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Tzeentchian Guide to the Chaos of the Forum!

So there is much confusion about the forum rank, points, flags, and how everything works together. I didn’t see any other guide laying around so here is a bit of info to help you out. I will keep updating as i get better and more accurate info – for the time being this is just a quick generalization to quell your questions. If you have additions or corrections, PM them to me so the thread doesn’t get filled up on irrelevant posts (as they will be irrelevant once whatever is wrong is corrected, THANKS!) EDIT – Yes i know rankings are tied to a point count AS WELL AS a post count, but i have not the figures at the moment and i am working on getting them :-)


From the lowest rank to highest -

BANNED – Banned from the forum, simple enough. Is not retroactive and from what i understand of it the user has to have been an offender first to receive this icon after the ban is enacted.

OFFENDER – The only negative point rank. If you have -1 point, you are an Offender. The only way to get this rank is to have a negative number of points. Meaning it is mostly reserved for fake accounts, spammers, trolls and so on.

NEW AGENT – First forum rank. Brand new accounts are marked as New Agent.

MIGHTY – Second forum rank. At least 9 posts and 16 points. This is the rank you must reach before you can have have a signature.

INCREDIBLE – Third rank. At least 101 posts and 100 points.

AMAZING – Forth forum rank. At least 200 posts and 200 points.

FANTASTIC – Fifth rank. At least 1000 posts and 835 points.

UNCANNY – The sixth rank. The rank of Uncanny is reached when a forumite hits 2885 posts and at least 2,936 points points.

COSMIC – The seventh forum rank. Cosmic is achieved at 5000 forum POINTS, post count is unknown at this time.

Administrator – Not the eighth and final rank, sadly. This icon and rank are given to Vanilla employees who monitor and help with the MH forum tech.

Gazillion Employee – Not technically a forum rank but a designation given to each staff member posting under the Gazillion banner. Only @MichaelMayhem @PsiLocke‌ and @amthua‌ has achieved this rare and distinct title!


  1. Promote – These points are only allowed to be given out by Gazillion staff members. They are only given on posts who contribute something extra special to the game, the forum, and dare i say world. Guides, compendiums, charity event posts, and things of similar stature and nature all warrant the Promote point. It is unclear if Promote gives any forum points at this moment, however based on observation, speculation, and good old common sense Promote gives 0 points.

  2. Insightful – These points are usually awarded when someone says something that is well… insightful. If it is straight up info that you didn’t know the post should be awarded the an Insightful. Insightful gives you 1 forum point and tends to be the rarest of the more common positive points.

“Stan Lee is old” is an example of something one could give an Insightful point to.

  1. Agree – Fairly self explanatory. If you agree with someones post go ahead and give them an Agree. Agree is worth 1 forum point.

“Stan Lee is old and I think he does great work” is an example of a post one could award an Agree point to.

  1. Awesome – Something another forumite has posted and it made your socks roll up and down? Give them an Awesome point. Generally used for something you both agree with and think is just the cats meow! Awesome is worth 1 forum point.

“Stan Lee is old and I think he does great work. Also i just met him and he drew the X-Men logo on my chest!!!” is something one could give an Awesome point to.

  1. LOL – It’s 2013, you know what LOL means. Something you find droll, clever, or rolling on the floor in fits of laughter funny, then this is the reaction for you!

“Stan Lee is old and I think he does great work. Also i just met him and he drew the X-Men logo on my chest!!! I then peed myself, perhaps more than a little bit, out of sheer joy!!!” could be something worthy of an LOL point.

  1. Disagree – First off this is NOT a negative point. We can’t all get along, Luke Cage and Punisher would be examples of people who Disagree with each other. A reaction used when the other ones just won’t fit. Someone who works against the grain will often get a lot of disagrees, and again i must emphasize that Disagree is not something bad and will not effect your point score in any manner. Disagree is a 0 point reaction.

“Stan Lee sucks!” is an example of something you will most likely get you a disagree reaction.

  1. Report – Report is one of 2 flags and is meant for reporting of actual forum offenses. It should not be used for ANYTHING else. If someone threatens you in a post, if they go out of their way to swear and curse, if they go around the chat filter, insult your parentage or you flat out, or if they are harassing you. Those are examples of something that should get a Report flag. Strongly disagreeing with someone does not allow you to flag them with a Report reaction. You not liking them is NOT a reason to flag someone with Report. Having a post in the wrong section of the forum is NOT something that should be flagged with Report. Abuse this reaction/flag at your own risk, as i promise you that you will be hit with a big doss of Gazillion Karma if you use it incorrectly. Report will subtract 1 point from the user that was flagged, so they are worth -1 point. IF YOU ARE UNSURE OF WHETHER OR NOT FLAG A POST WITH REPORT, DO NOT FLAG IT AND LEAVE IT ALONE.

