Guide:The 4 steps to the GameMaster

Guide:The 4 steps to the GameMaster



The available Guide is provided by collecting information in the forum and own experiences.

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1 The preparation
2 Step 1: The application writing down
3 Step 2: The application discussion
4 Step 3: The Trial-GM
5 Step 4: Finally GM

The preparation
At the beginning was the preparation – so also here. You have yourself thus decided Game Master (GM) to become. Did you think thereby also of everything? Do you fulfill the minimum requirements in the topic the GameMaster searched stand? On the one hand you should again exactly considering whether you GM become real want.
Because GM its is called could not play much work and perhaps with the normal play account no more. The moreover one you must be able to remain neutral in each situation – and also you not in the clay/tone seize. GM its means also that one – in the worst case – must proceed against the own friends and guild members because of offence against the GPO/rules. Besides it is of advantage much, if the own (forum) account does not have to show cautions or ahnliches. Naturally something experience of the play already belongs to – which uses it, if the GM knows less than the players. Too better lastly you should be able to work also with other people together – GM work means teamwork. Important is also: For the work as GM there is no compensation – no money, everything is honorary.
Edit: If you do not accept that, it stands for you naturally also so freely simply times the Rufchat to supervising and the other players to help. Thus you the GM do not only help.
If you accept and fulfill all this, it can go further with:

Step 1: The application writing down
The letter of application is not simply only “I would like to be an GM” its – just as a letter of application for teachings, working premises etc. is to be provided.
Which everything into the letter purely must and where you the sent must find looked for you in the topic GameMaster!
Here is not valid – as in the normal application writing down – lies. Besides also a tidy form tries to hold – begun of “Very honoured…” up to the finishing sentence.

Please send also only 1 letter of application and has patience on the answer – pay attention above all also which you enter your email address correctly and with you the email addresses are not approved (that the mail then in the Spam file lands or is deleted automatically – a 2nd chance get you not).
If you made a tidy letter of application, you get an invitation after a few days.

Step 2: The application discussion
There is a small trap equal at the beginning – before the discussion begins – in addition, is easy to solve. (You need above all a Headset and a Administratorrights on your PC – and nat. open of haven)
In the discussion you should simply “du” its. Play no other humans forwards, who are not you. As preparation to the application discussion is considered: Which makes probably everything for GM and as it holds back itself (see preparation).
During the discussion you already get a few more or less well-known information to GM the existence and therefore around – notice her you. The GM’ s advise then over you and – if you after the discretion of the GM’ s was good enough, gets you an email with the further approach – and a data protection explanation. This serves for the fact that the Gameforge has a security, if you come on the marvelous idea, of passing internal data on to the user.
You need then only a scanner around this explanation and your identity card in scanning. (One can also if necessary into a CoPy shop makes ect) simple then to the address indicated in the email to send in and finished.

Step 3: The Trial-GM
If you created it until here, you can be all right proud on you – you are further come as many other applicants. Now the hard part begins GM of the existence.
A board or a Gameadmin with the new acquisitions in the team will announce you, gets you its own Vorstellungsthread within the forum range we the Metin2 team (where you you then already with the first Verehrern and Hassern rum-strike must). The moreover you will be responsible for many, many questions above all first times in the forum and in the play (under guidance experienced GM) the first steps of the GM’ s learn.
If you existed the trial period (no players given preference to, given, your power not abused good support) and not yet the nose fully has you of making nervous and continuously insulting players (ok, it gives also so some exceptions) comes we to the last step.

Step 4: Finally GM
If you created that – congratulations. Before you now (hopefully) a long time, in which you help many players in the play, is appropriate from time to time for Events organizes and many, many cheats avoids (however usually made 2., thus no reproach of corruptibility and/or subjectivity is given). You are now a SGM for you still the partner are subordinated and also by the players to be addressed can, if they the opinion are, which you made for errors and/or a wrong decision. Perhaps you are so good with the time – and you become also SGM (Metin2 continues to grow always). And if you make no gross errors, remain you long GM to it for you are enough or you have no more time.

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