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13/11/14 Dev Talk with HiRezScott – New Ao Kuang

13/11/14 Dev Talk with HiRezScott – New Ao Kuang

Friday, Nov 14 2014

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Another god release, another Dev Talk. This time between HiRezDrybear and HiRezScott, lead designer and designer in charge of the newest god, the new Ao Kuang. As a reference, the last god we saw from Scott was, I believe, Serqet.

As usual the conversation started around the conceptual side of things. Specifically, why remake Ao Kuang? Scott replied that Ao Kuang was one of their earliest gods, and actually remained as he was for a very long time. Unfortunately they realized the Dragon King wasn’t actually recognizable by anyone familiar with the culture and lore, partially because of his size (he’s supposed to be almost unbelievably huge in the lore) and in part because of his general visual style and attacks. Ao Kuang is a very important character of the traditional Chinese mythology, similar to how Zeus stands in Greek mythology, so it was important for HiRez that he was recognizable. Drybear added that one of the team’s concerns is to be somewhat accurate or recognizable to the lore.

This was followed by a question regarding the visual change. The last Ao Kuang model was a dragon, while now he’s somewhat humanoid looking, leading Drybear to ask what IS Ao Kuang? A humanoid or a dragon?

Ao Kuang’s God Card

Scott replied that he is fundamentally a dragon that also happens to spend a lot of time in human form. Usually when he interacts with humans he’s presented as a human who lives in a palace under the sea. So he spends a lot of time in this form, but under it he is a huge, immense, dragon.

“How big?”, asked Drybear. According to Scott’s reply, in the lore he would be bigger than they could even fit in the conquest map. They really wanted to make him massive, large enough that he didn’t fit a lane, so that turned out to be a big design challenge – how to make the giant dragon fit the map. At a certain point some compromises have to be made because, at the end of the day, HiRez is still making a game which needs to be playable, first and foremost.

However, Scott explained, the design process was still very focused on this “massive dragon” side of Ao Kuang, so much so that it set the tone for his design from the start. Scott also explained that it might have been easier to do this god if they hadn’t already done several other “flying” gods, such as Thanatos or Thor. But since they had they didn’t want to simply reuse one of their designs – they wanted each iteration to have a unique aspect to it, so they wanted this one to be unique to Ao Kuang in some aspect.

Ao Kuang chinese reveal, leaked earlier to the western population. Courtesy of YT user Void Raven Smite.

Scott then made a side remark that it was interesting how 2 of Ao Kuang’s most “shameful” experiences were actually in the game – Jingle Bangle was the staff that held up his castle, which was stolen by Sun Wukong, and Ne Zha not only killed one of his sons, but also beat him up in front of everyone. Ao Kuang is repeatedly humbled in his lore, and the biggest examples of that are already in SMITE.

As we progressed to the gameplay side of the interview Drybear asked what role does the new Ao Kuang fit?

Scott replied that he’s a melee mage. Close, in a way, to a magical assassin, but at the end of the day he’s still a mage. He should prove to be a very strong jungler with high gank potential, something that was intended to be noticeable in his kit’s design.

The translated and “leaked” Ao Kuang info from the chinese client. Keep in mind changes might have been done since, so this information is not necessarily final.

As we move into the game both hosts remark on Ao Kuang’s visuals – he’s very regal, very poised, he floats over the ground in a sort of “water puddle” effect. Scott mentioned how he particularly enjoyed all the “flowing” visual elements that move with him, such as the clothing. Both then pointed towards Ao Kuang’s sword, and how that’s a large part of the character both in gameplay and in lore. In lore it’s a very large part of how you recognize Ao Kuang. In gameplay it ties directly to his kit design and passive.

Moving directly into his kit, we start with his passive – King’s Sword. The visual marker is his sword separated in 3 areas. Each of these areas is “energy” that regenerates out of combat and that can be used to enhance his abilities. His passive was very important to set the tone of his design – he has an “all in” mentality to a fight. He can front load his passive to his advantage at the start of a fight, but the longer a fight goes on, the weaker he gets.

At this point Drybear pointed out how fast his basic attacks are, which prompted Scott to reply that he has a very quick attack chain, probably the fastest attack chain in the game right now.

From there we moved to his first skill – Water Illusion.

This skill is a short range blink. You can control the distance of the blink, and it does have some range, but it’s short enough that you shouldn’t be able to outpace someone with a good leap or dash. However there’s more to this skill than just the blink aspect of it. Once you blink you leave behind a water clone and you blink into a stealth state that lasts for a few seconds. You can detonate the clone for extra damage around it, but any action you perform other than movement (including attacking or taking damage) will immediately drop the stealth.

