Marvel Heroes Trading Guide


First of all you can not trade credits in this game. The trading happens between artifacts,blessings,runes etc. But usually the currency used is BLESSINGS. By that i mean HELA BLESSINGS. Ofcourse you can trade other blessings too. But you know umm there is a fact in this game. The blessings are not equal in usefullnes. So there is a chance to use fandrals and friggas too but they are mostly seen as .5 .75 helas. For others you may not find anyone to take them.


Second you will need to know some short sayings. Here they are:

b blessing

pc price check

pst please send tell

wtb want to buy

wts want to sell

lf looking for

c/o current offer

b/o buyout

pm personal message

GotK Gem of the Kursed (artifact)

GoK same

GoM God of Mischeaf (recipe)

SWGN Sacred White Gorilla Necklace

Liz Lizard’s Formula

Hyde Hyde’s Formula

And the other names are usually written by their first letters like ACCoC(advanced crimson crystal of cyttorak)

Note: Taskmaster is an interesting item. It has both range and melee critical rating. So if it has one of them 400+ and other let’s say like 200ish damage rating 200+ and boss damage 5+ it is usually worth 3-5 blessings. But if it has both and good defensive stats then the price will go up to 10+
With the costume cores people usually look for the %25hp 100spirit on med-kit stat. Except the few exceptions you may sell your core to the vendor or just throw it to the ground without hesitation. And if your core only has this stat again you can do the same. There are two other main stats that makes a core valuable. They are 400 life on hit and 2sec invulnerability(no 3s invisibility is not good). If your core has all three of them you can celebrate cause you have a “trifecta”

which is worth A LOT. If it has %25 and 400 LoH it is usually priced 1b. If it has %25 and invul it is usually priced 2b. Other than that +hp +spirit +stat +melee etc adds value to your core. But it is not usually used unless it has 2 of the trifecta. 1000 def from the ARMOR event greatly adds to the value of the valued cores. I can not specify prices more cause there are too many variety.
Well probably the hardest part. Let’s start with the basics. IF YOUR INSIGNIA HAS A “USELESS” STAT VENDOR’S WILL BE MORE THAN PLEASED TO BUY THEM. Useless stats are well umm… mostly non-damage stats like regenerate xxx when pick up credits, regenerate xxx when you pick up orbs etc. Defense and dodge stats are not considered useful by the vast majority either. So we are looking for critical dmg-rat brutal dmg-rat damage damage and damage umm and HP-spirit. With the insignias not being stacked anymore most of them which are not commonly used has value too(No sell that rocket racoon insignia not that). With appropriate stats ofcourse. But if your insignia is hawkeye-piotr rasputin-valkyrie-wolverine-o’grady and things like that with again dmg oriented auras. Well with the right stats it is valued much more. If the stats are near maximum the price goes astronomical. May even go for like 7 10 GotK. So KEEP THEM.
Everyone has tons of them. Mind that before posting your ring to the trade channel. If anyone is going to buy a ring they would probably go for the ones that are better than their own. So for the beginning vendor all the rings which has any of the useless stats stated at the insignias section. Then look if your ring has HIGH ROLLS. No one would want to buy a 90crit 500hp ring. Then you can post it to the trade channel and wait for an offer. Prices depends on how bad the buyer wants it on this one. Again near max rings may go astronomical. (with the new patch and the industry patrol rings good luck selling your rings cause they are perfect)

Cosmic Items

This is a chapter i dont have much idea on and any help will be appreciated. For now i can only say these: For some heroes their unique or any other unique may not be BiS(Best in Slot). People who want high dps(damage per second) usually wear cosmic items on that slot. For example if you have a ms marvel and you want the max out your damage output, you would normally want more points in the haymaker skill. So you would want a cosmic with lots of +haymaker and other useful stats. Again there are no specific prices on these but the prices may go astronomical depending on the affixes and the rolls.



God of Mischeaf is worth 3-4b and unstoppable force is worth 1/2-1b other than that use em or trash em!! (yes trash that vice)

Thank you for anyone who read this guide. If i missed anything please let me know I will add it as soon as possible. This is a new guide so there may be lots of changes in the near future. AGAIN FEEL FREE TO CORRECT ME. Hope this was helpful see you all new traders in the game :D


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