Aion Korean Test Server Updates

Aion Patch 1.6 Korean Test Server Updates:

  1. Chant of Purification can be used by entering the prompted combination of numbers and letters, you will be given a total of 3 chances to enter the combination correctly, if a player fails all three attempts, the character won’t be able to collect any more ore for an extended period of time
  2. equipped items cannot be extracted
  3. We have added a new information tab that displays the remaining waiting time for all of the instances. The new tab will display both you and your party members waiting time for all instances
  4. We have made the following changes to the auctioneer.
    • we added ‘includes words’ option to the search tab along with ‘exact match’
    • items can now be added to your auctions just by right clicking on the item with auction window open
  5. We added preview option for color sprays and hair dyes.
  6. We added preview option for hats for character look change window.
  7. You can now change default order of combo skills in the combo skills tab.
  8. Running away from a spell being casted will no longer interrupt the spell.
  9. We have increased quest item drop rates for Stigma quests.
  10. We have made significant changes to stats of every monsters in Dark Poeta instance.
    • These monsters are now more vulnerable to spell damage.
    • These monsters are now more resistant to physical damage.
    • All monsters excluding the bosses now have lower hp.
  11. We have lowered the difficulty of Steel Mane instance.
  12. We have added an elevator to the Steel Mane instance.
  13. We have changed the stats of monsters in abyss fortress instance. they will have lower hp but more resistant to physical damage
  14. We have lowered the amount of stigma shards required to equip stigmas.
  15. Spirits can fly.

You can find more details on

New Aion Player-Focused Web Features will soon be updated with a quick character search function and detailed character pages that will allow you and others to view your characters with all their accoutrements directly in a browser. You will also be able to view server statistics and Abyss Rankings in order to follow your own and your friends’ progress through the game–or to find out what numbers you need to beat to reach the top!

Aion’s official forums will let you socialize with fellow gamers. They will supplement the forums of our fansites to make an excellent medium through which you can get to know other players from the servers you play on.

Aion to Launch with an Oceanic Server

Aion Team has decided to launch Aion with an Oceanic server set to GMT+10. Oceanic communities have already masterfully executed unofficial polls indicating their server desires. To honor these community efforts, the North American server Nezekan will be adjusted to an Oceanic time zone and event schedule immediately.

The server will however not be labeled as an Oceanic server right away, but Aion plan on changing that in a patch within the first two weeks after launch. We are doing everything we can until then to let everyone know about the plans for Nezekan’s future time zone schedule to allow players to make informed decisions.


Bye GameGuard, Hello 400,000 preorders

You would think that the Aion community would get excited over new patch notes, or new game content, but no. The biggest excitement since the announcement of release dates was brought on by last night’s news of GameGuard, the dreaded anti cheating software included with Aion, being removed from the game on launch day. Being the cause of many gamers’ discomfort all throughout the beta testing, GameGuard has been proclaimed “worst. … thing … evah” by the Aion community (even those that didn’t really have problems with it). I think people held small celebratory parties last night after Ayase announced it. It is possible that GG will make a comeback in some later patch, but for launch things will be GameGuard free.

In other news, VG247 (and other news sources) reported that there are 400,000 confirmed preorders of Aion making it the biggest MMO launch this year. Not only does this means we’ll all have enough people to group with, but this also means the servers will be busting at the seams. It’s all good though, better a lot of people than not enough.

Aion Launch Version Details

Did Aion disappear from your launcher? We are fixing this. Please standby. Whatever you do, don’t mess with it!

Language patch is not ready.

Aion has announced that the final update for us to patch will be available within the next few hours and this version is for both Preselection and Head Start.
Below are the release notes for the patch you will see later today:

  • Aion now features all three languages French, German and English. To select your language simply right click on Aion within your launcher and go to Properties->Language Options. Please select which languages you wish to download and which you wish Aion to display.
  • After analyzing our open beta test results Aion will not feature GameGuard at launch. We will however continue to pursue ways to effectively utilize GameGuard within Aion in the future. Right now we’re focused on providing players with the best possible Aion experience.
  • The level cap is now level 50 (previously 45).
  • Players will be able to reserve 2 character names during Preselection and create 8 characters in total once Head Start begins and beyond.
  • Channels will be set to 10 instances for the beginning 2 zones of each faction. Please note that these will be lowered as characters progress and spread throughout Atreia.