Scott mentioned how this stealth was an important element of his “assassin” style.

Ao Kuang’s second skill is Dragon Call.

Ao spawns several ethereal dragons around him for a certain duration, which, by themselves, have no effect. However, they’ll shoot out do extra damage whenever Ao Kuang lands a basic attack on an enemy. You can also activate the ability again to shoot the dragons in a ranged attack for less damage, but applying a slow to enemies.

Scott mentioned how much he liked this ability because of how malleable and adaptable it is. You can use it for a lot of different purposes depending on how you choose to use it.

Ao Kuang’s third ability was mentioned as an ability designed to “bridge the gap” – Wild Storm.

Wild Storm is a ranged AoE cone of lightning that has a really short cooldown and is considered a basic attack, therefore applying and triggering everything that a normal basic attack does to every enemy hit. Drybear demonstrated this by hitting several targets with Wild Storm while Dragon Call was active, which caused a dragon to fly out to every enemy hit.

Drybear followed this by asking what you’re supposed to do after you jump in and do all of your damage to an enemy.

Scott’s reply? “You eat them.” With Ao Kuang’s ultimate – King of the Eastern Seas.

For his ultimately Ao Kuang dashes at the closest enemy and if they’re below a certain health threshold, throws them up in the air and eats them, transforming himself into a dragon. He can then land somewhere else for extra damage. King of the Eastern Seas works as an execute, similar to Thanatos’ ultimate, except Ao Kuang executes the enemy at the start, before going up to the sky. It also regenerates all of his passive on a successful execute.

The dragon itself is very large (and noticeably casts a huge shadow over the map) and the landing range is quite far. Scott mentioned it is about enough range to cross lanes, but noticeably can’t land in a fairly large range directly below himself, creating a sort of “safe zone” once he’s up in the air.

However, if the enemy is not in execute range the move merely does damage and causes a small banish, but Ao Kuang does not go up to the skies himself or into dragon form.

Scott then mentioned how getting the execute is very important, particularly in team fights, as it guarantees a chance to reposition during the fight. It was intended to be used to finish off squishy targets, or to finish off hard to kill, tanky, targets that fall below the threshold.

Finally, Drybear opened up the Dev Talk to questions from the public:

Q: Can Ao Kuang move while in his dragon form?

A: No. Originally he could, but it was very awkward.

Q: What happens if multiple enemies are in execute range?

A: Ao always targets the closest god to himself regardless of state, so you can, for example, save a team mate by moving closer to Ao Kuang, making him target you instead.

Q: Can Water Illusion be hit/targeted by towers (like Loki’s Decoy)?

A: No. Water Illusion has no physical components. It’s purely visual. In fact, the clone faces the way you blink, so an expert player can use that to track Ao Kuang.

Q: Can you Beads out of his Ultimate?

A: Yes, very similar to Ne Zha’s ultimate.

Q: Was it challenging to balance Ao Kuang?

A: Yes!

Q: What if he dies during the execute? Can he be damaged while in his ultimate?

A: He’s invulnerable at the very beginning [presumably during the execute portion of it], but then he can take damage and die.

Q: Can you blink through walls?

A: Yes, but the blink range is small, so many walls are too large for it. It does work if the range allows, for example Ymir’s walls.

Q: Do Ao Kuang’s 3 [Wild Storm] and 2 [Dragon Call] go through walls?

A: 3 does, if it has range. And of you can hit someone through a wall the dragons from 2 do as well, but the ranged version of 2 does not.

Q: If you start the ultimate but an opponent’s life changes below or over the threshold does the ultimate work?

A: The way it works right now is that the moment your sword hits them and there’s a short stun, that’s when the game checks to see if they get executed. They can be healed or damaged before that moment to move them into or out of execute range.

Q: Is he going to be energy based?

A: Not exactly. He still uses mana like every other god.

Q: Why give him an execute?

A: There are interesting trade offs to it. Could have just given him a lot of damage, and plenty of gods have enough damage to effectively “execute” most targets at that health range, but in this case it felt right. We wanted to reward people for using it specifically at the end of a fight, or against tankier targets within threshold.

Q: Does the ultimate do damage when landing?

A: Yes.

Q: Does water illusion aggro minions?

A: No. It’s not a decoy. It’s not even targetable. It’s purely visual.

Q: What if 2 Ao Kuangs hit each other with their ultimates?

