Overview: How to alter your account E-mail

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1 How to alter your E-mail.

1.1 Step 1: Login.
1.2 Step 2: Your Account.
1.3 Step 3: Changing your email.

If your account e-mail address has actually been transformed without your authorization, 2 What to do.

The best ways to transform your E-mail.
You’re account is linked to an e-mail address after activation. Some gamers desire to alter the e-mail attached to their account for numerous factors, this quick guide will certainly inform you just how to do this.

Action 1: Login.
To do this, you will certainly initially should visit the major web page: http://Metin-2.com/ Remember to kind this in your address bar instead of doing a google search which might raise informal internet sites, which might resemble our web page yet are just there to swipe your ID and also Password. After the web page has actually filled you have to currently login, kind your present ID and also Password in the boxes offered on the right and also click the login switch below.

After effectively logging in, you will certainly see the leading 3 switches are currently noticeable, together with a welcome individual message. Currently you will certainly click the mid switch, Account Information.

Action 2: Your Account.
You ought to currently see Your Account, in addition to your Account Information, Username, Email, Amount of Dragon Coins and so on. Underneath is a row of switches, click the 3rd one down called E-mail, Change Email Address.

Action 3: Changing your email.
On the following web page it will certainly motivate you to input the e-mail address you are presently utilizing in the oldemail address box, in addition to the New Email address below. After doing this click Send.

After clicking send out a brand-new display will certainly show up if you’ve done this appropriately, this will certainly explain that for protection factors you will certainly have 7 days where to validate the brand-new e-mail address you have actually sent or else the original will certainly continue to be. This is to aid those that have actually had their account jeopardized by ‘cyberpunks’ as well as their account transformed to a brand-new e-mail address without their consent in order to take control of the account.

If you are definitely the proprietor of the account as well as want the e-mail modification to go on, you might access your email to which you must see mail from ‘noreply@mmogame.com’ which must appear like this.

If your account e-mail address has actually been altered without your permission, exactly what to do.
, if your e-mail address connected to your account has actually been altered without your certification and also it’s still within the 7 days you could login making use of actions 1 & 2 stated above.. When completing action 2 you will certainly see this web page:.

On this display merely clicking ‘terminate’ will certainly quit the e-mail transfer occurring entirely, though it is recommended you after that comply with action 3 to quit any individual trying to move the account to a brand-new email once more in future without your understanding.

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