Mounts introduction



How do I get a mount?
Once you reach level 20 on the Knowledge Tree, you unlock the Mount talent and gain the ability to purchase and ride a mount. They can be purchased for coins or andermant at a Grizmek, the Tamer, in Kingshill, Jarlshofn and Ellonidos. Be on the lookout for Gnob, the Event merchant, who sells horses for draken. Mounts may also be rewarded for participation in special events. 

What does the mount do?
The mount will increase the player’s travel speed in urban areas and out in the wilderness and dungeons. Speed buffs (like those given by the fairy) will stack.

Can I attack while on a mount?
No, you are unable to deal any damage or use any skills while on your mount. When you attack, you will be dismounted.

What is the difference between mounts?
Besides the cosmetic differences, all mounts are identical.

Does the mount have any skills? 
No, as of now, mounts only help you travel through the lands faster.

Can my mount die from mob damage? 
After you receive a threshold level of damage, you will be automatically dismounted, and the mount will rest in your inventory.

Are mounts allowed in the arena? 
Mounts cannot be used in the arena in all matches, except for Capture the Flag (5v5). In Capture the Flag (5v5), you will be dismounted when you pick up the flag.

What are epic mounts?
Epic mounts move at a quicker speed than traditional steeds. For more information, visit the  Epic Mounts post.

Epic Mounts
Increase your level of  to 30 knowledge and learn the new talent “Epic Mount”. As soon as you’ve unlocked this new talent, explore the world of Drakensang Online with an Epic Mount, which you can earn through completing various PvP quests or by purchasing one through Grizmek, the tamer. Game mechanics of Epic mounts are similar to those of traditional  , but with greater movement speed (increases travel speed by 100%).

Battle Master Quest Series:
Complete the PvP quest available through Battle Masters all across the land. Each battle master will provide you with a 5-part series of quests that require you to win battles in a certain type of arena. Upon completing these tasks, you will be rewarded with pieces of a costume (4 total parts) and, ultimately, the corresponding speedy mount. All players can participate in these quests steeds, however, only players with level 30 Knowledge can use the Epic Mount. 

Epic Mount Options:
Listed below, you will find the number of wins required to complete each quest The first 4 quests reward you with increasing pieces of a costume set and completing quest 5 will reward you with the corresponding epic mount.

Ice Bear: Duel (1v1)​
Costume Duria: Team Death Match (3v3)​
Cerebus: Capture the Flag (5v5)​
Steam Mount: Storm the Fortress (6v6)​
Blood-Scaled Dragon Brood: Purchase from Grizmek([​IMG] 19900)​

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