server leaving sync on ammo issue.
Easy should currently properly reset on casualty
Holy Strike.
This capability currently does item on-hit outcomes simply for the preliminary target fave. Points like Golden Bow will absolutely not establish off for each and every opponent in the line.
This ability currently does 100 % lifesteal on the first target fave.
Cooldown is currently suitably updated after ordering an Astral Arrow from the ground.
Fixed a pest where toggling off this ability would definitely allow it to crit on added targets.
Reward problems currently places on objectives
Select Me Up.
Rama’s coworkers might currently obtain decreases of Astral Arrows for him
Rolling Assault.
Managed a trouble where cripple was not being utilized with the complying with basic attack after rolling.
Improved tooltip summary
Holy Barrage.
Rama has to currently appropriately overlook being acquired while firing this ability. This will absolutely quit, as an instance, Fenrir Brutalizing Rama air-borne

HUD Customization.
Consisted of Edit checkbox to the Transform Editor.
Currently properly preserves the obvious option, so hidden parts continuously be concealed.
Lessened the scaling for teams, map, along with playerinfo.
Discussion does not dock off from stats any type of longer.
Author adjustments are currently all checked out bunches

Taken care of an optimization issue with Siege Juggernaut dramatizes.
Upgraded Ra’Merica touchdown website so he applauds right-handed.
Voice Pack button no a lot longer proceeds to be highlighted when you click it.
Fixed countless audio option issues in the entrance hall and touchdown website.
Looked after lots of worry about “Flag” Player Icons losing out on, or having incorrect names.
Upgraded art on Easter Island ward skin icon.
Fixed spelling issue on Easter Island ward.
Dealt with an interest in looking the Item Store along with tab option.
Taken care of issue with Odysseus Bow turning up

Taken care of an issue where Ancile stacks were disappointing up.
Reduced Magical Protection from 60 to 50

Balance and Fixes – Gods.
Transgressors Fate.
Captures currently damages immediately if a CC immune target walks over them
Razor Whip.
Dealt with a graphics FX worry
Taken care of an interaction trouble with this capability as well as Portal
Simmering Howl.
When using this ability with full Runes, fixed issue with Fenrir not acquiring the best power benefit.

Resources: Hi-Rez Studios Forums.

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