1.9 is arriving to PTS today!

The long awaited Aion patch 1.9 is available for download on the PTS as I write this post. The server should be down for maintenance while the patch is being applied. The patch is 3199MB in size.

Update: At some point patch download stopped and got reset. The new size is 4028MB and the version is

Aion 2.0 is from now on Assault on Balaurea

Just as patch 1.9 hit the PTS NCSoft released a trailer for the patch 2.0, from now on to be called Assault on Balaurea. The video showcases new instances, bosses, lands, pets and the other goodness arriving with 2.0. See it in all its HD glory below.

Patch 1.9 recap

Public Test Server is already hosting the long awaited patch 1.9. In preparation for its release on the live servers NCSoft released several articles and videos to help you navigate through the new features and content. Official PowerWiki has a page dedicated to showcasing all the new features you’ll have access to in mere days. Kinslon, Aion producer, along with Tamat (Andrew Beegle) and Lani Blazier, made a video entitled Aion 1.9 Podcast we are embedding below. In it they discuss the patch and we can see short glimpses of all the new stuff. They call it the “patch created for players”, as it aims to correct all the things players themselves complained about in the months since Aion launched. Not a huge content patch but player pleasing patch that should, hopefully, shift the accent from grind to having fun.

Here’s (another) recap of the most important improvements:
– New Stigmas and Stigma vendor
– New Skills including the lvl 40 anti stun skills
– UI improvements (Floating Quickbar for example)
– Daily Quests (starting lvl 30)
– New Fashion Items
– Enchanting to +15 and Armsfusion (combining two weapons into one with mixed stats)
– New Scrolls
– Gathering (Expert skill up to 499) and Dismantling
– Vendors for more rare profession materials
– New LFG system
– More XP and lower cost of flight and Soul Healing

Updated quests for Aion 1.9

Some of you might have noticed that we were down for some 15 minutes today. This was cause by the update of the quests database to the latest patch. Things are still in beta but we wanted to release the information before the patch. We’ll be inserting the quest images (especially for daily quests and such) shortly after. You can check out available Aion Daily Quests on this page. Please let us know if you notice things behaving out of the ordinary.

Aion 1.9 release recap

It’s been more than a week since patch 1.9 hit the official servers and I feel its time to draw the line and see where we stand atm. The patch seems to be well received by the community. I am seeing a lot more activity on my server. The PTS server feels all but deserted, which is good since people returned to their mains. We are working diligently on updating all of our database with the new stuff from the patch. In the meantime here are some stats that you might find interesting:

There are 208459293 experience points more in 1.9 when compared to 1.5.x patch. 704 quests have had their XP reward increased (and 146 have had their XP reduced!). That is ~296106 EXP points more per quest on average. There are at least 200 quests more than before, out of which 52 are the new daily quests. The quest with the most XP increase is For the BuBu Tribe (2470590 XP increase). There are also 1167 new items (weapons/armor/accessories). I am hoping to update the item database today with the new stuff.

On the official news front we can report that you can download the full 1.9 client from the following locations:

NCsoft Torrent:

FilePlanet Direct Download:

GamersHell Direct Download:

As a celebration of the successful launch of the new patch NCSoft is treating us with a double XP weekend which starts tomorrow, June 11. 2010, at 8pm server time. HEre’s a snippet from the official news:

This weekend is the perfect chance to check out 1.9 with your main, or create an alternate character to experience what 1.9 has to offer lower level characters.