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Beginner Guide: Leaderboard System

The Leaderboard system lists the top players in Shadowbound. You may check rankings in EXP, Arena, and game events here.

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Beginner Guide: Treasure Cove

Click on the Treasure Cove icon on the upper right hand corner to explore the ocean for treasure.

1. Click on the Escort Treasure icon to open the treasure selection panel, where you can choose the type of treasure to escort. When you refresh the treasure, there is a certain chance that you might get to escort a higher level treasure, thus getting more rewards.

2. If you want to plunder other players’ treasure, hover your mouse over your target and you will see information about the target.

3. You may also invite friends to help you with your escort and fight players who try to plunder your treasure. You can also Cheer your team to increase your battle rating against plunderers.

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(Treasure Cove scene 1)

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(Treasure Cove scene 2)

Beginner Guide: Gear System

In Shadowbound, the player’s main character and mercenaries can equip 6 types of gears: weapon (blade, staff, or gun depending on the character class, or instrument for mercenaries), necklace, ring, armor, helm, and boots. Different gears provide different stat bonuses.

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Beginner Guide: Battle of Wits

Battle of Wits is a quiz event where players answer true or false questions from the system.

When the event starts, a question appears on the screen for 30 seconds, during which players can choose their answers by going to the areas marked with “√” and “×” respectively. The system will then judge if the players are correct or not.

If a players choose the correct answer, they get rewards. However, when players make 3 mistakes in total, they will be transformed into black or white alpacas, depending on the characters’ gender.

Once players are transformed into alpacas, they can move and chat, but their answers will no longer be effective and they won’t get any more rewards.

If the alpaca players’ guilds have members who are have not been disqualified and are still answering questions correctly, then the alpaca players get some rewards as well.

When players leave the event, they turn back into their normal forms.

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(Battle of Wits)

Beginner Guide: 8v8 Rumble


1. The 8v8 Rumble is unlocked at level 31. Players are divided into tiers based on their levels (10 levels per tier). You can only enter the arena for your tier.

2. Up to 16 players can get in the same arena, and they belong to one of two factions: Azure and Crimson.

3. An arena is open for 30 minutes, which include 5 minutes of preparation and 25 minutes of battle.

4. If you leave the arena before it is over, you will need to wait 3 minutes before you can enter again, and you will be assigned a faction randomly.

5. You may enter the event as many times as you want every day, but you can only get rewards the first time.

6. Players who have no change in their Valor or battle activity for over 5 minutes will be kicked out of the arena.


1. You may open treasure chests in the arena to collect rewards (Stars, Ember Grass, Riding Scroll, etc.).

2. You may deposit Crystals to get Arena Chest Shards, which can be used to craft chests that contain random items (Ember Grass, Gem Packs, etc.).

3. On every Monday, rewards (Honor, Riding Scroll, Gear Refine Ore, Alae Ore, etc.) and titles are distributed to the top players on the arena leaderboard.

1. The flag posts are the starting points of the two factions. The carts to the left of the flag posts can be used to collect supplies. Other elements include runes, chests, and guards. The center, where the Grail is located is the main battle area.

2. The initial score of either faction and the initial Valor of each player are both 0.

3. When one faction has 1,000 points more than the other, it wins. Otherwise, the faction with the higher score when time runs out wins the battle.

4. Players get Valor and points for defeating players of the opposing faction and guards, opening chests, and depositing Crystals.

5. The mining cart can be used to collect Crystals, which can be depositd at the starting points or at the Grail in the center of the arena. When you defeat an enemy with Crystals, you get their Crystals as well.

6. Godspells:

a. Deposit 500 Crystals at the Grail to reset the Crystal count and trigger powerful Godspells

b. Godspells change once every 3 minutes. After they are triggered, there is a 6 minute cool down period

c. Godspells include:

1) Blood Curse: Reduce total HP of all enemies by 30%

2) Restraint: Reduce the movement speed of all enemies to 0 for 15 seconds

3) Miracle: All friendlies are protected for 20 seconds, during which their movement speed increases by 15%

4) Punishment: Randomly kill 5 enemies

7. Runes appear in the arena at random and have special effects when collected:

a. Acceleration rune: +50% movement speed for 15 seconds

b. Recovery rune: Restore full HP

c. Deception rune: Character becomes invisible for 20 seconds

d. Mana rune: Mana stays full for 3 rounds

8. When you win a battle, you are protected for 5 seconds, during which other cannot start a battle with you, but if you initiate a battle, the protection is lost.

9. The chests in an arena are refreshed once every 5 minutes. If a battle is initiated when you are collecting a chest, the progress will be lost. Each arena has a 50% chance of having a more valuable chest.

10. When you die in a battle, you need to wait 20 seconds to be respawned, but it can be expedited with Diamonds. Go back to the recovery zone of your own faction to slowly recover HP.