GamesCom 2010 Q&A with the Aion Developers Video

During this year’s GamesCom we were present at the Q&A event with the Korean developers at the NCSoft booth. The event was hosted by the charming German Community manager Imhotep and developers present were Jiho Lee and Seungwuk Baek. Most of the event was in German, which we are not very good with. We would like to ask our community members to help us with the translation if at all possible . One question per person and we’ll have the video translated in no time. If you feel like helping out you can leave your translations in the comment section bellow.

From the information we were able to gather, the most important announcement is that there will be separate builds from now one. On for the Korean market and one for the Western audiences. “Our” version should have better Abyss rewards, higher drop percentages and more XP. Please do correct me if I am wrong (somewhere near the end of the video is this information). We also managed to ask about the mounts in the game and they should be coming soon. They probably won’t have the same mechanics everywhere (PvP zones for example), but they are working on the mounts system.

Aion 2.0. Information

You have probably noticed on your NCsoft launcher information that Aion 2.0 update will be ready on 9/8/2010. Although the official line is that this is just a bug, Aion fans seem to be a little suspicious about “extended maintenance”.

Actually this is just a bug with the launcher, there will be an extended maintenance on the 7th of Sept, the servers will be patched to 2.0, – so will game clients. The servers will come up all patched and ready to go on the 7th of Sept. [Faelan]

While you may not believe that this maintenance should not be longer than the 1.9 update maintenance, the good news is that there will be external sources for downloading the patch like Fileplanet, Gamershell, Steam and an Official Torrent.

Also, one of the big questions is will we be able to rename AionPTS to AionEU/US and play?

As with the 1.9 PTS/Live release, its not recommended by us to copy and rename the current PTS client into your live client. [Faelan]

Scorching Heats for Aion Event quest

I’ve recently noticed several summer NPCs in swimming trunks. My first impression was – I want a swimming suit for my toon! But I couldn’t figure out how to get scorching heats for this event. Like Serlain said: It isn’t fighting in general, gathering, lava damage, fighting things that do fire damage, or sitting naked in the pool near the summer NPCs.

As you have noticed, the NPCs for the Aion Summer Event are in the capital cities. These NPCs are going to be in town for awhile, but the event itself is not turned on yet.. so… No scorched heat yet! [Trine]

So, I hope Summer Event will start sooooon!

Aion 2.0 Full Install Client

Aion team has released a fully updated version 2.0 client installer. This client includes all the smaller updates and allows anyone to jump straight into Aion: Assault on Balaurea after installing with no patching required!

This full client is available via direct download from GamersHell, it’s also available from Aion own Torrent server.

NCsoft Torrent:

Gamershell – Download:

GamersHell Full 2.0 Client Download:

Eye on the latest Aion bugs

With the latest Aion update Assault on Balaurea several bugs have been noticed:

  1. Players with Error 72
    Some users have been able to resolve the issue by manually downloading .patch files and deleting “scanned.dat” in the Aion install directoryfiles from their Aion directory. We have received clearance to offer this as a solution until the launcher has been pushed with a current fix. To download the patch files follow the links:
  2. If you are continuing to experience errors in download please contact Customer Technical Support by e-mail at
    Call by Phone: Phone customer service for billing and technical issues from Monday through Friday, 12 noon to 5 p.m. CT, by calling (512) 225-6359. Phone support for in-game issues is not available.

  3. Can’t Use Skills
    Some of you are experiencing this due to the launcher not updating correctly this morning. This is a network issue and the network operations team is working resolving this. Please try to update and repair again to see if this resolves the issue for you.
  4. I just got Kicked from the Server
    Sorry guys there was no way to warn you. The reboot of an auth server shouldn’t have kicked you from the server at all.. but it did. Servers themselves weren’t being rebooted. The auth deals with logging in. You should be able to log back in normally.
  5. 2.0 crafting question
    The craft window used to contain a number next to a recipe that indicated how many of that item you could craft/morph based on the materials you had available in your inventory. This number seems to have disappeared with the 2.0 update.
    It looks like a UI bug where the number is getting cutoff.

If you have noticed any other bug just let us know and we’ll try to find an answer.