Get your Whelp!

Dear community,

Special IS offer for you! Starting from 19.10.2014 15:00, the Whelp Box will be available in the Item Shop until 20.10.2014 23:59

A cute young animal can be hidden in this box. Can contain one of the following items: Khan Seal, Porky Seal, Magic Stone, Reinforce Item, Shrunken Head (tradeable), Blessing of Life, Medal of the Dragon, Blacksmith Handbook, Blessing Marble, Passage Ticket (tradeable), Stone Handbook, Book of the Leader, Blessing Scroll, Dragon Scroll. Porky Seal and Khan Seal helps you during fights, your attack value will increase by 15 % and your Health Points will increase by 1500. The whelp will help you for 120 days. Duration time starts when the whelp appears in your inventory.

Metin2 Team

[Cashback] 20% 25.10. 00:00 – 26.10. 00:00

Dear community,

the Dragon God wishes to reward you for your outstanding deeds and loyal devotion: as a sign of his gratitude he will be gifting you 20% of what you spent between 25.10. 00:00 – 25.01. 00:00 in the item shop. Choose from hundreds of items!

Between 25.10. 00:00 – 25.01. 00:00 you can stock up on your favorite useful items, on the following day we will then top 20% of your Dragon Coins back onto your account!

This event applies to all items and packages that you can acquire from the shop using Dragon Coins.

Metin2 Team

[Item Shop] 20% Discount On Several Items

From 22.10.2014 14:00 to 29.10.2014 13:59 on the item shop 20% discount on:

  • Third Hand
  • Compass for Metin Stones
  • Thief’s Glove
  • Modification Charm

your Metin2 team

Something is scratching at the door…

Public beta server 29.10.2014

Dear players,

The Beta server will open soon!

Another public beta server will be available from 29.10. 13:00 CEST on. You can register from tomorrow morning 11:00 CEST on. For details, please view the DE or UK test server sections.

This time there are no limited registrations, everyone can register and get an account.
Here are the official boards for the test:
• International:…-board-section/
• Germany:

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?
Take your chance and explore
– the new character: Lycan
– 6th skill for Ninja: Insidious Poison and Spark
– 6th skill for Warrior: Life Force and Sword Orb

Thanks in advance for your help!

Metin2 Team