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Smite Datamining – Bellona, new goddess, in depth

This post is also available in: Russian

New post about Bellona. After releasing some basic info in my last datamining, please click here to check it out, there’s some more new info about her.

The info released today explains a little more how will Bellona work. As you all know datamining info doesn’t mean True or Final info since Hi-Rez is changing everything every patch so please don’t take this information as final. The theory of Bellona makes her look as a new kind of god joining Smite and not one more from other 62. This may be the first Goddess who has multiple weapon sets (not stances) that may be applied to skills and doing different effects.

Please enjoy the datamining.


Bellona – New  Goddess

Multiple weapons – Swaping them

  • Bellona will have multiple weapons (We can call it as stance if you would like).
  • There will be a blocker, you may not be able to change weapons whenever you like.
  • Current weapon will be visible, so enemy and allies should know what’s she playing with.
  • There’s probably some kind of “Sets” which will grant a buff or something (That’s not sure), but lets say using Shield + Sword makes you OP.
  • The system recognizes the set you’re using, it should have animations also so the buff idea is probably true.
  • There’s also a probability which makes Bellona choose from something a set. Let’s say Chronos’ Passive. Change their 4 benefits to 4 weapon sets and you use an ability with one of them which makes it stronger or weaker. (Just my own idea, would be awesome, it’s not on files) IDEA BASED ON “Desired Weapon Set” Property.


  • Hammer -> Confirmed by “FlashHammerStrikeFxs”
  • Shield -> Confirmed by “FlashShieldBashFxs”
  • Sword -> Common sense applied.


  • Basic Attack
    • Damage: 39 + 2/Lvl (+100% of Physical Power)
    • Progression: 1/.5/1.5x damage
    • Attacks with Shield and Sword (Swapping during progression).
  • Shield Bash
    • This skill is able to block an attack (Not sure if basic or skill) depending on X situation. So yea, no permanent.
    • Block one basic attack for each stack. Blocked attacks result in an explosion that deals 40% of the damage that would have been dealt to you.
    • The Damage is in area (The returned one, theorically).
    • Applies the stacks and removes the stacks once it explodes.
    • You are able to fire this ability.
    • Has a Cone attack.
    • Has a function to Switch weapon set (Not sure how).
    • Theory: You may be able to do the cone attack after X stacks.
  • Spin to Strike
    • Damage in Area
    • Should be able to get some Range for a function. (Theory: X damage depending on range).
    • Theory says the damage will be applied depending on range.
    • Is a build up skill (For example athena’s dash).
    • Should be able to Stike (Critical? or bigger damage).
    • May be able to hit multiple times.
    • A function counts how much Gods were damaged (Not sure for what).
    • Has a function to Switch weapon set (Not sure how).
  • Scourge
    • Heal
    • Fires the ability.
    • Builds up the ability.
    • Has a function to Switch weapon set (Not sure how).

A reminder of Bellona’s info from last Datamining

Bellona – New  Goddess

Roman goddess of war, usually represented by Sword, shield, spear and torch.

Medusa’s head should be in her shield.

  • Basic Attack
    • Damage: 39 + 2/Lvl (+100% of Physical Power)
    • Progression: 1/.5/1.5x damage
    • Attacks with Shield and Sword (Swapping during progression).
  • Shield Bash
    • Shield Bash Block
    • Block one basic attack for each stack. Blocked attacks result in an explosion that deals 40% of the damage that would have been dealt to you.
  • Scourge
    • Scourge Heal
  • Spin To Strike
  • Should be able to “swap” stances between something, i guess shield and sword.

Artemis CaveGirl and Triceratops Animations

Decided to build Artemis cavegirl skin and test how artemis’ animations would fit the new skin. These includes also the boar which is a triceratops now, he’s so pretty (loverface).

Cave Girls

Just a WTF Post messing with cave girl textures.. how would it look in another gods? Obviously they are not applied correctly but may give us a certain aproximation.


Human cave Janus?


Cave Girls

Cave Pets

Smite Datamining – Medusa & Bellona

This post is also available in: Russian

They day has arrived, Medusa has finally decided to appear in the smite battleground and she finally appeared. Discover what’s up with her. Also more Bellona info.



Almost no info about medusa, as always occur with newly gods added into smite files.

  • GetBackpedalPercent
  • GetStrafePercent
  • m_MaulTarget
  • There’s an Arrow (Doesn’t mean she’s gonna be an archer, just saying).

