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Talk Like A Pirate Day Sale

aion talk like a pirate day
On September 19th evaluation out the Black Cloud Marketplace to enjoy the distinct expenses on the Talk Like a Pirate Day Collection of attire in addition to Weapon Skins. This offer upright September 21st, 2014. For this weekend break simply, these points get on on-line sales at a reduction expense.

Aion 5th Anniversary video in addition to In-Game Event

On September 22, 2014, log right into your characters in addition to celebrate the 5th Anniversary with the Aion team. On each internet server and intrigue, 3 candle light pie lover will definitely be changed around every 15 minutes for one human resources. Collect Aether Flames from field decreases or obtain them from the facility to patronize the Aether Flame Exchanger NPC, pick a candle light with the lover of your choice, along with positioned it on the pie.

Aion Content Update Coming November 5 Kaldor groans along with roils with the consequences of an old oversight. This area is a fight between a frightened memory of aged, in addition to the advancement of a new age trying to forget. His old cutter, immersed right into the rock of Wealhtheow’s Keep, may hold the reactions to simply exactly how Kaldor met its end.

Aion INVASION presents today Aion’s the majority of present free product upgrade qualified “Invasion” launches today. The upgrade brings the Aion location 2 new locations Kaldor and Levinshor, 2 new events Linkgate Foundry in addition to Idgel Dome, Daily Login Rewards in addition to Equipment Purification. Along with new features and product, Aion fans might experience Server versus Server PVP event.

Aion confirmed new client assistance service Zendesk Throughout the job several days, Aion fans which mentioned technical issues with aid tickets, obtained their response back from Zendesk is our newest customer aid portal vendor so it’s not a hack initiative. Source: Aion online discussion forum