Aion Launch Errors

  1. If you get any errors, completely shut down your NCsoft Launcher and boot it up again. Make sure it’s patched, and make sure Aion is patched.
  2. If you are getting GameGuard errors, you haven’t patched the game completely. Shut Launcher down fully and restart.
  3. Getting “You cannot run any more cliennts”? Let me know what server you’re on and I’ll have it looked into.
  4. If you’re getting Error 36 it’s one of two reasons. 1) Something blocks your connection, 2) The server is overburdened.
  5. If Aion is in Korean for you – restart the Launcher, right click on Aion and click Properties -> Language Options
  6. Any other known resolution to the korean language in client issue – Close Aion and the patcher. Then relaunch and patch both. You should get a 800MB patch.
  7. You should now be able to patch up French and German as well, just make sure to restart Launcher.
  8. I keep getting ID or password doesn’t match. What’s causing this? – Update your game account password on
  9. If you get the note “The name includes Forbidden Words.”  Either you are trying to sneak in a bad word or this name has already been given to an NPC.
  10. Error Code 3: First delete all files from C:Documents and Settingsyourusernamelocal settingstemp directory . In your Aion directory there is a version.ini file. If you have the wrong version (the correct one is, you should manually edited version.ini to Relaunched and patch.
  11. I just purchased the digi upgrade to CE and it wont apply the serial code? Any advice? – Please contact support/billing for that one. NA: EU:


Aion guide for WoW players aka the beginner’s guide

Being a long time WoW addict (read that as ex-addict, stopped playing around 6 months ago) and considering that most of the MMORPG players out there probably played WoW at some point I thought I give you 10 tips that will make your life easier. I will focus on the specifics of the Aion gameplay mechanics that every player should know, so this can also be considered a beginners guide for anyone, not only WoW players. The list will go “less important” tips to the most important differences and it starts with:

10. Changing Channels

In starting areas Aion has multiple instances of the same land so it may happen that you and your friends end up being in the group yet in different channels (instances) and can’t “see” each other. To fix this you all need to change to the same channel (as the image below clearly depicts)

9. Quests and Quest givers

Aion has two main types of quests: Mission quests, that carry the main storyline with you being the focal point, and Normal quests, of your regular XP farming variety. NPCs are scattered around quest hubs and major towns and are giving out hundreds of quests. Mission quests often start when you reach a new level or a new land. Our Quest Database can be of great help in finding all quests in an area.

NPC with this mark over their head have a new quest for you
You have a quest in progress with this NPC
You have finished a quest at this NPC and can claim your reward
There is a new/in progress Mission quest at this NPC
You have finished a Mission quest at this NPC and can claim your reward

8. Comma is your best friend

Very early in the game you will notice that you need some time to regenerate your health/mana. This can be done by consuming potions or if you have special skills. Use “,” key to sit down and your regeneration will increase substantially. To avoid big downtimes and money sinks, comma is your best friend.


7. Private Store, best place to sell your private … stuff

There is an auction house system in Aion – the NPCs are called trade brokers and you can put your stuff up for sale there for several hours/days. There is, however, another way to present your goods to other players. It is private stores that you can setup anywhere in the world. You just press the Y key and choose the goods you want to sell and Click on the start button. You can also enter the description of things that you are selling and those will appear above your character. You can go AFK and most likely your goods will sell in the meantime.

6. Orange is the new purple

Items are colored according to their rarity. And just like in WoW greens drop often, Blues drop rarely or from bosses and if you stumble across an orange drop, please don’t vendor it, it’s not vendor trash, it’s Unique/Epic item.

5. Guilds Legions Raid group Alliances

Guilds are called Legion in Aion and they have their own storage space as well as levels. Alliances represent “group of groups” or raid groups. You will run into these fairly early in the game forming to PvP with the opposing faction.

4. Crafting

The crafting system in Aion lets you gather all materials without learning special crafting skills. You can also work on all available professions, but you can become a Top
Expert in only one. The important thing to note about Aion’s crafting is that you can fail when extracting/crafting an item.

3. Flying/Gliding

At level 10 you become Daeva and gain your wings. From that moment on you can fly and glide through the game. Press the flight button to start flying:

The green bar displays how long you have for flying. You can press space while flying to start gliding. While gliding in that mode your remaining Flight time doubles. The handiest thing to master is to glide while not flying. This can be done in non flying areas. You double-tap your Space bar while on a slope and you will start flying and moving faster than when walking. You can cover long distances this way or catch up with fleeing enemies.

2. Movement buffs

You can just stand in front of your enemy, like a log, or you can move around while fighting and Aion will reward you with special movement buffs. Moving forward will add to your damage (but decrease defense). Moving backwards increases your defense considerably (but your attacks dwindle) – good for waiting for that big skill to cooldown. Moving sideways will increase your Evasion. The buff you currently have is displayed below your character.

1. NyerkNyerkNyerk

Nyerk is a special word used by the merchant race of Shugo. It expresses dissatisfaction or negative attitude towards something. A lot of people are using it in the Aion community forums so don’t get confused :P.

