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SMITE: Bakasura Guide and Build

SMITE - Bakasura guide screenshot

Most of you know Bakasura as a Demon with an Insatiable hunger for minions and Gods alike and even though his table manners rival Bacchus he is a Gentleman secretly……well at least thats what his recall implements

Anyway Bakasura has a unique passive that grants him movement and attack speed for every minion he kills whether its the regular minions or jungle camp minions (Seen Below)

SMITE - Bakasura guide screenshot

His First Ability is unique as well, It reduces the damage done by the enemies that are in the area where he lands for 3 seconds (Seen Below)

SMITE - Bakasura guide screenshot

This is also a picture of Bakasura in the air while using his “Take Down” ablility

SMITE - Bakasura guide screenshot

These next two pictures show how Bakasura’s “Take Down” ability reduces damage taken

SMITE - Bakasura guide screenshot

SMITE - Bakasura guide screenshot

Bakasura’s Second ability is called “Eat Minion” which eats whatever minion is targeted and heals Bakasura also this ability can be used on Jungle Minions but in order to eat the buff carrying minion you have to get that minions health down to 33 percent or less (The icon will turn blue to show you that you can eat that minion)

SMITE - Bakasura guide screenshot

This next picture is the eat minion ability for regular minions (Cyclops Minions in the Minion line are included as regular minions)

SMITE - Bakasura guide screenshot

This next picture will show you how to eat buff wielding minions

SMITE - Bakasura guide screenshot

SMITE - Bakasura guide screenshot

The Third ability is called Butcher Blades and it grands you 10 additionan Physcial Power passively and when activated it does additional “True Damage” and for you all that don’t know what true damage it, That means that no matter what kind of Physical Protection an enemy may have it will do the Amount of True Damage that you upgrade your 3 with

SMITE - Bakasura guide screenshot

The max True Damage for Bakasura is 70 which is shown below

SMITE - Bakasura guide screenshot

SMITE - Bakasura guide screenshot

Bakasura’s 4 or “Ultimate” as Gods 4’s are called aside from Hel who doesn’t really have an ult lol anyway its called Regurgitate where all minions Bakasura has eaten using his 2 or “Eat Minion” are thrown back up in the area you select and the enemies are slowed and take damage from the minions as seen below

SMITE - Bakasura guide screenshot

SMITE - Bakasura guide screenshot

Also a lot of people don’t know this but Bakasura can activate this 3 “Butcher Blades” and use that with his ult, a Unique combo that can really beat down Tank Gods and their Physical Protection and this next photo shows the “Butcher Blades” and “Regurgitate” abilities used consecutively

SMITE - Bakasura guide screenshot

SMITE - Bakasura guide screenshot

This is my personal build that I use for Bakasura which gives Bakasura that extra attack and movement speed because Bakasura’s Motto is “Speed Kills” well at least thats my motto for him.

SMITE - Bakasura guide screenshot

Warrior Tabi – Is the basic standard “Physical God” Boots so nothing special there

Devourer’s Glove – Is what I use to give Bakasura that lifesteal and physical power as a bonus since Bakasura depends on Minions to be successful

Fatalis – Is like Bakasura’s passive only available to everyone else lol. I use it to “Amplify” Bakasura’s Passive

Transcendence – Now normally I’d have “Rage” as my next item because you get more out of it if you have fast attack speed but I got Transcendence because of the requirement of minion kills and also to give Bakasura a lot of physical power to go along with his attack speed.

Demonic Grip – I use because it gives 25% attack speed and is cheap to buy, I’d use “The Executioner” but its 20% attack speed doesn’t sit well with me

DeathBringer – I use because it increases Bakasura’s Critical Hit Percentage and Critical Hit Damage and it goes along well with the other items in combat

I always Max “Butcher Blades” because of the passive “Physical Power” gained from it and next I max out 
“Eat Minion” because of the health from it and I play Bakasura Mid and I don’t like to use health potions so health is needed. I max “Take Down” 1st from last because I use it as an Escape more than an Initiate because I’m a “Passive Player”. “Regurgitate” is the last thing I max of course lol

This build best works mid for me because of the “Solo Farm” I get from having enemy minions all to myself and with the stack items it gives me an edge by me gaining physical power from minion kills. I will be honest that since I don’t use potions it does get hard to defend mid until you max out Devourers Gloves because then you can gain lifesteal and not have to recall.

