Merchant (Buffs, Foods) / Priest (Blessings)

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Temporarily boost your stats for tough battles in PvP or PvE with:

Up-front cost will be in either Andermants or coins. Occasionally, special events also award participants with similar Buffs or Blessings. 

What is the difference between buffs and blessing?
The actual effects of consuming a buff/blessing is listed in each item tool tip and usually increases offensive and/or defensive stats.

Buffs (food items) have a longer effective time period (30 mins). Once activated, a red glow initially surrounds your character.Blessings, generally, have stronger effective stat changes, and a shorter effective duration (3 mins). Activating will cause a red glow and a ground-shaking animation which can also be seen as you change map locations.​

How to Use
After you purchase the Buff/Blessing, and if you meet the minimum level requirement on the item, right-click the item in your inventory to initiate. A timer box will appear near the bottom HUD and indicates the remaining active time. You may have 1 Buff and 1 Blessing active at any one moment, but you are unable stack 2+ Buffs or 2+ Blessings. 

Exception: If you consume any of the buffs or blessing listed below, they do not count against the your buff/blessing count.

Special Buffs and Blessings
These special buffs/blessings may be used in conjunction with other buffs/blessings.

XP Buff
Purchase “Favor of Destiny” or “Destiny’s Support” from the shop and receive these experience buffs to boost experience gained. Only 1 XP buff may be active at any one time.​


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