Honor, dishonor, player titles and ranks​

n this FaQ thread, we will explain to you the difference between badges of honor, honor points, PvP ranks and PvP titles.

Honor points:

Honor points are awarded to you when you participate in the arena or defeat opponents in the wilderness. In the arena you will get honor points depending on how well you do. Dealt damage, number of kills and number of deaths all influence the total outcome of honor points. Striking the final blow both in the arena and in the wilderness will give you additional honor points. The received amount will vary according to the level of you and your opponent.

Honor points are permanent, once you obtain them, they add to your total pool and can not be diminished. The more you will get, the higher your PvP rank and title will be.

Note that you will stop getting honor points, if you kill the same opponent more than 5 times. The penalty will last for the rest of the day (until you will receive a new daily log-in bonus. This applies to both the arena and the wilderness.​

Badges of honor: 

Badges of honor on the other hand, can be spent. After each match you will gain the same amount of honor points and badges of honor. With the badges you can either speak to the battle master Robert Rampage in Kingshill:


Buy from his selection or spend them on your PvP talent tree. The more you participate in PvP, the more badges you will receive. Where can you see how much badges of honor you have?
There are three ways:

- Sign in to your account. Before you start playing you can see the amount on your right-hand side of the screen
– While in-game, look at the top-right corner of your screen.
– Press ‘N’ to open your Talent tree menu, they are listed under the right-most talent tree (the PvP tree).​


Here you can see the amount of badges required for each respective PvP talent tree level:

PvP ranks:

Your PvP rank is your total honor point rank on your server. Each server holds its own PvP high score. The PvP rank will show on your character when you will be in the top 10.000 players of your server. The more you will play in PvP, the higher your rank will become. But be careful! If you stay away from PvP for a while, you might find out that you lost all your progress.​

PvP titles: 

PvP titles are the additions you can see next to player names when you hover over them with your mouse. Each title requires a predefined number of honor points. Once a title is obtained, there is no way of going to the previous one. There are many different titles in DSO, and the more honor points you will achieve, the better and more respected title you will get. The title has no direct influence on gameplay and does not give additional benefits – it merely shows the world how passionately you like to participate in PvP .​



There are many different titles you can get. To soothe your curiosity, here is a list of all known titles:

Candidate – 400
Recruit – 3.200
Ardent Recruit – 11.000
Legionnaire – 25.000
Seasoned Legionnaire – 50.000
Ardent Legionnaire – 90.000
Novice Centurion – 140.000
Centurion – 210.000
Seasoned Centurion – 300.000
Ardent Centurion – 410.000
Novice knight of the Order – 550.000
Knight of the Order – 750.000
Seasoned knight of the Order – 1.000.000
Ardent knight of the Order – 1.450.000
Flag bearer – 2.250.000
Marshal – 3.600.000
Field Marshal – 6.750.000
Grand Marshal – 15.000.000
Grand Master – 32.500.000
High Grand Master – 75.000.000​

Dishonorable kills:
What are dishonorable kills? Why do I have them? Are there penalties for having them?

In the same way like the monsters across Duria, the players you compete against are classified as “worthy” and “non-worthy”. All worthy opponents are players that are 5 levels or less below your current experience level. To spare the time calculating, you could simply hover over the player with your mouse. If his level is colored grey, you will get a dishonorable kill if you defeat him. If his level is of any other color (green, yellow, red) you can slay him without worries that you would raise your count.

There are however, some exceptions:

- in arena matches, killing players from the opposing team will give you no dishonorable kills, regardless of player levels
– if a member of your group kills a non-worthy player you will get a dishonorable kill too​

Dishonorable kills, although cruel, give you no penalty whatsoever. But there is also no way of “erasing them”.

~ at the very top of this picture you can see your PvP title
~ below it is your current PvP rank 
~ the yellow bar shows your progress to the next PvP title
~ at the very bottom you will see how much dishonorable kills you have​

See how well you compare to your fellow Heroes in PvP match ups. Compare your rank to just your friends or to all players on your server. Open up the Rankings window (Hotkey “L”) and view overall and arena rankings based on Honor Points achieved.


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