The Pro’s of this build is that movement and attack speed are your friends and around mid game he will be more effective

The Con’s of this build is the lack of health and protection Bakasura will have and a gank of a tank and a Carry or Assassin or Mage could lead Bakasura to receiving his last meal earlier than scheduled

Hope you all enjoy this build as it is my first and good luck out there my In Game Name is “Rezulution” so add me if you want and remember if you walk into your kitchen at night and see a dark figure with multiple red eyes and a big head chances are its Bakasura and your next on meal plan.

How to be a King with Ne Zha the prince

Ne Zha, The Third Lotus Prince, is melee physical assasin. In this guide ill try to explain how i play him and what items i buy him in certain situations, but first some basic information about Ne Zha.


Born to innocence, forced to fight, destined to be a hero, the child-god, Nezha, defends those that cannot defend themselves, especially against tyrant Gods.

For three and a half years, Nezha’s mother carried him in her womb. During this time, the Dragon Gods, led by Ao Kuang, terrorized the people, sending floods and storms, and demanding not just food, but child sacrifices to feast upon as well.

Into this world was Nezha born, a full grown boy with laughter in his eyes, trained by the immortal sage Taiyi Zhenren, who gave him the powerful Universe Ring and Armillary Sash. Youthful and carefree, Nezha was also headstrong, often arguing with his father what was right and wrong.

But youth does not last forever, and Nezha’s life changed defending two friends against a captain of Ao Kuang’s army. Insulted, the Dragon God commanded his third son, Ao Bing, to defeat the boy, but in the end, Nehza slew his opponent. Furious with grief, Ao Kuang demanded Nezha’s father make reparations for the offense committed by his son, or he would send floods and storms to ravage the land. Nezha, humbly, sacrificed himself to appease the Dragon God, but evil Ao Kuang sent storms anyway.

Taiyi Zhenren worked his wisdom, and from the petals of a Lotus plant, Nezha was reborn. The immortal sage gave him new weapons ” the Fire Tipped Spear and Wind Fire Wheels a” weapons to challenge even the Dragon God and defeat him once and for all.

Time has passed since Ao Kuang’s ruin, but the winds of war are rising and new Gods of Tyranny challenge the safety of the defenseless. Once again, Nezha will set aside his youth and stand against the tide, for not even death can stop him.


Lvl 1               Per Lvl              Lvl 20

Health                                 400               75                     1900
Mana                                   200               35                       900
Attack/Sec                             1              0.02                    1.38
Speed                                  375               0                         375
HP5                                       10               0.71                   24.2
MP5                                         4               0.27                     9.4
Magic Power                           0               0                            0
Physical Power                      39               2                          79
Magic Prot                             30               1                          50
Physical Prot                        12               3                           72


Child of the Lotus
When Ne Zha dies, his indomitable spirit is reborn from a Lotus at his location, healing nearby allies every second and increasing their protections. Ne Zha’s basic attacks also utilize a four swing chain with escalating damage and swing time, hitting all enemies in front of him on the final blow.

Universe Ring Toss
Ne Zha throws the Universe Ring, bouncing it to nearby enemies. Each hit deals damage, applies a stacking physical protection debuff for 3s and slows the enemy for 1s. Each successful hit also applies a stacking movement speed buff to Ne Zha for 2s.

Flaming Spear
Ne Zha empowers himself with fighting spirit, igniting his spear for increased Attack Speed and Critical Strike Chance for a short duration.

Armillary Sash
Ne Zha throws out his Armillary Sash hitting the first enemy god in its path. The target is stunned as Ne Zha yanks himself toward the target, dealing a powerful blow to all enemies in the area when he arrives.

Wind Fire Wheels
Ne Zha dashes forward. If he hits an enemy god, he knocks it skyward for 4s, unleashing a combo (successfully timed clicks during the combo result in critical strikes), then smashing back to Earth, dealing additional damage to enemies in the radius as he flips back to his starting location.

Now i will explain some strong points and weak, which skill order you should take, which items you should buy and some play styles you can go wtih Ne Zha.