Aion open beta lag issues

North American players have been experiencing almost unbearable amounts of lag/latency during day one and most of day 2 of Aion open beta. There have been various attempts by the community to pinpoint the exact problem, but I didn’t want to post anything until some official news were announced. Unofficially, Level3 and some other ISPs have had bottlenecks. I’d say there are a number of factors that were causing this. Lack of any updates for a very long time makes me think people at NCSoft scrambled real hard to find a solution and it may be in sight.

Sebastian “Ayase” Streiffert announced that:

NA servers will be brought down for maintenance at approximately 12.30 p.m. PDT (2.30 p.m. CDT, 8.30 p.m. BST)

This is one of the stages in our insistent work of sorting out the latency problems many have been experiencing. We will be using this maintenance to apply a number of tweaks and updates to our game servers.

We do not have an estimated length for the maintenance, but will do our best to get the game back up and running as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your patience.

PDT = Pacific Daylight Time (Seattle, WA)
CDT = Central Daylight Time (Dallas, TX)
BST = British Summer Time (London)

There are also reports of new Game Guard issues. A good point to start is to go to your Aion folder, go to bin32 folder and delete the GameGuard folder. Next time you start the game it will download the latest version of gameguard and this might help some people. There are some other unofficial ways of removing it, but this may be breach of terms and conditions and might get you banned from the game. Here’s to hoping that GameGuard will be fixed rather than we have to reach for some extreme solutions.

There is a compiled list of common issues and solutions on Aion Source so if everything else fails you and you can’t wait for the official fixes you might want to try some of the things mentioned there.

I urge everyone with issues to continue submitting descriptions of problems to official NCSoft Tech support because this will also help developers pinpoint the problems and use the official betaboards to submit your traceroutes and other pieces of information.

This is actually a good thing, because it would be much worse if things like these happened retail launch day.

Aion open beta lag issues update

servers upgraded with human hamsters

Just wanted to update you all on the developments in the past couple of hours since my last post. The maintenance completed roughly 45 minutes after scheduled start at 12.30 p.m. PDT. First news were not that good. Lag was just the same and benchmarks remained ugly. Turns out, this was all caused by a rush of Aion starved players that all logged in at the same time. After the initial rush reports started coming in that for a lot of people things were looking much better. Yet, some still remain with issues. NCSoft people have not been idle and a new batch of improvements have been released upon the servers. There still remains an error ” Cannot connect to Auth server “. Here’s the official response on how to try and fix this:

Please delete the addcache.xml file that is in the root of the game folder.

Next, try the following to force the game to connect to a specific auth server:

1. Open the NCsoft Launcher
2. Right-click Aion under “INSTALLED”
3. Choose Properties
4. In the box labeled, “Extra Command Line Parameters (Advanced)” add the following:
-ip: -port:2106 -cc:1

This IP is the current NA Auth. This IP will change in the future, so please remember these changes.

The current EU Auth is – if you have an EU account.

This has been posted at the betaboards by Ayase. Hope this helps.

GameGuard errors and how to fix them

Sebastian “Ayase” Streiffert just made an announcement about the official page addressing Game Guard errors and possible fixes. I know Game Guard has been an issue for a lot of open beta participants and in general a lot of players. I don’t think it will be possible to remove GameGuard for the retail launch but if things continue to be this bad I am almost certain NCSoft will remove/replace it. Any piece of software that needs its dedicated support page and announcement needs to be reconsidered if not vital for game’s release. In any case, the official page covering all errors and possible solutions is here and I am mirroring it on our site just to spread the word.

In the meantime

Having EU authentication server issues, we’re troubleshooting. Stand by, please.

I would like to politely ask the NA gremlins to stay away from EU servers *shoo*.

GameGuard is a security program that works with Aion to help ensure a safe game play environment free of malicious applications and common methods of cheating. This also protects the users from illegal manipulations, viruses and malignant codes by blocking various cheats and hacking programs.

If you receive a GameGuard error, please find the error code below and follow the link for more information or to contact support.

Error Code Description
110, 115 GameGuard is already running. Please try again after restarting the game or computer.
114 GameGuard has failed to initialize. Please configure your security application(s) and disable UAC (User Account Controls) in Windows Vista or Windows 7.
120, 121,122, 123, 124, 141, 150, 153, 154, 170, 390, 610, 620 GameGuard files are not found or have been changed. Please delete the GameGuard folder and try again.
155 Some Windows system files are corrupted.
200, 210, 500, 1012, 1013, 1014 A conflicting program was detected. Please try again after closing all unnecessary programs.
180, 340, 350, 360, 361, and 380 The GameGuard update failed. Please check the configuration of firewalls and security applications.
230 GameGuard reset or version error.
320 Some game files are not found or have been modified.
330 Npgmup.des reset error. Please delete the GameGuard folder and restart the game.
112 Failed to load the virus and hacking tool checking module. It may be due to lack of memory or virus infection.
1001, 1002 GameGuard will be closed.
1011 A speed hack was detected.
1015 The game files appear to have been modified. Please reinstall the game.
All other codes An error occurred while running GameGuard.