Aion 4.0 Gunner Class Preview

NCsoft released a preview of the new “Gunner” lesson referring to Aion in place 4.0! The name of the lesson along with anything seen in the video undertake change.

Aion 4.0 Bard Class Preview

Today, NCsoft released a brand-new video of Bard Class being offered in Aion 4.0. I have to admit this program has some excellent capacities.

Aion POSA Cards supplying incorrect motivations The code you get will definitely not offer you the advantage you are requireding if you currently utilize a POSA card. I will absolutely disclose when the error is addressed, so if you have an unapplied POSA card, kindly do not make use of the code up till it is taken care of., if you would definitely such as to keep your payment plans you are definitely welcome to do so.

Aion 4.0 New Wallpapers

4 Aion amazing Wallpapers have really been released on the major Korean Aion internet site. The wallpapers consist of Aion lessons Bard, Chanter, Spiritmaster and IU’s Angel Guardian.

MMORPG Exclusive Aion Pet Giveaway

aion pet Watchful Ailu

Today has really been using an advantage animal canine for Aion United States– The Watchful Ailu: Ability (Warning), Watchful Ailu sharp you when they recognize challengers.

ESSENTIAL: These existing keys will certainly simply deal with the North American Aion internet servers.