Pros: Absurd late game Damage
Good early harassment with Ring Toss
Great Chaser
Combo attack allows for easy farming/jungling
Really fast attacks with Flaming Spear

Cons: Squishy
No escapes, except for Wind Fire Wheels
Late game target

Explanation of Ne Zha`s skills:

Universe Ring Toss, is great ability for lane harassmentw. If you can get a Mana Buff at the start of the game, you can use this to harass very effectively. With out the buff its still good, but definitely use it more sparingly.
Very good Gank initiating ability, allows you to close the gap quickly between you and the enemy Hero.
Always make sure that there are at least two enemies before using this skill. I max this first if i am in lane for most of the time.

Flaming Spear, this is what gives Ne Zha absurd burst damage. Keep in mind that there is about a 1 second cast animation. You max this first if u are going for jungle buffs more often it helps you clear it faster, but if u want to stay in lane you max your first abilty.

Armillary Sash,  I use this skill primarily to catch fleeing Hero’s, best thing about it is that it can go through creeps since it only targets hero’s. This skill is maxed last.

Wind Fire Wheels this Ultimate has a variety of different functions, its another option to kill fleeing enemies if you miss your Armillary Sash, it gives teammates a 4 second window to get to the location of a gank, and gives you a viable escape option which is what i generally try to save it for.

Item build

I always start with lvl2 Warrior Tabi , two health pots and one mana pot. This gives me good move speed in lane good dmg and sustain with pots if we fight.

After that i go for The Executioner if i am against tanky lane in other situation i go for Devourer’s Gloves because they give me sustain and nice dmg. After you buy Devourers Gloves focus on last hiting minions so you can get that stacks to the max. Life steal is insanly good on Ne Zha because of his 4 attack combo. With your last AOE attack u can heal lots of health if u hit many targets.

My next core item is Deathbringer. You absolutely must buy this item with Ne Zha, it gives you so much power. You can hit 1k+ crits and melt oponents.

This are my core items, other items are situational based on enemies team comp. If they are stacking armor and have tanky team you go for Voidblade, becouse that gives you some much needed physical protection and also reduces theirs. If they are heavy on magical dmg you should probably go for Magi’s Blessing. This item is good for her passiv if u menage to block some of their important spells that could be a life saver. The reason i dont recommend Bulwark of Hope is with Ne Zha you really dont have much hp for that shield to make it work, you will get melted with or without that shield.

Active Items:

I always go for defensive actives for Ne Zha. You are really squisy with him so you really need Purification Beads and Aegis Amulet. The reason i go always for beads is that if u get stuned you are dead simple as that. Aegis is always good if u mess up your combo and dont have any escape to buy some time for your spells to come up, and ofcourse to avoid some big spells.

If enemies lack CC u can go for Sprint, it gives you great movement speed to catch and escape your enemies.

Game phases:


I have only done duo lane as Ne Zha, but I have seen someone mid as her once successfully. To solo as her I would prob put another point or 2 in Ring Toss early game for harassment and get the left lane to help with Mana Buff before the first creep wave.
For the most part Ive started out with level 2 Tabi’s and 2 health pots and 1 mana, but Ive also tried starting with lvl 1 Tabi’s and lvl 1 Gloves and sustaining HP by queuing the AOE attack before hitting a wave.
Use your Ring Toss when there are only 1-2 archers left on their wave so that it bounces between them more than their creeps. If you use it on a fresh creep wave it may only hit an enemy hero one time.
Some good laning partners from my experience are Aphrodite for the sustainability she offers and Hades because his Ult practically guarantees a kill at level 5.


At level 5-6, coordinate with your lane partner to secure kill(s) in your lane. Teleport back to finish Tabi’s and build part of Gloves. If you don’t have enough for both, just get the Gloves for now. Head to the Jungle and get the Mana Buff and Speed Buff. Head toward a lane to Gank, I generally initiate with Ring Toss because it debuff/slows them and helps me close the gap, as I’m running toward them I cast Flaming Spear (remember it has about a 1 second cast animation), then go to town on them with auto attacks. If they start running away you can use Armillary Sashto close the gap and finish them off.
If they start woopin on you / or your team mates didn’t wake up in time to help, remember you have your Ultimate that you can use to buy more time for your team to arrive or to escape a sticky situation.

