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Beginner Guide: Mercenary Card Collection

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Requirement: Level 25

How to access: Click the Merc Icon on the main toolbar

The Mercenary Card system allows players to view all types of mercenaries and whether or not they have been collected yet. Every time a new mercenary is recruited, it will be added to the player’s collection within the card system.

The Mercenary Card system contains 10 tabs which display the various kinds of mercenaries available. Additionally, collecting mercenaries can earn players combos which will earn them permanent combo stats as well as neat gift packs.

· There are 13 normal card combos, plus 1 hidden combo. Cards can be found in dungeons, the Market and by crafting.
· Each card has unique stats with bonus combo stats.
· Cards can be split into card shards and used to craft other cards. Hidden cards can only be split into Potent Shards.
· Upgrading card and combo potentials will yield great stat bonuses!

Beginner Guide: Mount System

1. The mount system is unlocked at level 15.
2. Click on the Name:  mount.jpg<br />
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3. Mounts allow you to move faster and provide boosts to battle stats, not to mention they look dead cool.

4. You can train your mount to reach a higher level. Mounts of different levels have different effects:

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5. You may learn mount skills once your mount has reached lvl. 4. What mount skills you can learn depends on the class of your main character. You may select the skill to use in battles in the Formation panel.

6. You may also acquire special mounts from events or quests. These mounts have special appearances and you may choose which one to use.

7. The stats of regular mounts are preserved in special mounts, so you don’t need to worry about switching mounts and losing the training on your regular mount.

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(Mount system)

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(Riding a mount)

Guide MP Purgatory Floors

I see 0 guides about steps for mp purgatory. We can help each other on this one, because doing it alone will take awhile.
I have a few pics of some floors, but the edit is slow, so i will just post one at a time, hoping more players will add too, different floors or ways.
Mine will be for a faster route, leaving some chests behind when they are hidden(fog).
I didn’t knew how to explain better, so if you get confused about the ABC’s and numbers i’m sorry, this is all i can think about at this moment.
So here it goes:


Not Bragging, nothing to brag about, ain’t an amazing time, but is my best so far. In general i have between 11-15 min.

IGN: GreyEarth
SRV: 28

Temple Flight

Have problems with those 3 weekly resets, and you don’t know what to do?
Some of you might founded the solution already, but for those who didn’t I can try to explain the way i do it.

I’ll use the image above for an example. The way down is in the purple circle xD

So, is monday, new week, 3 new resets at hand, and I’m in lv. 55 Temple Flight

1. I clean the level 55 if i didn’t already, after i kill and take the necessary items i need, i stop wasting steps on trying to get the priestess to the exit(see note), I simply just reset to Level 50. (that’s 1st reset)
2. I’m at level 50, i kill/clean the map and i go up at 55 (going up is always free)
3. I’m at 55 again, clean the map, do not move priestess to exit, reset again to level 50 (2nd reset).
4. Level 50 again, kill/clean, move priestess to exit/next level. (free again)
5. Level 55, same thing clean map, use reset to level 50 (3rd reset).
6. Level 50, clean, kill, move priestess to level 55 (free again).
7. Level 55…clean, kill…. Monday is coming soon and no need to worry

This way I collect more “pet items” or other things that may come out from gold/silver/bronze/demon chests.

So instead of just 3 new maps, u can occupy your time making 6, even if they are lower, but worth it.

Note (only if you have an unlocked higher level): If you do make it to the exit with priestess and you do not have a higher level to go to, you are bounded to reset, you cannot use the arrow from the left screen anymore. They should probably fix that.

