Shadowbound Open Alpha Announcement

A new epic strategy MMORPG is coming to R2Games! Immerse yourself in a mystical world wrought with intrigue, and build a formidable party of mercenaries from scratch! Unlock the true potential of your warriors by mastering the intricate art of battle formation. Every decision you make is the difference between glory and ruination. Take control of your own fate, and find your footing in a tilted world. 

See you on the battle field at 10:00 (7/8/2014 EDT)!

Create and Share Your Shadowbound Video

​Guardians! We will be holding a video-sharing event during Open Alpha to celebrate the release of Shadowbound. Simply make your own Shadowbound video, upload and share with other players to gain generous rewards! Join us!

Duration: 7/8/2014 – 7/13/2014  

- Make a video of Shadowbound game play from level 1 to level 30. 
- Provide your R2 ID and the link to your video in a reply to this thread.  

1. No spamming with replies. 
2. Posts must follow forum rules and be positive and uplifting. 
3. Video links must be valid and Shadowbound-related. 
4. Rewards will be sent to all participants via in-game mail during Open Beta.

Shadowbound Open Beta Announcement

Hungry for new adventure? Enter the lush, dangerous realm of
Shadowbound, uncover intrigue and grow strong with your rag-tag party of
mercenaries that has the potential to be the greatest league of heroes
the land has ever seen. Fortify yourselves with top notch gear, wield
powerful Talismans, and master the ancient art of battle formations that
makes the difference between glory and ruin.

Shadowbound brings you an unparalleled gaming experience with:

– Exquisite scenario design

– Powerful mercenary lineup

– Myriads of skills and buffs

– Intricate battle system

– Multiple team events and PK opportunities

We are so happy to announce that 
Shadowbound S1 will release at 10:00 (7/15/2014 EDT)! See you on the battle field of Shadowbound!       

Shadowbound – New Server Events

Login Rewards

: Day 1 to Day 7 of new server
Description: Check-in every day and you’ll unlock great rewards to boost your character!

7-Day Challenges

Time: Day 1 to Day 7 of new server
Description: Join in on fun activities during the first 7 days of the new server to win great rewards!

Level Pack

Time: Permanent
Description: When you start playing on a new server, the system will automatically distribute new server level packs that contain a lot of gears and useful rewards.
Reach certain levels and use the Level Packs in your backpack.

Click here for more info.

Shadowbound Is Live!

Play Shadowbound!

Are you ready to roll? Shadowbound servers are up and ready to play. Character data is now permanent, so it’s time to etch your place into legend – play Shadowbound now!