“F Gazillion. I hate this game and i hate you. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries. Tzeentch can go die in the fires of hell and bring the entire forum and world with him. DIE DIE DIE”. That would be something one would report…

  1. Spam – Spam is used for flagging spam posts. People who are selling things, bumping posts just for the sake of it, gibbering out nonsensical words, posting the same thing over and over again, completely random posts that relate to nothing at all being discussed, and variations thereof. Spam would be the reaction/flag you would use to mark those posts. It is not something you should mark on someone who disagrees with you, posts something off-topic, has posted in the wrong area, or made a thread you do not think belongs. YOU are not a moderator, you are a GUEST of this forum – paying customer or not. Just because you think something off-topic is spam does not make it spam, there needs to be actual evidence of the things listed above to even consider a post as Spam. IF YOU ARE UNSURE OF WHETHER OR NOT FLAG A POST WITH SPAM, DO NOT FLAG IT AND LEAVE IT ALONE.

“I like cheese shaped like Stan Lee. Cheese cheese cheese, go to to buy cheese and support my love of whales and large blocks of wood. Cheese speaks to me in the voice of Stan Lee and thus is Spider-Man… it makes a sound like cheeseeasdeesseioheroiwnerlkejnrljwerkasdl when i hold it to my ear”. That would be something to report as Spam.


That is the Leader Board for the community. It shows the weekly Top 10 posters in the top left box. Mostly it is @Doomsaw and @Ryolnir that top the list for weekly points.

Under that is the list of the Forum Top Ten. It is a list of the 10 top reacted posters on the forum, and as of this posting I am number 8 with 3,258 points.

For the most par the Leader Board is just for a wee bit of useless braggadocio, but also helps to notify new players of who could be the most helpful when it comes to asking questions. I can’t speak for anyone else in the Top 10 but i see myself as a Sherpa here on the forum, answering questions and guiding the New Agents up the mountain that is the Marvel Heroes forum.


Sadly, from time to time, there are fickle foes who fecklessly fiddle with forum form. The consequences of which are being Jailed, Banned, or labeled a Troll. These brands are placed on accounts by Gazillion staff.

Warnings – In a user profile the box under the avatar will show many things, the last of which is WARNINGS. Warnings are… well Warnings given out by Gazillion staff. Warning points are meant to show how dire the infraction is. As an example That particular forum user has 2 warnings which you can see in the link. Warnings can also be given a Jail value as well as a point value.

Jailed – A forumite placed in Jail has limited posting capability and their avatar gets bars put over it. They can no longer start discussions, can not post as often, and have their signature hidden. Jailed users are let out after the period set by the employee who put them there. When you click their profile it will show the above 2 and info on their page.

Banned – Banned users are just that, banned. Their avatar is changed to the picture above and they no longer have any access to the forums, period. They are done with. They have upset the natural order of things and got the higher ups grumpy far too many times to recover. Time to make a new forum account after this happens.

Troll – Sometimes there are users who just troll people on the forum or are generally just disagreeable for the sake of such. They tend to get the Troll brand on their account. Their avatar may or not be changed, but when it is it is to the above Banned picture and when you click their profile you will see the above Troll picture at the top of their page. They can still post and do all the normal things everyone else does. The difference being that their posts are all hidden/invisible. Nothing they post in the forum can be read by anyone until the Brand is lifted.

How to add more hotkeys

If the 8 hotkeys (LMB, ASDFGH, RMB) aren’t enough for all of your powers, you can add keybindings directly to powers on the new hotkey bars 2 and 3 by manually editing the .ini where the keybindings are stored.

Update: They seem to have fixed the issues associated with hotswapping with F1-F6 during a keybind, so I have updated my guide to use that method since it won’t break target lock.

Method 1 makes direct keybindings to the powers you’ve assigned to the right mouse F2-F6 hotkey swaps. (You will assign your default right click power to F1). This preserves target lock and due to recent fixes appears to work with all powers now.
Method 2 creates a ‘modifier’ key to hold and access powers on hotkey bar 2 (this breaks target lock but is a good way to access toggles).

Follow these steps:

  1. If you have no existing rebinded keys, then in the game, go into Options, Keybindings, and rebind one of the keys to the exact same key you already use! I know it seems to do nothing, but this generates the keybindings file.
  2. Go to “My DocumentsMy GamesMarvel Heroes GameMarvelGameConfig
  3. Open “MarvelInputUserSettings.ini
  4. Add the lines from either method (or both) to the end of the file:
    • Method 1 (direct keybindings w/target lock):

-Bindings=(Name="Q",Command="HotkeyPressed 1 | PowerButtonPressed 1 | OnRelease PowerButtonReleased 1 | OnRelease HotkeyPressed 0")
-Bindings=(Name="E",Command="HotkeyPressed 2 | PowerButtonPressed 1 | OnRelease PowerButtonReleased 1 | OnRelease HotkeyPressed 0")
-Bindings=(Name="R",Command="HotkeyPressed 3 | PowerButtonPressed 1 | OnRelease PowerButtonReleased 1 | OnRelease HotkeyPressed 0")
.Bindings=(Name="Q",Command="HotkeyPressed 1 | PowerButtonPressed 1 | OnRelease PowerButtonReleased 1 | OnRelease HotkeyPressed 0")
.Bindings=(Name="E",Command="HotkeyPressed 2 | PowerButtonPressed 1 | OnRelease PowerButtonReleased 1 | OnRelease HotkeyPressed 0")
.Bindings=(Name="R",Command="HotkeyPressed 3 | PowerButtonPressed 1 | OnRelease PowerButtonReleased 1 | OnRelease HotkeyPressed 0")