A: Similar to other characters. If they hit each other in the exact moment when they’re CC immune, nothing happens. If one of them hits the other a fraction of a second before they’re CC immune, they win.

That is all for this Dev Talk folks! There’s a little more information on Ao Kuang that you can check out on his Developer Insight. Remember to tune in later today for Patch Notes!

Patch Notes 19th November, 2014 – A Mighty Sword!

Patch Notes 19th November, 2014 – A Mighty Sword!

Wednesday, Nov 19 2014

Kris West
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New God Ao Kuang

King’s Sword – Passive

Ao Kuang’s sword can hold up to 3 Energy Charges, and regenerates charges while out of combat. Each time Ao Kuang casts an ability, an energy charge will be consumed if available, increasing the damage of the ability by 5%. If Ao Kuang is out of mana, he will use Energy Charges to cast abilities instead.

Water Illusion

Ao Kuang teleports forward into stealth, leaving behind a watery form of himself. He remains in stealth for 5s or until he attacks or takes damage. Ao Kuang may activate this ability again to detonate the watery form, dealing 90/140/190/240/290 +70% of his Magical Power as damage to nearby enemies. Cost: 70. Cooldown: 15s.

Dragon Call

Ao Kuang summons 6 dragons to his side. For every successful basic attack Ao Kuang makes, a dragon will dive to the target dealing 40/60/80/100/120 +30% of his Magical Power as damage. This ability ends after all dragons are used, or after 10s. Ao Kuang may activate this ability again to send forward any remaining dragons in a ranged attack, dealing 50% damage per dragon and Slowing 30% for 1s the first enemy hit. The slow duration increases +.25s for each remaining dragon that was sent forward. Cost: 60/65/70/75/80. Cooldown: 15/14/13/12/11s.

Wild Storm

Ao Kuang unleashes a storm of lightning from his sword, damaging all enemies in front of him for 90/140/190/240/290 + 50% of his Magical Power. This hit is considered a basic attack, and will activate item effects and send forth dragons from Dragon Call. Cost: 60/65/70/75/80. Cooldown: 5s.

King of the Eastern Seas

Ao Kuang selects a single target in melee range and grabs them, dealing 90/140/190/240/290 +50% of his Magical Power as damage and knocking them up into the air. If the target is under a health threshold of 23/26/29/32/35%, Ao Kuang will instead reveal his true form, becoming a Dragon and executing them. After transforming Ao Kuang remains in the air, and may then pick a new location to land, dealing 100/150/200/250/300 +50% of his Magical Power as damage to enemies within range 20, and fully recharging King’s Sword. Cost: 90/100/110/120/130. Cooldown: 90s.

New God Skins

Ao Kuang Tempest
Lil’ Red Scylla
Gold, Legendary, Diamond Sylvanus
Sock PuppeTyr Tyr

This is an exclusive skin available through our new Friend Referral system.

Tyr Convention 2015

This is an exclusive skin available through various events in 2015.

New Voice Packs

Ao Kuang
Scylla Lil’ Red
Tyr Sock PuppeTyr

Adjusted Voice Packs


Recent changes have been reverted due to popular demand.

Nu Wa

Nu Wa’s base voice has been re-recorded for quality improvements, using the Voice Actress who originally performed our launch version of Nu Wa. While we hope that everyone will love and appreciate this change, we’ve also refunded all voice-pack purchases of Nu Wa.

New Ward Skins and Player Icons

60th God Icon was added to the game!
Ao Kuang Icon
New country flags – Bolivia, Slovakia, Panama
Promotional icon – Fall Harvest

New Emotes

Nox Clap and Wave

Updated Cards


New God Rotation


Friend Referrals

A new system has been implemented for Friend Referrals that adds numerous rewards and benefits for you and your friends! You can link a new Account to a reffering friend via our new in-game interfrace, during account creation, or on the website. Once you link your account to a friend the following rewards and goals will be available, and can be tracked using the new friend referral menu:
Milestone Rewards: These rewards are granted to a Referring player as each friend they refer reaches level 15!

1 Friend: 1,000 Favor
2 Friends: 2,000 Favor
3 Friends: 3,500 Favor, Exclusive Skin (Sock PuppeTyr)
4 Friends: 4,000 Favor
5 Friends: 200 Gems
10 Friends: 400 Gems
Milestone Rewards will carry over from our previous Friend Referral system. If you already have referred friends over level 15, you will be granted the new milestone rewards for those friends. This includes the special Tyr Skin.

