I’m Level 60! Now what? (Endgame Progression for Newbies)


I’m Level 60! Now What?

I’ve been seeing this question a lot lately. Once upon a time, there was a guide on what to do at Level 60, but it’s now gone (or at least hopelessly outdated). So I figured I’d put together something new to help out newer players! This guide will show you a bunch of ways you can keep improving your character after hitting max level.

But first, a couple of notes:

OMEGA POINTS: You’ve likely noticed by now that your Green XP bar has been replaced with a Blue one. When this fills up, an Omega Orb will drop (you’ve likely picked up a few already). Omega XP and Orbs are shared among all characters, and you can switch between it and the normal XP bar by right-clicking directly on the bar. You can assign Omega Points from the Powers menu (any spent will still be available for other heroes). At this stage, simply put your points into SPIN Tech. Point-for-point, SPIN Tech is the best Omega node by a significant margin.

PRESTIGE: You may also choose to “Prestige” a Hero. This will reset your level to one, give you a colored chat name, allow you to buy an “Iron Buddy” pet for credits, and give you an additional default costume (any three can be combined at the Crafter to get a random costume). The rewards are almost entirely cosmetic. If you want to go this route rather than staying at level 60, you can buy a Gourd of Prestige from Clea.


And finally, I’d just like to point out that none of this is set in stone. Feel free to skip around rather than follow my suggested order, particularly if you’d like to level some alts or grab a Team-Up (“Step 5″ in the guide below, which can really be done anytime you have Splinters or G’s). This is a just a series of suggestions, and there’s no One Right Answer. Play however you like!



Goal: Legendary Weapon, Level 60 Costume Core

Locations: Shared or Legendary Quests (No Cosmic/One-Shot Terminals)

Your first goal is to get 300 Odin Marks and a Level 10 Crafter. You’ll want to run Shared and/or Legendary Quests for Odin Marks, visible in your Mission Log (hit L). If you’ve got a lot of cash, you can reroll Legendary Quests for different ones, though this may be something to avoid until you get more credits. The key is to gather up as many Odin Marks as you can while also farming gear to donate to your Crafter (Hank Pym or Forge, depending on location).

Also keep an eye out for a Level 60 Costume Core that your Hero can use – Invulnerability or Health/Spirit on Medkit use are always good, or whatever other stats you like.

Once you’ve gotten your Crafter to Level 10 and have a Level 60 Costume Core, get your Crafter to attach your chosen Core to your Costume. Then head to Odin’s Palace and buy a Legendary Weapon with your Odin Marks. Gungnir is a good choice for nearly anyone, as is M’Kraan if you need the Health/Spirit bad enough. Check your Hero’s forum for recommendations. Just stay away from Norn Stones or the Shield and you’ll be fine.


Goal: Full Level 60 Uniques, Level 3+ Legendary, 200+ Odin Marks

Locations: MM/IC Patrols, Holo-Sim/X-Defense, more Shared/Legendary Quests

Now that you’ve equipped your Legendary, you’ll need XP once again. And to do the more challenging content, you’ll really need a full set of Uniques (or equivalent-strength Cosmics) and enough money for four costume affixes. You’ll also need lesser gear to donate to the Enchanter, as you’ll need to use him very soon.

Many of the challenge modes are good places to go right now, particularly Industry City Patrol, where powerful Unique rings drop. Legendary/Shared Quests are also necessary, since you’ll need 400 more Odin Marks further down the line.


Goal: 4 Offensive Costume Affixes, 3+ Enchantments, Runeword, 2+ Hela Blessings**

Locations: Avengers Tower (or any other Hub)

Once you’ve got money to spare, head to your Crafter and put one of each Offensive Costume Affix on your costume. You can only choose if it’s Offense or Defense – the actual affix itself is randomly selected. If you want a different one, you’ll need to pay to re-add that affix. I’d recommend re-rolling until all four affixes are Critical Damage, though that can wait until you have more credits to burn.

Hopefully, you’ve also got your Enchanter up to Level 7 or higher at this point, as well. In the Enchantments tab, add something useful to each slot of gear you can. At Level 11 you’ll have Health, but until then you’ll likely have to settle for Defense. At Level 15 a wide array of offensive enchantments become available, as well.

The Runewords tab allows you to add an enchantment to your Uru-forged item. At Level 7 the Enchanter should have Valkyrie’s Legacy – it’s decent for any hero and uses very common runes. It’s not the best for anyone, though, so keep an eye out for upgrades whenever the Enchanter levels up.

Last but not least, there’s a tab for Blessings, which are put on Artifacts for 100 Odin Marks apiece. Once you get the marks start Blessing items, but be aware that moving Blessings from one item to another costs 100,000 credits. When choosing a Blessing, pick Hela, as it’s the best.


Goal: Get Hero Synergies, Cybernetics affixes, and a Team-Up

Location: Adam Warlock

And here’s where all of those Eternity Splinters you’ve been gathering are going to disappear in a hurry.

Unintuitively, one of the best ways to make your hero more powerful is… to play a different hero. Each hero provides a “Synergy Bonus” to the other heroes on your roster (available on the ‘P’owers menu). So if you haven’t done so already, you’ll want to bring at least a couple of other heroes to Level 50 so that you can take advantage of their Synergies. You get a large XP bonus for each hero at Level 60 (+30% for the first, +20% for the second, etc.), so it may be worth it to max out the first couple. Cable, Squirrel Girl, Wolverine, Mr. Fantastic, and Hawkeye are popular choices, as their Synergies are very powerful on all heroes. Cyclops is also popular, since his synergy increases XP for all other heroes.

This is also a very good time to pick up a Team-Up Hero, since you can use the same one Team-Up for everyone on your roster. Team-Ups are computer-controlled allies that accompany you in combat or provide large stat buffs. Since this guide is already ridiculously long, I’ll just shamelessly plug my Team-Up Guide here.

Finally, you’ll want a pet. If you’ve Prestiged, you can buy an Iron Buddy for credits. If not, “Old Lace” is available for 400 Splinters. Even if it’s never summoned, the Cybernetics system – used by donating equipment to your pet – can provide some surprisingly large stat bonuses. If you find the donation system to be too monotonous, you can simply hit ‘K’ after a kill to automatically donate nearby greens, blues, and purples to your pet. The actual stats generated are random, so be prepared to reset them at the Crafter if you get something terrible.

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