Happy Lunar New Year! By GM Amelia

Happy Lunar New Year! By GM Amelia

Hi-ya, Elpeeps! Have you joined our Lunar New Year events yet, orjob-changed Elesis to Crimson Avenger? You have some time to get busy on those while
we’re still cooking up patch stuff for the next few weeks. Meanwhile, let me
tell you about all the sparkling-new goodies arriving in the Item Mall after midnight!

Add’s Ice Burner featuring
Velder Imperial Guard

Here’s the Twisted Tracer’s chance to dress up like a veritable
protector of Velder Kingdom. Collect all pieces of Add’s Velder Imperial Guard
outfit from his exclusive Ice Burners. Available for 2 weeks only!

 Dr. Add and Nurse Elesis

Were you scared of the doctor’s office when you were a little kid? I
know I was, and it was because of one thing: the shots! With these new costumes
arriving for Add and Elesis, if you were or still are afraid of getting
vaccinated, no one would be able to tell. Ha! Try them on tomorrow!

Fuzzy Wool Accessories

Finally, a new collection of accessories arrives in time for your Year
of the Sheep kick-off party. You know this is gonna be an awesome Lunar New
Year when you can keep warm with such cute Fuzzy Wool gear. Get these at the
Item Mall!

See y’all in-game!

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