Leveling Rewards: Both the Referring player and their Referred friend gain rewards as the Referred friend levels up to 30. The Referred friend gains 3x the base reward.

Level 10: 500 Favor
Level 15: 1,000 Favor
Level 20: 1,500 Favor
Level 25: 2,000 Favor
Level 30: 2,500 Favor
Leveling Rewards will be up to date for forward progress, but will not backdate rewards into the new system, as the old system gave it’s own rewards.

Play Together Bonus: Being grouped and playing with your Referred friend gives both of you the following rewards.

At 1 hours Played with referred Friend: 1-Day Booster
At 5 hours Played with referred Friend: 1,000 Favor
At 10 hours Played with referred Friend: 15-Day Booster
At 20 hours Played with referred Friend: 200 Gems
At 30 hours Played with referred Friend: 200 Gems
Played Together Rewards will start at 0 hours, as it’s a new system. Play with your old referred friends and start earning those rewards today!

Any new tracking systems will start fresh on the update. However, we will keep track of the amount of friends you have referred before on the old system.

Match Ratings

We’ve implemented two new systems to assist in helping us better track quality control for server performance, user connectivity, and matchmaking.
Both of these are optional for players to participate:

There is a new “Server Report” button on the End of Match Lobby that allows players to rate the performance of the server in the match they just had.
Players will occasionally be prompted, in the end of match lobby, to rate their opinion of the quality of the Match Making in the match they just completed.


Fixed an issue that slowed the rate of MMR growth in certain map conditions.


Fixed an issue introduced with the new Match Maker that caused Tribute earned or lost by players to be erratic. Tribute rewards and losses should be more consistent now.


Fixed the Austria flag icon.
Girdle of Support tooltip has been updated to reflect the correct behavior.
Fixed various grammatical errors in odyssey item descriptions.
Fixed God trade icons not showing under certain conditions in Random pick.
Surrender UI no longer shows bots as teammates in Co-Op or Custom Matches.
Fixed a rare issue causing trading icons to not show up in Assault.
Exclusive and Limited items now display their type even when they are on sale.
Fixed a bug causing party invites to now show at the end of match lobby.
Party Leaders are now able to promote other players.
There have been some visual upgrades to Minion Health Bars in all game modes.
If you have an active chat tab with a friend, you now get a message when they go offline or log back in.
New options for UI Nameplate targeting have been added into the game.
Added UI support for Safe Mode and queue open windows.
The Basic Tutorial has been improved with new imagery and clearer instruction steps.
Spectator now self recognizes team names, based on majority clan name of team.
Fixed an issue with pre-existing friend referrals causing a crash.
Fixed issues with Spectator and Replay features showing incorrect messaging.
Fixed an issue with the custom Item Builder showing all magic pots.
Fixed an issue related to party promotion invitations showing to the wrong person.
Fixed an issue with extended rental not working on Nox.
Fixed an issue with queued spectators not entering the match lobby live with the players.
When the Party leader joins a Custom Room, the party members are automatically queued.

General Gameplay

All gods with a Leap, Dash, or Teleport have had their tooltips updated to clearly state which movement type the ability is.


Midgardian Mail

Fixed an issue where removing the slow effect would also remove the Attack Speed Reduction.

Gods – Balance/Updates/Fixes


Night Crawler

Fixed a description error where it stated her duration on web was 7s instead of 5s.

Ao Kuang

King’s Sword

Fixed Ao Kuang’s passive reactivating when leveling up in combat.

King of the Eastern Seas

Fixed an issue with Ao Kuang getting stuck in air after using King of the Eastern Seas.



Fixed an issue where removing or becoming immune to the slow would also remove the cripple effect of this ability.


Cupid has been performing fairly well in comparison to other Hunters but the long animation on his ultimate meant that he was being interrupted more often than he should. While a small adjustment, this change is to help Cupid land his ultimate more reliably.
Fields of Love

Casting time reduced from 0.5s to 0.3s.


While Chronos is designed as a late game magical carry, his early game tends to be a bit too weak in comparison to other Mages. Both of these changes are designed to help him in the early part of the game, and we think the adjustment to Wheel of Time will also increase the enjoyment and clarity of using that Section.
Wheel of Time

Section II Mana refund increased from 75% to 100%.


Mana cost reduced from 70/75/80/85/90 to 60/65/70/75/80.


Freya is designed to be a late game single target burst Mage. She accomplishes this in many ways, but due to her hyper late game carry potential we felt the number of hits she could confirm on targets falling from banish should be addressed. By decreasing how long it takes to fall after banish ends, we’ve reduced the number of shots the target takes before they regain control. This is a fairly substantial adjustment to Freya, and one we’ll be watching closely going forward.

