Freya AD Carry Guide (Zapman Build)


FreyaFreya, Ms. Pentakill.

Freya is infamous for her unrivaled boxing potential. As AD Carry, she is given enough farm time in the duo lane to get her build going even when being played from behind. Strong in the mid to late phases of the game, Freya can easily outbox multiple opponents at once with her over-the-top, hyper-carry kit — no less than two auto-attack steroids, one of the most powerful crowd-control abilities in the game (Banish), and her obliterating sky Ult. The downside to playing her as ADC is that she cannot take down defensive structures effectively for the team, nor particularly tanky opponents for that matter. Mastering Freya in the duo lane involves hitting one’s auto-attacks (ranged and melee) and her Banish skill shot.

The god build discussed here is that by Zapman. The article closely follows his way of building, leveling, and playing the character. For more on Zapman, see his

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Freya starts out with Vampiric Shroud, Ancient Blade, as well as a health and mana pot. She then finishes rushing Hastened Fatalis and continues developing the core of the build: Shoe’s of the Magi, Demonic Grip, Bancroft’s Talon, and Rod of Tahuti. With Rod being the most expensive item in the build, she has the choice of delaying it as her sixth item instead, for which she eventually has to sell Vampiric Shroud to free up the slot.

One slot of the build Zapman reserves for a more situational item, which he buys fifth or last. Most of the time this would be Witchblade to debuff opposing AD Carries, but against a more Bruiser-heavy team composition Freya requires Spear of the Magus for the necessary penetration, which she sorely lacks otherwise and won’t even gain in the late game.

Brisingamen's Blessing Freya’s passive grants her 15% magical lifesteal, effectively giving her the sustain necessary for the duo lane, not unlike Devourer’s Gauntlet for the hunter-type AD Carries.


Greater PurificationGreater Purification Greater AegisGreater Aegis

For Freya has all the movement speed in the world, sticking to her targets like a lovely limpet, the actives of this build — Greater Purification and Greater Aegis — focus on giving her more survivability instead.

It is Zapman’s personal preference to get as far down the build as he can before investing into any actives. In his own words, “Getting actives too early is a huge money sink and delays your power spike which you want to achieve as early as possible.” Finishing Shoes of the Magi gives Freya her first power spike, so investing into actives from that point on is definitely a possibility if the match calls for it.

First 5 Levels

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Pulse2 Banish3 Pulse2 Irradiate1 Valkyrie's Discretion4

In the early game Freya needs to unlock her kit first, with the emphasis being on her 2 for the safer ranged clear.

Ability Leveling Order

Valkyrie's Discretion4 greater than Pulse2 greater than Irradiate1 greater than Banish3

Generally speaking, her Ultimate has the highest leveling priority followed by her Pulse (2). Freya needs her ranged clear the most to be able to farm the duo lane against an opposing Carry. Once her 2 is maxed out, Zapman starts maxing her melee steroid (1), then finally her Banish (3).

Play Style

Playing Freya as AD Carry does not open up any fancy new starting positions or opening variations in the duo lane. It is all standard and by the book: on the left side she can either start directly at the mana buff, or at back harpies into mana buff for the extra experience; on the right side she is limited to mid harpies into mana buff.

Conquest 101 For a comprehensive guide on the different starting positions and openings in Conquest (including map illustrations), see the article Conquest 101 — Starting Positions for Every Role.

Early Game

The early game in the duo lane is essentially all about outpushing the opponent. Since Freya has to wait on her Pulse (2) each time she tackles a minion wave, her clear in the early game is underwhelming at best, and she can be outpushed quite easily if her support does not play an active role in helping clear the wave and share the poke. As early as level 5, however, a paradigm shift of sorts sets in, when Freya unlocks her infamous sky Ult capable of scaring top-pick hunters and busting up most tower turtles.

Merely the enemy jungler is a real threat to the duo lane in the early game. The jungler shows up in the duo lane around the 2:10–3:00 minute mark. At that point the jungler will be heading over to the duo-lane side to do his red or speed buff (depending on which side of the map he started on) before going to either gank Freya in the duo lane or go straight to mid harpies and gank her later.

Mid Game

Mid game is determined by items and rotations. Once Demonic Grip is finished, Freya is way into mid-game form and ready to rumble in any team fight if she can rotate in time from the far-off duo lane while never missing out on any substantial farm. Due to her kit Freya excels more at winning team fights than taking down structures. Yet in the duo lane she should never lose focus of taking down Gold Furies and towers off the backfoot of rotation opportunities which may offer themselves in the mid game.

Late Game

Late game is reached once Freya’s fifth item — either Rod of Tahuti or a situational one — is completed and work on the sixth item has begun. Freya in late-game form is scary: she can squash any squishy target in an instant and has a huge impact on team fights in general due to her insane damage output. Also, her sky Ultimate gives her the reach necessary to finish off anyone fleeing the scene. However, Freya sorely lacks split-push potential.

Team Fights

In full-blown team fights Freya acts like a weapon of mass destruction, deleting each and everyone standing in her way. She should be looking to take down any squishy, high-damage targets located in the back first, for unless she builds extra penetration (Spear of the Magus), gods on the tanky side take her too long to strike down. Her Hastened Fatalis bestows on her the best jukes in the game and the guarantee to let no one escape.

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