SMITE 6 September PTS Datamining – Sylvanus, Classy Fenrir and more!

This PTS Update brings us some interesting info as the new god, Sylvanus.

First of all, please remind this post may be updated until Monday max. Please come back tomorrow and check log (at bottom) to see if anything was added/changed.


New God

Sylvanus’ skills:

  • Skill #1: Deployable (Can be destroyed, damaged).
  • Skill Healing Whisp: Healing working firing something.
  • Skill #3: Projectile
  • Skill #4: No info
  • Auto Attack: May have aoe dmg.

New Skins

New Wards

New Voice Packs/Sounds

New/Updated Cards/Icons

Update Log

  • 7th September 0:48 – Initial Post.
  • 7th September 1:20 – Added Voice pack videos.
  • 7th September 13:40 – Added Sylvanus info

SMITE 27 September PTS Datamining – Ao Kuang, the dragon returns

Another week another datamining. Please remember my posts are updated as I find new things after initial post is launched. Please look at “Log” at bottom for updates.

You can also request at reddit if you want me to search anything.

Ao Kuang

  • Passive: Ao Kuang King’s Sword
    • Extra EP5 per level out of combat.
    • Your sword energy replenishes by 5% per second out of combat.
    • Extra In-Hand Scaling (Magical Power Bot only).
    • Minimum Energy required for chain lightning.
  • Wild Storm
    • Your basic attacks do more damage and replenish your sword energy.
    • Your MP5 is increased.
    • 38 + 1.5/Lvl (+20% of Magical Power)
    • % chance of root on in-hand damage
  • Water Illusion (Deployable + Invisible while staying in)
    • Your MP5 is increased.
  • Dragon Call
    • Radius of the slow aura in feet.
  • Ultimate (Not sure if the name is one of the rest)
    • 2 Staged ultimate
    • Has a jump down (So we can assume he will fly or something).

Skins (? xD)

  • Osiris Frankenclassic
  • Osiris Frankenfuture

Sylvanus Gallery

New Skins / Cards Gallery


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SMITE 1 October Datamining – Ao Kuang skills, new bundles..


Ao Kuang skills

  • Standard Statistics
      • Damage: 35 + 1.5/Lvl (+20% of Magical Power)
      • Basic Attack Progression:  1/0.5/0.5/1x Speed
      • Basic Attack Progression: 1/0.5/0.5/1.5x damage
  • Passive
    • Ao Kuang’s sword can hold up to 100 bonus energy. Ao Kuang regenerates 5% of his swords energy for every second his sword is sheathed, or 1% for every second in combat.  This energy will automatically be used to cast abilities if Ao Kuang is out of traditional mana, and may also be used to augment his abilities.
  • Unknown Name (Or Wild Storm)
    • Passive: While Ao Kuang has at least 50 energy in his sword, Ao Kuang’s basic attacks have a 25% chance to trigger chain lightning, hitting the original target and up to 4 nearby enemies. This consumes energy from the sword.
    • Active: On activation, Ao Kuang’s basic attacks deal bonus damage and each hit regenerates his swords energy.
    • Affects: Self and Enemies
    • Lightning Damage: 40,80,120,160,200 + 50% Magical power.
    • Bonus Damage: 40,55,70,85,100 + 25% Magical Power.
    • Bonus duration: 5s.
    • Sword Energy: 5
    • Cooldown: 10s.
    • Cost: 50
  • Water Illusion
    • Ao Kuang teleports forward in stealth, leaving a watery form of himself behind. He remains in stealth for 5s or until he attacks or takes damage. Ao Kuang may activate this ability again using energy from his sword to detonate the watery form, dealing damage to nearby enemies.
    • Ability: Teleport
    • Range/Radius: 30 / 15
    • Damage: 75,125,175,225,275 +60% Magical Power.
    • Detonate cost: 25 Energy.
  • Dragon Call
    • Ao Kuang summons dragons to circle him, slowing the movement speed of all nearby enemies. Ao Kuang may activate this ability again before it expires, using sword energy to summon the dragons to him. His next attack sends the dragons forward, dealing damage and slowing all enemies they hit.
    • Ability: Aura / Line
    • Damage: 90,140,190,240,290 +80% Magical Power.
    • Slow: 30%
    • Cost: 25 Sword Energy
    • Cooldown: 15
    • Cost: 50
  • Wild Storm (Ultimate)
    • Ao Kuang shows his true form, transforming into the might King of Dragons. Enemies in the transformation area are knocked back and take damage. Enemies under a health threashold are taken up into the sky and executed. If Ao Kuang executes an enemy, he remains in the air and may chose a location to land.
    • Type: Area
    • Damage: 90,140,190,240,290 + 50% Magical power
    • Cooldown: 90s
    • Cost: 100 mana

New Bundles

Frozen Bundle

  • Frostfang Fenrir + Frost Maiden Freya + Permafrost Sylvanus

Villains Bundle

  • Slaughterhouse Chaac + Dark Lord Sun Wukong + Obsidian Shard Ymir

Swordfight Bundle

  • Dark Judgement Tyr + No Mercy Nemesis + Northern Lights Freya + Sword in the Stone Ward Skin

Shadows and Nightmares Bundle

  • Black Widow Arachne + Infiltrator Loki + Butcher Bakasura + Soul Harvester Thanatos

God of Thunder Bundle

  • Heavy Metal Thor + Thor Voice Pack + Thor Dance Emote + Thor Special Emote

Bows and Arrows Bundle

  • Ms. Diagnosis Neith + Wrangler Artemis + Lil-Devil Cupid + Arrow Icon

Wilderness Bundle

  • Mountain Man Odin + Survivor Ullr + Jungle King Anhur

Dance Party Bundle

  • Nemesis Dance + Fenrir Dance + Janus Dance + Hun Batz Dance

Cats and Dogs Bundle

  • Gravehound Anubis + Anhur Olympian + Fwuffy Manticore

SMITE 11 October PTS Datamining – Nox, goddess of night, kali oddissey and ao kuang images.