Increased the rate enemies fall back to the ground after being banished.



Fixed a tooltip error.



Fixed a bug that created strange interactions with this ability and other knockbacks.


Dispel Magic

Updated tooltip for clarity.

Nu Wa

We are happy with Nu Wa’s playstyle but she is slightly over tooled for damage given all that she brings to a team. These adjustments are intended to bring her a bit more in line.
Shining Metal

Base damage reduced from 90/140/190/240/290 to 90/130/170/210/250.
Magical Damage Scaling reduced from 40% to 30%.


Similar to Freya, Mercury is a hyper late game carry that could confirm several hits on targets thrown by Special Delivery. We’ve adjusted how high targets are thrown, while not affecting the distance they are thrown, as a way to reduce the number of confirmed hits without affecting his ability to displace targets. Like Freya’s adjustment, this is a fairly substantial change, and we’ll be watching it closely and adjusting as needed.
Special Delivery

Decreased the amount of time thrown targets are airborne when tossed from special delivery. This does not affect the distance thrown.


Astral Strike

Fixed an issue where Astral Strike could be disabled during Astral Barrage.


Serqet is one of our most mobile goddesses and we are very happy with the way her timings have worked out and the way she feels in play. Her damage potential on Deathbane was a bit too high, and we’ve brought it down to bring her in line with other Assassins.

Physical Power Scaling reduced from 50% to 45% per hit.
Physical Protection Reduction reduced from 20% to 15% for 3s.


Verdant Growth

Fixed an issue where this ability was not contributing to lifesteal correctly.


This ability was not contributing to lifesteal correctly and has been updated.



Fixed an issue with Socket PuppeTyr skin where Manny’s audio plays twice when using in Assault stance.



Fixed an issue which caused his stance change to be awkwardly interrupted by a stun.

New Odyssey Item Released

New Odyssey Item Released

3 months ago

Kris West
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The newest Odyssey item has been released into the live client of SMITE. The item is a new ward skin depicting the Sphinx and is the second Egyptian pantheon Odyssey item, following on from Serqet’s new skin last week.

The ward skin costs 200 gems and is now available for purchase in the live client. A new sketch has also been added to the Odyssey map, teasing the next piece of content. The sketch is of an old fashioned Musket and could be hinting towards a pirate theme.

Awilix Overview

Awilix Overview

3 months ago

Kris West
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With this week’s DevTalk now over, HiRezDrybear and HiRezScott have sufficiently hyped the community for the upcoming Mayan Assassin, Awilix. Here’s what you need to know!

Awilix is an agile melee Assassin who weilds a spear that has a slightly longer and narrower basic-attack. Her kit is themed entirely around speed and burst-damage. She is the first “proper” mounted god as she can, at will, mount and dismount from her trusty Jaguar, Suku. 

Passive – First Strike

Awilix’s first damaging hit from out of combat deals additional damage and heals a small percentage of her missing health over the next few seconds. Additionally, all of Awilix’s basic attacks have an extended melee range, but a reduced targeting cone.

Ability #1 – Summon Suku

Awilix mounts her panther Suku, gaining movement speed but decreasing strafe speed. Awilix may leap off of Suku to deal damage to all gods in the target area. Canceling this ability before leaping will not trigger it’s cooldown.

Ability #2 – Feather Step

Awilix flips over the head of the last enemy she hits, dealing damage as she passes over them. The damage dealt is modified based on the next attack in Awilix’s basic attack progression. If the next attack is her third attack, then she also hits all targets in the area around her.

Ability #3 – Moonlight Charge

Awilix sends her panther forward, damaging all enemies in front of her. If hit from behind, enemies are also knocked up into the air.

Ultimate – Gravity Surge

Awilix calls upon the power of the moon, immediately pulling down to her the closet enemy in front of her that is either Leaping or Knocked Up into the air, dealing damage to them when they land. Awilix is then bathed in moonlight, gaining bonus attack speed and physical power.

For a complete run-down, along with Art and Developer Q&As, head over to the Dev Insight for Awilix.

Season 2 Changes Summary

Season 2 Changes Summary

29 days ago

Ashley Eaton-Jephcote
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So what exactly is Season 2 bringing to us? Well, we’ve seen a significant amount of changes regarding the Conquest map, minor changes to some other maps too. We’ve seen new items come in, some others go, reworked items, items getting changes, anything to do with items really. And finally God changes, some buffs and nerfs coming their way as well. Finally, the ranked system gets quite the change as we get the ability to queue with a friend (duo queue in ranked).

