Counter playing: Serqet

Serqet is the Egyptian Goddess of venom and is a physical, melee assassin within Smite, she is typically played in the jungle role. Many players began to struggle playing against her as the potential to create mass burst damage was realized.


Serqet’s abilities

Passive – Catalyst
Serqet’s passive is called ‘Catalyst’ and for each passive poison she has applied on enemy characters (which are applied every time she hits a target with an ability) , she will gain additional damage on her next basic attack on the target and remove all of the lingering poison. This would then enable her to land massively damaging attacks onto her targets after using her skills, most likely finishing the life of her chosen target.

Her first ability is called ‘Deathbane’ and this is her main source of damage. Serqet will dash three times (from side to side), damaging enemies caught and applying a stack of Deathbane Poison that lingers for 20 seconds. All of the strikes her multiple dashes make have the potential to crit and can be devastating to those hit by all three. In landing all three attacks she could deal up to 1800 damage (providing all hits are crits). It is important to note that Serqet is immune to knockup whilst dashing.

Cobra’s Kiss
The second ability is called ‘Cobra’s Kiss’ and when using this Serqet will launch two blades forward to her target which will deal relatively small amounts of damage and apply the lingering Cobra’s Kiss Poison. You may of guessed it, this ability is utility based rather than damage based as the strikes of her blades drives enemies into madness which will make them either attack their allies or if none are around they will begin to move toward Serqet. This ability is the total set up of her kit and most enemies hit by this won’t escape her madness alive as she is able to easily hit all three strikes of her Deathbane ability with the potential to then use her ultimate ability if required.

Serqet’s third ability is called ‘Ambush’ within which Serqet turns invisible at the cost of being rooted in place, she is then able to leap and deal damage to enemies in an area and will stay hidden by this ability either until she leaps or cancels the ability with the potential for enemies within a small range being able to reveal her. This ability is used either as an initiate or an escape, depending on the situation.

Last Breath
The ultimate ability of Serqet is called ‘Last Breath’ which latches Serqet onto her target, stunning them for a second and then, after applying the Last Breath Poison, she throws the target 30 units away in her chosen direction. The poison applied then deals true damage over the next five seconds and reduces healing on the target by 100%, if the target then dies while being affected by the poison they will explode and apply the same poison to all targets in the area. Serqet can easily use this target to pick off vital enemies or attempt to tear through an entire team by spreading poison to all of them.

Counter picking Serqet
The best characters to pick against Serqet are those that have hard crowd control and crippling abilities as those characters will disable her engages, escapes and high damage rates due to her not being able to use her abilities.

The characters that apply cripples, that will disable Serqet’s use of 1st and 3rd abilities are as follows:

Ah Muzen Cab
In my opinion, a hard crowd control that can truly catch out Serqet is a taunt, meaning only Athena would be the viable user of hard crowd control to be played against her.

Counter Building Serqet
To counter build Serqet, one must choose to gain crowd control immunity or immunity to damage so in terms of actives most people should build either Purification Beads or Greater Aegis. If you were to counter Serqet with items the best to build would be Magi’s Blessing, as this provides immunity to crowd control for a few seconds at time which means that Serqet cannot use her second ability to set up kills for herself. The best defensive categories to build against her would be physical defense and crowd control reduction.

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