Another week another datamining. Please remember my posts are updated as I find new things after initial post is launched. Please look at “Log” at bottom for updates.

You can also request at reddit if you want me to search anything.


  • Nox Basic Attack
    • Damage: 33 + 1.5/Lvl (+20% of Magical Power)
  • Nox Ult Life Drain
  • Shroud of Night Mark
    • Ground Target Night Gate
    • Bonus Effect from 2/3 Combo
  • Shadow Steal
    • Nox is stealing your shadow.
  • Line Target Raven
  • Nox Shield

Ao Kuang Abilities

  • Ao Kuang unleashes a storm of lightning from his sword, damaging all enemies and recovering an Energy Charge to his sword for each enemy hit. This hit is considered a basic attack, and will activate item effects.
    • Type: Cone
    • Range: 30
    • Damage: 90,140,190,240,290 +50% magical power
    • Cooldown: 5s
    • Cost: 60,65,70,75,80
  • Ult seems to have a stun now, and indicates when someone is about to die.
  • Reduces cooldown using something like a combo. (Wild storm deployable or maybe it’s for Nox since she has a shield)
  • Dragon Call: You have called forth Dragons!

Random Lines

  • Cemetery Awaits

Treasure Box

  • Treasure Box – International
    • International 2014 | Exclusive through Treasure Chest only.
  • Looks like they will split into 2 categories, Exclusive and Other. Maybe to buy or just the “logic” inside opening.


Not sure about aphrodite, please take it under your own understanding, this doesn’t mean aphrodite will be reworked.

  • You are stunned by Aphrodite’s affection! | Applied on link break


Welcome to the mysterious subcontinent of India! Wow, check out all the sculptures in this temple! Have you ever seen anything like it?The Meenakshi Amman Temple, located in the city of Madurai, India,  was built from 1623-1655 CE during the Nayak Dynasty. The temple is dedicated to Shiva and his wife Parvati. The 12 soaring gateway towers, known as Gopurams, are ornately decorated with colorful stucco statues of mythical beasts, Hindu gods, and monsters. There are an estimated 33,000 sculptures on the temple!

  • Meenakshi Amman Temple
    • Kali Odyssey

 Voice Packs

Anubis Stargazer


Osiris Frankenhotep

Osiris The Re-Animated

Zhong Kui GhostBuster

e-sports Narrator Hi-Rez Bart

e-sports Narrator Brandon


e-sports Narrator Hi-Rez Drybear

Ao Kuang Gallery

Nox Gallery (HiRez Pls)

New Skins / Cards Gallery


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SMITE 24 October Datamining – Rama Odyssey Skin? Geb Treasure chest skin? New emotes

Took a look into the files prior to PTS patch, I should have done this earlier since we would’ve known Nox’s skills before the spoiler stream reveal, I’ll make sure to check it sooner in the future.


Treasure Chest

  • Geb Save The Earth (Can’t confirm 100% it’s a new skin for treasure chest).


  • The same way there’s a line called KaliOdyssey there’s a new one called RamaOdyssey. (I guess one of them may be a 12 items reward). (Agni skin is the 12 reward, confirmed by Hi-Rez)
  • 2015 Odyssey.

New emotes

  • Wave
    • Bastet
    • Chaac
    • Chang’e
    • Chronos
    • Geb
    • Guan Yu
    • Kumbhakarna
    • Loki
    • Mercury
    • Rama
    • Sun Wukong
    • Vulcan
    • Zeus
  • Clap
    • Bastet
    • Chaac
    • Chang’e
    • Chronos
    • Guan Yu
    • Kumbhakarna
    • Loki
    • Ra
    • Vulcan
  • Special
    • Hun Batz
  • Furious
    • Sobek

Conquest Map

New lines for new conquest map, but it was confirmed it wouldn’t arrive until after SWC.

  • (Order Back Duo)
  • (Order Mana Solo)
  • (Order Mana Dduo)
  • (Order Damage)
  • (Order Speed)
  • (Mid Solo)
  • (Mid Duo)
  • (Chaos Damage)
  • (Chaos Speed)
  • (Chaos Mana Solo)
  • (Chaos Mana Duo)
  • (Chaos Back Duo)
  • (Chaos Back Solo)

Random info

  • Tencent QQ VIP


  • Bring the Thunder Bundle
    • Thunderhead Zeus + Hailstorm Chaac + Iron Gaming Thor + Lightning Bolt ward

Ao Kuang

  • Ao Kuang unleashes a storm of lightning from his sword, damaging all enemies and recovering an Energy Charge to his sword for each enemy hit. This hit is considered a basic attack, and will activate item effects.
    • Range: 30
    • Damage:  90,140,190,240,290 + 50% magical power.
    • Cooldown: 5
    • Cost: 60,65,70,75,80


  • Initial Post: 17.30 (GMT +2 Spain) -> No post update expected.