New Conquest Map:

Fire Giant and Gold Fury no longer reset to 100% health when aggro is reset, instead they both gain 10% of their maximum health back per second after being leashed.

A new buff is here, the ‘purple’ buff. Actually named the Attack Speed buff, this gives +15% Attack Speed, +15 Magical In-Hand Power and +12 Physical In-Hand Power.

What was known as the ‘orange’ buff called the Speed buff is now only providing Movement Speed, and only exists in the Conquest map now. Where the Speed buff was in every other map will now be the ‘purple’ Attack Speed buff.

The long lane (often called duo lane) no longer has a ‘blue’ Mana buff, instead having the ‘purple’ Attack Speed buff.

The ‘red’ Power buff will be situated on the long lane side of the jungle, next to the Attack Speed buff, meaning the Movement Speed buff is now always next to the only Mana buff, near the shorter (solo) lane.

Mid Harpies have their first spawn 3 minutes after minions.

General changes:

Camp monsters no longer take damage from outside the leash range, so you will have to be able to take aggro before doing damage.

Buff camps have an overall different interaction that varies between the buffs, as well as minions now being unable to attack the jungle camps.

Structures will now target and attack you quicker than previously.

Lane Mechanics: Assist range changed from 80 units down to 60. The time in which you ‘tag’ minions and are allowed to get the rewards has been reduced from 10 second to 5.

New Items:

Achilles’ Spear (Active): Grants +30% Attack Speed, +35% Lifesteal and +30% Movement Speed. You take +30% damage, active for 5 second, costs 600.

Bluestone Pendant (Starter item): Grants +15 Physical Power, +90 Health and +5Mp5. Passive – Restores 4% of your missing mana every 5 seconds. Costs 800.

Heartward Amulet (Full item): Grants +60 Magical Protections, +300 Health. Passive – Aura of +20 Physical Protections and +20 Mp5. Costs 2100 total.

Lotus Crown (Full item): Grants +60 Magical Power, +30 Physical Penetration and +20 Mp5. Passive – Any Gods affected by your healing gain +20 Physical+Magical Protections for 5 seconds, cannot be done more than once every 10 seconds. Costs 2100 total.

Shield of the Underworld (Active): Reflects 40% of all incoming damage before mitigation back to respective sources for 5 seconds, and enemies are unable to lifesteal from you. Costs 600.

The Crusher (Full item): Grants +40 Physical Power, +20 Physical Penetration. Passive – Each Basic Attack against structures grants 6% Attack Speed and 3% Movement Speed for 2 seconds (Max 5 stacks). Costs 2300 total.

Item Changes:

Reworked items(different to original design): Celestial Legion Helm, Runic Shield, Shield of Regrowth, entire boots tree.
Nerfed actives: Aegis Pendant, Greater Aegis, Greater Purification.
Buffed items: Ancile, Asi, Charged Morningstar, Doom Orb, Dynasty Plate Helm, Light Blade, Mark of the Vanguard, Void Shield.
Changed items (buff+nerf): Bloodforge, Charged Bow, Cloak, Death’s Toll, Frostbound Hammer, Hydra’s Star+Lament, Ichaival, Magi’s Blessing, Odysseus’ Bow, Polynomicon, Pythagorem’s Piece, Spirit Robe, Sovereignty, Tower Shield, Watcher’s Gift.
Nerfed items: Magi’s Cloak, Qin’s Sais, Smithy’s Hammer, Winged Blade, Witch Blade,
Removed items: Draining Blade, Hunters Bow, Protected Recall, Radiant Orb, Spiked Shell.

God Changes:

Buffed Gods: Ah Muzen Cab, Artemis, Awilix, Cupid, Kukulkan, Neith, Sobek, Ullr, Xbalanque.
Nerfed Gods: Hercules, Nox, Osiris, Sylvanus.
Changed Gods (buff+nerf): Anhur, Ao Kuang, Apollo, Chronos, Hou Yi, Rama.


New User Interface

End game stats ‘Creep damage’ says ‘Minion damage’

League qualifiers are never first pick unless everyone is qualifying

Spectator starts facing Chaos base

Duo queue in ranked now allows two people to party up and play ‘Leagues: Conquest’ on the basis that the two players are within one tier of each other

​So what do you think of the Season 2 changes? How much do you feel the fundamentals of the game will change because of it?