Team fights:

One thing to keep in mind is that Ne Zha is squishy, it is my preference to have other heros initiate ( Hades, Ares, Ymir etc) and then roll in with the Gank sequence to pick off supports / carries. Keep in mind the various ways you can use your Ultimate as well, removing key opponents from the fight for 4 seconds (Ulting a Hel so she cant cleanse a Hades Ult for example)

Good lane partners:

His Ultimate at level 5 can practically guarantee kills when combined with your Flaming Spear. For those that can use skills to escape, you have your own Ultimate which can be used to deal damage as well as hold them in place while Hades catches up, along with Armillary Sash to close the gap again. If the person is still alive at this point, Hades own gap closer, Death from Below should be off cooldown.
In summary, you have great synergy with Hades Ultimate, and both Heroes have good chase capability.


This is a fun lane combo, at level 5 you can initiate with Wind Fire Wheels. While you are doing this Ymir should cast his own Ultimate directly underneath so that when you land they eat a Ymir Ult.



His stun is best counter for Ne Zha, when you see him in lane u must buy Purification Beads. He can also slow you and if u dont have your ulti to escape or Aegis you are dead by his ultimate.


He can disrupt every spell of Ne Zha, also he can flip you in enemy minions and since you dont have any escape until lvl 5 you are dead if they play well and he can force you to use your ulti for escape with his ultimate.


First of all i must say that English is not my first language so i am sorry for any grammatical errors. But i really enjoyed writing this guide hope you guys like it. Ne Zha is very fun god to play some people say he is over powerd but you must know how to play him if u want to be good with him. I hope this guide helps you to do that.

Smite Ultimate Ra Guide


First off thank you for checking out my first ever guide. I picked Ra not only because he is one of my all time favorite gods but also because he is available to everyone that plays the game right off the bat. Ra can either fill the role of mage or support and he does both very well. Depending on which role you choose to play though determines what build and play-style you need to use. Ill be covering all of that and more in this guide.


Pros / Cons:


  • Can fill two roles very well
  • Has a high damage potential
  • Has a very good heal making him hard to kill
  • Available to everyone and not to difficult to pick up
  • One of the best slows in-game
  • Tons of lane push and coupled with high movement speed means easy to get farm


  • His main damaging ability and ult somewhat difficult to hit
  • No escape abilities aside from movement speed
  • No cc aside from a slow and blind


 Passive – Speed of Light 

Everytime Ra uses an ability his movement speed gets increase. Each stack increases speed by 5% with a max of 3 stacks.

This ability allows Ra to catch up to escaping enemies, run away from chasing enemies, and move between the lane and jungle for ganks/farm. Also when you leave the well everytime your back make sure to cast your abilities for extra movement speed out.

 Skill 1 – Celestial Beam

Ra summons a moving beam of light from the sky doing damage to anyone it hits.

Damage: 95/155/215/275/335+(70% of magical power)

Cost: 70/80/90/100/110 mana

Cooldown: 10 secs

This is Ra’s main damaging ability. The beam does not move that fast so leading it is necessary unless your right up in their face.

 Skill 2 – Divine Light

Light starts to emanate from Ra, stacking slow on nearby enemies. After 3 secs the light detonates doing damage to nearby enemies. Any enemies facing him during the detonate are also blinded.

Damage: 90/140/190/240/290+(50% of magical power)

Slow per stack: 5%

Cost: 60/70/80/90/100 mana

Cooldown: 12 secs

This ability is AMAZING! The slow is very powerful and allows you to easily keep enemies nearby or run away and can do some decent damage. The blind at the end was just icing on the cake. Use this before you use your abilities to make hitting them very easy.

 Skill 3 – Solar Blessing

Ra summons a pillar of blessed light. Allies inside the blessing are healed and gain a physical/magical power buff. Enemies are damaged every second and incur a physical/magical power debuff.

Damage per tick: 20/32/44/56/68+(20% of magical power)

Magical and Physical power debuff: 10/15/20/25/30

Heal per tick: 10/18/26/34/42+(10% of magical power)

Magical and Physical power buff:  10/15/20/25/30

Light Lifetime: 6 secs

Cost: 65/75/85/95/105 mana

Cooldown: 18 secs

Honestly Ra’s best ability. It heals, it does damage, its buff, and it debuffs. In a fight with only you in it just place it down on yourself and watch your health go up while the enemies drop. In a big teamfight place it on your melee allies and tanks during to fight to help out. For lane pushing drop it down where the melee minions meet and make sure to stand in it for the buff.

