Aion NA open beta keys for everyone

It has just been announced that all NA players will be able to get their Aion open beta key from Fileplanet without paying for a Fileplanet subscription. Free accounts are able to get them as well from now on. Head over to this page on Fileplanet to receive your open beta key. To remind you all – you can get your Open Beta client from several sources (torrent being one of the better solutions) – our article about it can be found here and the official page is here.

List of Aion servers and other news

The names of both North American and European retail launch servers has been released. 24 servers at launch – woooooo. Friends and legions can now organize themselves much easier. Feel free to tell us what server you will be playing in the comments. I think we’ll be on Gorgos, but this decision is not final.

Some people asked what times will be prime-time for fortress raiding and we are all waiting for that answer.

In the meantime game got patched to and I believe this was a GameGuard patch that should help with some issues (and cause new ones – if you are getting GameGuard error with ????? as description try restarting your PC). Also, if you are getting “You cannot run any more clients” Sebastian “Ayase” Streiffert said

Try to go to your connection agent and switch connection type to NDIS, then re-connect. (With “connection agent” I mean any connection manager that may have come from your internet provider.)

While poking around your PC to get Aion started again, feel free to watch the interview people made with Lani Blazier, associate producer of Aion, in which she showcases some basics of the game as well as brand new lands (Dark Poeta) and bosses (with her uber pimped character).

You can also celebrate that Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia will get Aion EU access and will not be connected to the Russian release.

North American Server Timezone
[East] Azphel GMT-5
[East] Israphel GMT-5
[East] Lumiel GMT-5
[East] Marchutan GMT-5
[East] Triniel GMT-5
[East] Zikel GMT-5
[West] Ariel GMT-8
[West] Kaisinel GMT-8
[West] Nezekan GMT-8
[West] Siel GMT-8
[West] Vaizel GMT-8
[West] Yustiel GMT-8

European Server Language Server
[ENG] Spatalos
[ENG] Telemachus
[ENG] Castor
[ENG] Perento
[ENG] Gorgos
[GER] Kromede
[GER] Thor
[GER] Votan
[GER] Balder
[FRA] Urtem
[FRA] Vidar
[FRA] Suthran

New Patch Notes Aion

Aion servers have been brought down for about 2 hours to apply the latest patch. Patch introduces further internationalization and some minor tweaks and fixes (The mouse will now turn the character (not the camera) when holding down both mouse buttons. – wooooooooooo). Also, at the end of open beta Aion fans will have additional 6 hours, so the open beta will end on Monday 9/14/2009 at 2 a.m. CST/8 a.m. BST. It will take a while to implement all the tasty updates because the patch is about 630MB big.

The frosting on this beta’s cake will manifest itself through a dazzling new patch starting distribution on Saturday 9/12/2009 at 5 p.m. CST/11 p.m. BST (more). We want to make up for the lost playtime not only by the long list of improvements that are shipped, but also by adding an additional 6 hours to the end of open beta. Open beta will end on Monday 9/14/2009 at 2 a.m. CST/8 a.m. BST

Find out more details about new patch

Aion Preselection

Preselection is a benefit available to anyone who preordered Aion. If you are not sure whether or not you are eligible, simply log in to your NCsoft Master Account to verify that your game account is listed and your account type is not designated as “Beta”.

Starting 12:00 p.m. PDT on September 18, 2009, eligible players will be able to start their game clients and log in to create a total of two characters ahead of everyone else. You can name and create these two characters through the standard character creator and be ready to play with these characters right when the game Head Start Program begins (but not beforehand). Preselection will end 9:00 a.m. PDT on September 20, 2009.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to claim your character’s name before anyone else does. It isn’t too late to preorder, even if you have been holding out.

GamerZines Features Aion

Gamerzines has dedicated one of its magazines to explor Aion. This downloadable PCGZine issue includes hands-on insights and insider tips from one of our own: Associate Producer Lani “Liv” Blazier.