Aion patch 2.0 video from the Korean press conference

Information and media from the recently announced Aion patch 1.9 is starting to pour in. found this video from the big press conference that was held in Korea and it showcases not only the 1.9 changes, but beyond, into the Aion 2.0 content. There are improvements to the gliding across vast distances as well as new bosses. Graphics engine seems to be better as well.

How to obtain Aion Blue Inferno sword

Welcome to another Aion guide about blue rewards and unusual quests. This time you don’t have to kill bosses, you don’t need a group and surprisingly you don’t have to grind (at least not too much). I hope these information have attracted your attention.

Inferno sword is a guest reward from the quest Flame Sword. It’s Elyos quest level 37 that starts in Sanctum. This quest is the last part of the quest chain:

  1. Fire Sword
  2. Fire Feather
  3. Flame Sword

An interesting point in this quest chain is an item Fire Sword. This item is a drop from Eltnen mobs Mottled Basilisk and Dried Gnarl (this is the grind part ~2hours). Usually, this item ends up as vendor trash or enchantment stone. The main reason for this is a fact that no one tells you that Fire Sword is a quest starting item. With this item in your inventory bag be sure to go directly to Garperos and you will be able to start the first quest Fire Sword. Garperos will ask you to bring him Flame Essences from Flame Spirits and as a reward you will acquire green Flame Sword.

With the Flame Sword in your hand or inventory bag you can start another quest at level 32 Fire Feather. The quest giver is an elite bird Griffonix, but only by day. Griffonix will ask you to hunt Virago Scavengers, Pretor Looters and Tornado Spirits. When you collect materials your reward will be a Fire Feather.

With Fire Feather and Flame Sword, at level 37, go to Sanctum, find NPC Regmos and start the last quest in this quest chain Flame Sword. Regmos will send you back to Eltnen, where you have to collect Magma Essence and Burning Barghest Tail from Magma Spirit and Burning Barghest in Geroch Caldera. And finally, when you bring the materials to Regmos Inferno sword will wait for you.

Firefox Personas and Aion themes

If you are using Firefox, you have probably noticed that recently a new feature was released – Personas. Basically, Personas are easy-to-use themes that let you personalize the look of your Firefox – header and footer. When you install the plugin you can use any Persona from the gallery (they are all free to use).

Making your own persona is very simple, and I couldn’t resist making a few for Aion Life. You can actually find several “Aion theme” personas on

Upcoming Aion Double Experience Weekend March 26th

Ready for another Double Experience Weekend? If you said “No”, congratulations on level 50! For everyone else, it’s time to once again stock up on food and caffeinated beverages in preparation for a weekend without sleep. This Friday, March 26th, at 8 p.m. GMT, we will enable double experience. The experience bonus will run through the weekend before ending on Monday at 8 a.m. GMT.


Monday Aion Rant

I thought I start a new segment here on Aion Life. It is Monday after a double XP weekend. Your eyes are puffy from non stop playing and caffeine from all those energy drinks/coffee is slowly dwindling, bringing the harsh truth of your favorite day of the week, Monday, to your attention. Whether you’re at school or work we have a cure for your case of the Mondays. Brief news and funny community bits and pieces about your favorite pastime – Aion. I like to call it MAR, or our Monday Aion Rant.

Our first MAR is special in another way as well. We return to regular updates after a short hiatus. Real Life > favorite pastime (*sadface*) but everything is back to normal now. I will post about some old news as well so bare with me.

Aion Magazine has had its first issue “hit the stands” on March 26th. A lot of competitions have been running on Aion fansites giving out year long subscriptions and I hope we’ll be able to provide you with one as well. In the meantime, how did you like it? Leave your impressions in the comments below! I especially want to hear from the people that preordered and got the Kerub hat. Tell me, will you allow yourself to get caught strolling around Sanctum looking like the toon below:

Kerub Hat

Image found at

Reparation, of “Another Aion blog”, finally completed his full Daevanion armor and weapon. If you need new goals in-game, just check out this guy’s checklist.

If you somehow managed to finish the above mentioned epic task of collecting full Daevanion set, check out what a golden weapon that takes 6 days of AP farming looks like at Avalon Guild post about the Elite Guardian Tribunus’s Warhammer.

Best for last. I was trolling YouTube and came across the video below. Hope this little MAR made Monday bearable at least.