 Ultimate – Searing Pain

Ra calls on the power of the sun to decimate his foes in a large laser infront of him doing high damage to all enemies it hits.

Damage: 400/475/550/625/700+(100% of magical power)

Cost: 90 mana

Cooldown: 70/65/60/55/50 secs

While being pretty tough to hit because its a long narrow laser and has a short cast time, this ability does alot of damage to any target and can pass through hitting multiple people. In a teamfight it should either be used at the start to sway the fight in your teams favor or at the end to pick off low enemies. By yourself wait to use it when they are low on health and running away. Can also serve to clear lanes very fast if need be.

Item Builds:


 Chronos Pendant – 50 magical power, 25 mp5, cooldown reduction 25%

 Boots of the Magi – 50 magical power, 250 mana, 21% movement speed, 15 magical penetration

 Warlocks Sash – 100 magical power, 500 health, 400 mana

 Bancrofts Talon – 100 magical power, 12% magical lifesteal, 1 magical power per 1% missing health

 Rod of Tahuti – 125 magical power, 15 mp5, increases magical power by 25%

 Obsidian Shard – 70 magical power, 33% magical penetration


 Spear of the Magnus – 40 magical power, enemies hit by your abilities lose magical protection by 10 and an additional 10% for 5 sec stacks up to 2.

Active Items

For your 1st active pick up  Aegis Amulet if the enemies have alot of burst abilities like a poseidon ult/ hebo ult or pick up  Purification Beads if the enemies have lots of cc abilites like an anubis mummify/ hades ult.

For your 2cd active pick up  Sprint to help you escape and catch up to enemies for kills or pick up  Meditation for mana substain.

This build gives you alot of magical power, cooldown reduction on your abilities, mp5 for mana regeneration, some health and mana, some lifesteal and penetration through protections. Use obsidian shard if the enemies generally have over 120 magical protection otherwise use spear of the magnus.


Void Stone – 50 magical power, 60 magical protection, reduces the magical protection of nearby enemies by 25

Boots of Celerity – 15% cooldown reduction, 28% speed in-combat, 40% speed out of combat

Wall of Absolution – 60 physical protection, 30 magical power, 15 mp5, when hit by a basic attack increases physical protection by 15 stacking up to 3 times.

 Gem of Isolation – 70 magical power, 250 health, 250 mana, abilities slow enemies down by 25%

 Rod of Tahuti – 125 magical power, 15 mp5, increases magical power by 25%

 Pythagorem’s Piece – 70 magical power, 300 mana, 15% magical lifesteal, nearby allies gain 20 magical power and 10% magical lifesteal

Active Items

For your 1st active pick up  Aegis Amulet if the enemies have alot of burst abilities like a poseidon ult/ hebo ult or pick up  Purification Beads if the enemies have lots of cc abilites like an anubis mummify/ hades ult.

For your 2cd active pick up either  Girdle of Might to increase your allies damage or  Heavenly Agility/  Creeping Curse to catch up to enemies and secure kills.

This build gives a decent amount of magical power mainly for the heal, some cooldown reduction, alot of movement speed, and extra slow, and some auras to help your teammates.

Skill Builds:


Pick up your 3 first then your 1 then 2. Max 1 first then your 3 then your 2 making sure to put points into your ult every chance you can.


Pick up your 3 first then your 2 then 1. Max 3 first then your 1 then 2 making sure to put points into your ult every chance you can.

Playstyle, Tips, and Tricks:

  • When your getting attacked try to place down your 3 on top you and your enemy. This will heal you up while doing damage to them and buffing you/ debuffing them.
  • Before you try and hit your 1 or ult try and get close to use your 2 making them move slower allowing for easier hits.
  • During a team fight if you built mage try and stick to the back of your teammates and wait for the fight to happen before you use your abilities to damage enemies and get kills.
  • During a team fight if you built support wait for the tank to initiate then get into the fight using your abilities to help your teammates and pay close attention to your mages and ad carries so they do not get picked off.
  • As a generally good skill while playing any god make sure to have minimap awareness. If your pushing up the lane when all enemies are missing chances are you might be about to get ganked.
  • Another generally good skill is to communicate with your allies. If your enemies leave the lane tell your team. If your leaving the lane tell you partner (if your in the side lanes) brb. If your gonna gank a lane tell them you are. If your gonna go in and attack say it. Good communication can go a long way to making your team win.

