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Beginner Guide: VIP system

The VIP system can give players more convenience and a better gaming experience. The more a player recharges, the higher their VIP level will be. And with higher VIP levels, players can enjoy more privileges and get great VIP rewards.

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Beginner Guide: Guild system

The guild system is unlocked at level 17. Guilds are groups formed by many players. Players can chat in their guilds, purchase items, learn skills, meet friends, and quickly improve their battle ratings.

1. To view guilds or to create a guild: click on the Guild icon to see a list of all the guilds. You may choose to join a guild or to create one yourself.

2. Guild tribute: you may donate to your guild or complete guild quests to gain guild Tribute, which can be used to learn guild skills.

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(The Donate panel)

3. Guild structures: a guild can house many structures, which require Guild Funds to build. Guild structures can also be upgraded to provide more benefits. For example, when you upgrade the Wisdom Tower, guild members can learn higher level guild skills.

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(Guild structures)

4. Guild skills: once you become a guild member, you may learn guild skills, which can greatly enhance the battle rating of your main character and mercenaries.

Beginner Guide: Pet System

Pet Intro
1. The Pet system unlocks upon reaching level 45.
2. Click on the Pet icon on the main screen to open.
3. Pets have 6 stats: PATK, PDEF, PMATK, PMDEF, HP and ATK Speed. Train pets to increase their stats.

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Pet Training

1. Training pets requires Pet Potions.
2. Train pets to level them up and boost their stats. Level and stat bonuses can be transferred among pets.
3. When a pet levels up, its stats increase.

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Pet Gear
1. Pets share a 4-piece equipment set.
2. Enhancing pet gear requires special items.
3. Each piece of pet gear has a random stat which can be improved through refining.
4. When a piece of pet equipment has been enhanced to a certain degree, it can be upgraded to the next level, increasing the chance of getting better stats from refining.

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Pet Sacrifice
1. Use Sacrifice to exchange unwanted pets for Vouchers.
2. Vouchers can be used to buy items in the Voucher section of the Shop.
3. The better a pet’s potential, the more vouchers you will get from sacrificing it.

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Pet Skills
1. Each pet can master 1 active skill and 3 passive skills.
2. Each pet comes with a unique active skill.
3. Similar to Talismans, passive skills can be equipped and removed. All pets share the same passive skills.
4. Active skills have 5 levels. Pets acquire their active skills based on their quality.
5. Pet quality is randomly designated when a pet comes into being.

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Battle Rules
1. Pets have HP just as any other teammate, when a pet’s HP turns 0 it will die.
2. One pet can be included in your formation.
3. Pets can fight with you in any battle.
4. In MP dungeons, all participants can see pet info and their positions in the team formation, but only the team leader can adjust pet positions.

Shadowbound Open Alpha Announcement

A new epic strategy MMORPG is coming to R2Games! Immerse yourself in a mystical world wrought with intrigue, and build a formidable party of mercenaries from scratch! Unlock the true potential of your warriors by mastering the intricate art of battle formation. Every decision you make is the difference between glory and ruination. Take control of your own fate, and find your footing in a tilted world. 

See you on the battle field at 10:00 (7/8/2014 EDT)!

Create and Share Your Shadowbound Video

​Guardians! We will be holding a video-sharing event during Open Alpha to celebrate the release of Shadowbound. Simply make your own Shadowbound video, upload and share with other players to gain generous rewards! Join us!

Duration: 7/8/2014 – 7/13/2014  

- Make a video of Shadowbound game play from level 1 to level 30. 
- Provide your R2 ID and the link to your video in a reply to this thread.  

1. No spamming with replies. 
2. Posts must follow forum rules and be positive and uplifting. 
3. Video links must be valid and Shadowbound-related. 
4. Rewards will be sent to all participants via in-game mail during Open Beta.