Item Bonuses

his is the million dollar question. Whether because you want to pound your PvP opponent into the dirt or get to hard to kill bosses, everyone wants to be the best they can be. 

How you decide to gear your character is up to you depending on your play style. Some players prefer to focus on survival stats (max health, armor, block rate). Some prioritize damage stats (most damage or chance of critical hit). Others like to keep their character balanced.

Common bonuses found on loot:

  • + Damage - adds a defined damage bonus to your minimum and maximum attack value
  • + %Damage - Add a damage bonus defined by the percentage of the total damage value of the weapon; damage gems will also be calculated into the total damage percentage.
  • + Critical Hit rate* - Increases the chance of landing a critical hit which hits for a base of 200%+ normal damage.
  • + Critical Hit damage* - Increases the damage from a critical hit by the stated %age.
  • + All Resistance values* - Increases your resistance against fire, lightning, poison, ice, and andermagic.
  • + Attack Speed % - Increases how often your character will attack – be aware that for Spellweavers and Rangers, this also means that you will consume mana/concentration at a faster rate than normal, while for Dragonknights this means that you will effectively be able to gain rage faster than normal. Attack speed bonuses are multiplicative values. For example, if a weapon with a base speed of 0.83 has a speed gem with a 5.00% attack speed bonus, the final attack speed will be 0.83 * 1.05 = 0.87 attacks per second.
  • + Health - Increases your total health by a specific amount.
  • + Resistance* - Increases your resistance from magic-based attacks (Fire, Ice, Lightning, Andermagic).
  • + Armor Value* - Increases your total armor value, which helps to lower the amount of damage you take from enemies.
  • + Block Rate* - Increases your chance of “blocking” an attack from an enemy.
  • + Block Amount* - Decreases the damaged received during a “Block.”
  • + Travel speed %* - Increases movement speed of character (only found on footwear)
    *Numerical values are converted to a percentage value based on a sliding scale and your current level.

Viewing Character Stats:
Open your character window (hotkey “C”) to view your current character build. Hover the mouse over stats to view the actual percentage effect against enemies of similar level.


Gems to Strengthen Character Build
Gems are very useful in increasing various stats (e.g.: damage, armor, health…). Gems can be purchased through the Trader (hotkey “T”) or the Jeweler and may also be dropped by random mobs when killed. Many of the items in game have empty gem slots so that you can outfit your character however you see fit. You can even add slots at by visiting the Jeweler in town. Please refer to the Gems FAQ for details on gem stats.

Adopt a loyal pet to follow you around.

Fairies, dragons, and monkeys, oh my… What are they and how do I get one?
Pets are accessible at all levels and by all classes. Each player is allowed only one active pet at any moment. Therefore, pet attributes cannot stack and there is no benefit in having more than one of the same kind. Pets are not usable in PvP matches, but If you fall in battle in the wilderness, your pet becomes inactive and can be reactivated through the inventory. Pets have unique attributes and can be seen below. 

 Fairy-Summoning Wand

Open the Small Surprise Chests from the Daily login bonus for random rewards of equipment, health elixirs and pieces of the fairy companion. 

Collect all 4 components of a Fairy-Summoning Wand: 

  1. Ordinary Lock of Hair from a Fair Maiden
  2. Gnarled Branch from Ancient Oaks
  3. Pollen from Everlasting Fairy Lilies
  4. Flawless Diamond

Combine the items at a workbench to create the Fairy-Summoning Wand. Calling forth the fairy increases travel speed in all urban areas by 25%. 

[​IMG] Dragonspawn Cage

Purchase a Dragonspawn Cage from the Grizmek the Tamer 15900 Andermant. Calling forth the dragonspawn increases XP for defeating enemies by +20%.

Cheeky Monkey

Purchase a Cheeky Monkey from Grizmek the Tamer for 3990 Andermant. This silly monkey follows you around, while eating bananas and swinging from vines.

Mechanical Bomb Buddy 

Purchase in Andrakasch and equip your own Bomb pet for a critical hit value bonus!

Jumpy Squire 

Purchase from Grizmek the Tamer and summon your Jumpy Squire pet for a travel speed boost.

Glowing Phoenix Egg 

The Phoenix Egg is rewarded to players who invite 25+ friends to play Drakensang Online (friends must reach level 15 on their character). Summoning a Phoenix will revive the player in the same location upon death. It can only be summoned once an hour.

Event Booster Pets
[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] 

Special Events may reward the participants with a defensive pet that, once activated, increases your health by +5%.


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