Videos, Skins, and Trivia:

Heres some videos of Ra to watch for fun and to mabye learn a thing or two :)

A quick video of the new Ra as of the May 1st patch


A more informational video of Ra


And finally a funny video of one of my favorite smite commentators playing Ra



Default – The normal skin you get for free

Solar Sentinel – An epic skin that cost 400 gems

Silve-Ra-Do – Just a silver recolor that costs 200 gems or 11000 favor

Solar Eclipse – A pretty cool red and black recolor that you get for liking smite on facebook

Alienware – A decent blue recolor that you can get from a promotion on alienware arena


“Sunlight is good for you in moderation. Unfortunately for you I am moderating it.”

“Looks like your in a tough spot, or should I say sun spot?”


“Time for your daily dose of vitamin D…struction”

“The light can heal or the light can burn! Okay, mostly it burns.”


I hope you have enjoyed my guide on Ra. Any kind of feedback would be well appreciated. Ive been thinking about making guides for awhile and the fact that I have a chance to get fenrir and his skin for free just made the decision final. In the end I would strongly recommend at least trying Ra and im sure he will be a ton of fun :)


Smite – Artemis Guide

Here is my very first Smite guide.
Artemis is a god that is very
often underestimated and considered underpowered, however if played well
she can wreck mayhem and destruction. Depending on her build she can be
very versatile and quite hard to kill lategame.

-Can fill the role of an range physical carry very well

-Has very high damage in the mid-late game

-With a bit of lifesteal can get back to full health in the blink of an eye

-Very good CC potential


-Very low defence and lack of leap
-Moderate damage early game
-Item dependent
-Challenging to play (even that some people don’t consider that a Con)
-Very cooldown dependent in the early-mid game


Icons Artemis Passive.png Still Target (Passive)

Artemis gains a 5% critical strike chance buff on each successful hit within 4 seconds. Her passive has a maximum of 3 stacks.

This passive provides a huge benefit to Artemis and saves her a lot of
gold. The skill can be effective at all stages of the game, from an
annoying harass at the early game to a nearly assured critical hit on
the late.

Icons Artemis Fate.png Transgressors Fate (Skill Key 1)

Artemis places a trap that additionally acts as a ward. Enemy gods
coming within 5 feet of her traps activate them, rooting and crippling
the enemy god, preventing movement abilities and dealing damage every
second for 3s. doing 25/40/55/70/85 (+30% of your physical power)
physical damage every second for 2 seconds.

Cost: 60/65/70/75/80 mana.

Cooldown: 18/16/14/12/10 seconds

Considering Artemis’s lack of a gap closer/disengage skill, her traps
is the closest she can get. Use them at the jungle, use them at your
lane, use them when being chased. Always keep your eyes on the minimap
as they give vision, even if a god doesn’t step on them. Always place a
few at the center of your lane, it is very likely that a god may step
on a trap at some point and that can be all it takes to get a kill or
two. A nice thing about them is also if a melee god is chasing you
exactly behind your back, placing a trap will always hit, giving you
time to escape. That is also effective vs range gods who are further
away for the sole reason that they need to waste time to avoid to step
on it. Use that skill in combination with your 4 and your oponent most
likely won’t be moving for a while.
A thing of note is that even with its low damage, you can be suprised how many kills you may get will that skill.

Icons Artemis Assault.png Vengeful Assault (Skill Key 2)

Artemis attacks at a furious pace, increasing her attack speed by 35/45/55/65/75% for 3/3.5/4/4.5/5 seconds.

Cost: 70/75/80/85/90 mana.

Cooldown: 18/17/16/15/14 seconds.

This is Artemis’s main damage tool. Use it wisely as your DPS drops
severely when this skill is on cooldown. You can save a lot of gold with
this skill on buying damage/lifesteal items, over such that give attack

Icons Artemis Suppress.png Suppress The Insolent (Skill Key 3)

Artemis fires a volley into a ground target, suppressing all of her
enemies. Enemies caught within the volley are damaged for
90/155/220/285/350 physical damage (+30% of your physical power) and are
slowed by 25% for 2 second.
Cost: 70/80/90/100/110 mana.

Cooldown: 10 seconds.

Annoying harass skill on a low cooldown, very effective at finishing off targets busy on petty things like… survival!