Name: GreyEarth
Class: Hunter

Questions for the game ShadowBound

1. How do you open character menu?
Answer: Click on the helm icon. You can see the currect BR of the unit. To view stats, click on yellow Stat detail locate at right of the character screen.
2. What does Upgrade?
Answer: Upgrade upgrades your units and increase your BR.
3. What i should do for Main Character?
Answer: Main Character colour can be upgraded. When it colour is Orange, you can upgrade the star. When doing so, the colour will be reset to colour White and you will get 1 star. You can get at most 7 stars.
4. And for Secondary Character?
Answer: Secondary Character can be upgraded a level.
5. Why I can’t upgrade level?
Answer: Your level of secondary character cannot be 6 lv or higher that your main character, or you don’t have enough Aptitude Ore.
6. What does Astral?
Answer: Astral is necessary for increasing BR of character.
7. What is the max slots of Astral?
Answer: You can hold up to 4 starting slots. Later, you can get more up to 8 slots.
8. How do you get them?
Answer: From Get Astral.
9. What does Fortitude?
Answer: Fortitude allows you to increase stats.
10. How do you increase LV of Fortitude?
Answer: Select a type and click elther on Use EXP or Devotion.
11. What does Tailsman?
Answer: Tailsman allow you to put in slot to increase BR.
12. How come I only have 1 slot of Tailsman?
Answer: You have to upgrade Fortitude LVL. Slot 2 need LVL of Fortitude 200, slot 3 needs 350.
13. How to get more?
Answer: Down. This tailsman you can collect is random.
14. For Guild, what is the way to use Tribute?
Answer: Only way to increase BR through Guild is Guild Skills.
15. Wings Upgrade is still locked! Help me!
Answer: It’s coming soon.
16. What does Mount System?
Answer: Mount System allow you to upgrade mount to increase BR. Use Ember Grass. To improve a lot, use Vigor and Mount Skills.
17. What does Guardian System?
Answer: Guardian System allow you to upgrade Guardian.
18. How do you get stars?
Answer: Dungeon.
19. I have got all stars and there is no dungeon where you can increase stars!
Answer: Level first your Main Character. Stars can’t be stacked.
20. What does Forge system?
Answer: Forge System allow you to enchant and upgrade gears.
21. How does the Enchant System of Forge? And Upgrade? Also Socket?
Answer: Enchant allow you to increase level of gear enchantment. Upgrade increase the rarily of colour and increase max lv of enchant of gear. Finally, Socket is the system that you can put gems to increase BR. You can get through Cloudwinder.
02: Events —————————————————————
1. What does Elite Dungeon System?
Answer: Elite Dungeon allow you to drop a print for upgrading Gears, and get massive EXP.
2. I can’t enter dungeon in Elite Dungeon System!
Answer: Your stamina is too low. Try increasing it. If you can’t do so, VIP can increase limit.
3. What does Fortune System?
Answer: Fortune System allow you to pay 998 diamonds and receive 998 diamonds, 5888 Voucher and 8.88M Gold in 7 day.
4. At the next day, i tried to open Fortune system and collect is grey!
Answer: You have to wait 24 hours.
5. What does Arena?
Answer: Arena allow you to battle many player and become the leader. Receive Gold and Honor.
6. What does Alchemy?
Answer: Alchemy allow you to alchemize and receive a lot of Gold.
7. What does Treasure Cove?
Answer: Treasure Cove allows you to escort and receive massive Gold and Honor.
8. I got plundered by someone!
Answer: It lose a small % of gold and honor.
9. My friend are in attack!
Answer: You can protect friend by clicking on the friend’s escort.
10. What does Catacombs?
Answer: Catacombs allows you to enter a dungeon and await massive EXP and loots.
11. What does Cloudwinder?
Answer: Cloudwinder allow you to battle through 100 floor. I have noticed that Cloudwinder is useless a bit unless you reach high floor (20). They give EXP and Bag of Gems that contains Gems to socket in the system Socket in system Forge.
12. What does Achievement?
Answer: Achievement allow you to reward EXP and items sectioned in. To get it, complete a achievement within the time remaining!
13. What does Daily Duties?
Answer: Daily Duties allow you to get some reward to up your character BR. Login System allow you to collect up to 7 days of logins. Devotion allow you to collect chest after you reach spefic Devotion. Reclaim allow you to retrive Gold, EXP and Honor. Patch allow you to check updates.
03: System of the Game——————————————————
1. How do you find what time is?
Answer: Look up right at the name of the map.
2. What does System Setting?
Answer: System Setting allow you to set setting like Music Volume.
04: Problem and Tips——————————————————-
1. Help! I’m stuck at the loading screen!
Answer: This might be your connection problem. Refresh the page. If refreshing doesn’t work, clear your cache and then refresh. If the step didn’t fix the problem, please post on the forums as the forum mod also deals with computer and technical issues
2. My game is laggy!
Answer: Try hiding players. It happen while you’re in Training Room.
3. I don’t like my music!
Answer: Click on the horn in upper right of your Map, or disable in System Setting.
4. I lost my EXP. How did them happen?
Answer: The only way to lose EXP is to use Fortitude.
5. I don’t have enough Gold!
Answer: Get it from Alchemy. If you can’t do so because you reached the limit, VIP can increase. If you are a vip, figure other way.
6. I don’t like the bug or I found a glitch!
Answer: Report at Bug Report section.

Thanks you for them! Hope it help! I made it because I don’t want for more player to ask same question. If there are new system, feel free to have moderator edit them, but with no reason.