Ability 2

  • DamageInstigator

Ability 3

  • Has a hit.
  • Has a self function.


Please check the last datamining post with Bellona’s info before reading the new one.

Weapon Sets

  • Sword should be her main weapon since she has a “Reset to Sword” function.
  • Has a mechanic to know what was the past weapon set.
  • The block remains situational.

Veni Vidi Vici

  • It’s a Device.
  • You can deploy it.

Other skills

  • The stacks can be blocked in certain situations.
  • The heal can be added or some mechanic for stacks.
  • The weapon swap may be blocked too.

Future changes

Usually when a God gonna have a new skin or they are edited for some random reason their skills appears in a new line like if they would been modified (call it added recently).

They usually make copys of skills for working in new ones or adding a similar skin to another god, so this mean a mechanic similar to chaac’s rain dance may come into the game with another god. OR NOT.

  • Cupid has received this (Obviously since new cupid skin and skill changes) “Cupid Heart Bomb Timer with Bonus Stun”
  • Also chaac with “Copy of Rain Dance”.
  • Also chang’e with “Copy of Moonflower Dance”

Random info

  • Arena Boar
  • it’shappening.gif

More chests

  • Mystery Chest 2
  • Other Mystery Chest (So many chests they don’t even know how to name them? :P)

New Icon

New Mercury Skin

New Aphrodite Abilities icon (Noticed by Lionkun)

Smite Datamining – Medusa & Bellona Extra info

This post is also available in: Russian

Bellona is almost there and Medusa is really coming, a lot of info from the new goddess have been revealed.


  • General Functions (Not attachable to skills)
    • Can execute a Target.
    • Maul Target.
    • BlackPedal Percent.
    • Strafe Percent.
    • Applies extra effects to Ultimate (To angle and something else).
    • Is able to stun a target.
  • Dev 1
    • Medusa Stacks.
  • Dev 2
    • Just a hit. You fire it.
  • Dev 3
    • It’s a charge.
    • Should stop by itself when hits a god. (Only a god).
  • Dev 4
    • It’s a Hit Pulse, this means you active the ability and it damages through X time, this also cost something, or not.. Let’s see it as Cabrakan’s 3 or Anubis Ultimate (in the case you don’t pay mana for hits).



  • Weapons Set
    • Sword
    • Sword & Shield
    • Hammer
    • Scourge
    • Empty Hands
  • Weapon Switch Function
    • Recognizes your previous weapon set.
    • Charges your new weapon set.
    • Uses your new weapon set.
    • On respawn, your weapon should be reset to default one. (Sword)
  • Weapons Timer
    • There’s a function to refresh your set timer.
    • Default time is 5 seconds.
  • Passive
    • Checks for your max Life. (I think it’s applied to weapon set).
    • Max default time is 3 seconds.
  • Shield Bash
    • Default Weapon: Sword & Shield
    • Forward charge.
    • You need to charge the ability, probably like athena’s dash.
    • This ability should have a Stack counter.
    • The stack counter, theorically, is who lets you do a cone attack.
    • There’s a chance to refire the ability.
    • Theory of work: You charge forward and then do a cone attack.
    • AOE Damage.
    • Add block stacks.
  • Spin to Strike
    • Default Weapon: Hammer
    • Can be interrupted.
    • Should have more than one target.
    • Radius Damage.
  • Scourge
    • Default Weapon: Scourge
    • You will be able to fire, probably ammunition applied with something.
    • Heals depending on stacks and num of enemy hit.
  • Veni Vidi Vinci (Ultimate)
    • Deployable (Can’t be deployed if not enough space).
    • Collides with actors
    • Area Knock up

New Skins

  • Janus Jandroid
  • Mercury Boxer
  • Artemis Cavegirl


  • Curiosity Chest
    • This chest has a chance of giving a rare exclusive item or a chance to roll an extra item. The contents of this chest includes skins, wards, and voice packs.

Skins Sales

  • Copy of Skin Sale 2/15 through 2/17 (600G)
    • Mountain Man 50% (200G)    Frost Maiden 50% (200G)    Metal Carnage 50% (200G)

Skins rental

Almost every skin (Didn’t read all of them), but some I will highlight.

  • Archon rental
  • Convention rental
  • Derpules
  • etc..

 New Card & Icons Gallery