Icons Artemis Boar.png Calydonian Boar (Skill Key 4 – Ultimate)

Artemis summons the great Calydonian Boar to wreak havoc on her
enemies, doing 150/225/300/375/450 (+100% of your physical power)
physical damage to the nearest enemy god and stunning them for
1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5s second. The boar continues to charge other gods for
6 seconds. Artemis is also immune to crowd control for 3 seconds.

(NOTE: Boar health per rank is 350/450/550/650/750.)

Cost: 80/90/100/110/120 mana.

Cooldown: 90 seconds.

Often a team breaking ultimate, this is also very effective on single
targets. In the early game its best used after you have done a few hits
on an opponent, so don’t use it as an initiation skill. Don’t be afraid
to use it in order to survive a gank but try to keep it for later when

Skill priority:
As with all ultimates, level up when possible. Due to your 2 being too
item dependent level it up after 3, which is both great for damage and for

Item Build:

Starting items:
Soul Eater (Rank 1) Sword 01 Rank1.png + Warrior Tabi (Rank 1) File:BootsDamage 01 Rank1.png + 2 Mana potions

These are useful for damage, sustain and mobillity.

Early-Mid game:
Depending on your lane either finish Soul Eater (Rank 3) Sword 01 Rank1.png or Warrior Tabi (Rank 3) File:BootsDamage 01 Rank1.png first, but you can buy rank 2 on both of them before finishing one.
Depending on the enemy team, this is the time you get your first Active

Mid-Late game:
Buy a Deathbringer  Axe 02 Rank1.png.
This is where your damage boosts significantly! Due to your Passive and 2
you don’t need to worry about attack speed yet. Depending on the enemy
team, either buy a defensive item (below on to what exactly) or Rage  ItemIcon HornDagger 01.png. Somewhere between all try to fit your second Active item. At that point you will crit in the majority of your hits.

Late game non-core items:
If you don’t have Rage  ItemIcon HornDagger 01.png already buy it, otherwise you buy 2 items from the several:

Titan’s Bane 
Spear 01 Rank1.png vs a team with heavy armor
Golden Bow  Hammer 02 Rank1.png vs a squishier, melee oriented team (pair with a physical defence item)
Eye of Retaliation  Eye of Retaliation.png vs a balanced team

Bulwark of Hope  ItemIcon ShieldHealth 01.png – most often this is the best item to take with Eye of Retaliation  Eye of Retaliation.png, it gives nice health, magical protection and will quite often save you at low health
Midgardian Mail  Midgardian Mail.jpg – only vs heavy bruiser oriented physical teams! I’d suggest buying this item before Rage  ItemIcon HornDagger 01.png

Magi’s Blessing  Spellshield.png – vs heavy magic oriented teams. If they have Zeus or Agni id suggest buying this item before Rage  ItemIcon HornDagger 01.png

As Artemis lifesteal is much more effective defence stat over health or physical/magical protection. This is why Eye of Retaliation  Eye of Retaliation.png can make you quite hard to kill and increase your damage the less health you have.

Active items:
I’d say they are a personal choice. Depending on the enemy team I use Meditation , Purification Beads , Aegis Amulet or Sprint .

You can play Artemis both in a Solo and a Duo lane. Both ways, never forget to use your 1 skill to avoid getting ganked and to increase your chance on kills

Artemis is excellent for ganks so always try to gank the lane next to yours if the enemy team is pushing too much!

Try to play more defensively in your lane as you have no leap skill, but always try to land a few hits if its safe to do so
Use your 3 only when you are going to hit both creeps and gods, and always keep enough mana for 3 skills
Don’t use 2 and 3 on creeps in the early game (unless you have blue buff)
Don’t forget to use 2 when attacking towers/phoenixes

4+1 make a devastating cc combo

This is all I could think of, hope i’ve been helpful! Good luck on your games!

SMITE Reveals Hun Batz, The Howler Monkey God

SMITE Reveals Hun Batz

Hi-Rez Studios announced that Sun Wukong has been removed from its MOBA game SMITE and the Mayan monkey god Hun Batz replaced him on the battlefield. So all the players who owned Sun Wukong or its skin will now own Hun Batz and/or the skin. Although the two gods have a lot of similar abilities, there are some tips you need to confirm. Check out the The Howler Monkey God reveal video below.

You can learn more details in Patch Notes.

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