    • Method 2 (hold alt to toggle):

-Bindings=(Name="LeftAlt",Command="SetCurrentAvatarAbilitySet 1 | OnRelease SetCurrentAvatarAbilitySet 0")
.Bindings=(Name="LeftAlt",Command="SetCurrentAvatarAbilitySet 1 | OnRelease SetCurrentAvatarAbilitySet 0")

  • 5. In-Game:
    • For Method 1: Right click the Right Mouse Button SLOT and assign the ability you want for right mouse button to F1, then assign abilities for your new keybindings by pressing F2, F3, F4 for the ‘Q’, ‘E’, and ‘R’ keybindings respectively.
    • For Method 2: Just switch hotkey pages and drag powers onto the second bar.

That’s all there is to it. In the next post I will break down the lines some more for some added info.

Additional notes/troubleshooting:

Other keys are possible, try “LeftShift”, “LeftControl”, “one”, “two”,”three”. See for a full list.

Lines should always be made in duplicate, the first line starting with a ‘-‘ and an identical line starting with a ‘.’

It is possible your game is using a different folder to store the .ini files than the folder I suggested. You should check these folders for the correct .ini files (time stamps can be useful for identifing the correct folder):

DocumentsMy GamesMarvel HeroesMarvelGameConfig

DocumentsMy GamesMarvel Heroes GameMarvelGameConfig

Mac Users should look here:

@Sonex said:
~/Library/Application Support/Marvel Heroes/MarvelGame/Config/Mac-MarvelInputUserSettings.ini
The easiest way to get to the (hidden) Library folder is in Finder to Option+Click on GO in the menu bar and choose “Library”.

Razer Naga users should check the bindings @Xenosaj set up here.

If you have any issues, post here or PM me.

Random Hero Box Calculator 1.04

Hello everyone! I have been getting and seeing a fairly large number of questions regarding when a random hero box is worthwhile to purchase.

In particular, I know most people look for a straight yes or no answer to the question of whether or not it’s a good idea for their current situation and for what they want AND don’t want. I wanted to make a tool that is:

  • Simple to use
  • Easy to understand (gives a clear, actionable output)
  • Examines more deeply whether or not a random box is a good idea, based on what YOU, the user, wants or does not want.

Enter The Random Hero Box Calculator!!!!! It’s a relatively simple spreadsheet, but calculates several aspects related to purchasing a random box, some of which have not really been examined, and gives a unique, usable output.

First and foremost, a HUGE thanks to both @Mjoll‌ and @ItsJustMe‌ (with their threads here and here, respectively). They laid the foundation, I am just expanding on their work with this sheet.

I am intrigued…. tell me more….

It is very simple to use (instructions are included in the sheet):

The yellow boxes are what you fill out. There are three columns that get put into the mix of calculations:

  • Column 1 – Do you own the hero already? If so, put any text in the box.
  • Column 2 – Do you not own, but WANT the hero? If so, put text in the box. If you don’t WANT the hero, leave this (and the others) blank.
  • Column 3 – Do you own the hero but are fine with receiving an ultimate upgrade token for them? If so, put text in BOTH the 1st and 3rd column.

Once you’re finished, this sheet calculates and outputs 2 numerical values and 2 word “values”:

  • Plain statistical probably you’ll get a result you want (non-owned, wanted heroes + desired upgrade tokens)
  • Cost basis analysis of buying a box – this compares the total cost of buying everything you want (cost of wanted heroes + 200 ES per ult token) to what the average cost of a desirable random box would be (i.e. if you want EVERY outcome, this would be 175. If you only want half the outcomes, this would be 350). A ratio above 1 means that the average cost of a random box is less than the total cost individually, therefore a random box in in your best interest.

The word “values” are my way of trying to indicate, on a most basic level, if buying a box is a good idea for the situation input to the sheet.

  • The statistical probably wordings are split into 6 brackets depending on the percentage
  • Currently the cost basis is a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’, using 1.0 as the turning point.

For example, here’s what it looks like filled in and the output:

Here’s a focus on the output and calculations:

Sounds nifty! Where do I find it???

The spreadsheet is currently on Google Docs but is downloadable by clicking File–>Download as–>Spreadsheet, at which point you may use it to your heart’s content.

anything else?

A couple things, yes.

First, as I was making this sheet, I was watching Futurama. Due to this, I made a flavored variant:

The vast majority of the text is identical and ALL the calculations are the same, just some minor flavor changes.

If you prefer, you can get the Futurama version here

I do plan on maintaining this as new heroes are released, potentially getting new features, etc., primarily dependent on response and feedback. Please let me know what you think and if you find it useful. Thank you very much!

Alt Guide – Rewards per Chapter; Marvel Heroes 2015 patch 1.27 Updated

This post is to essentially give you the list of rewards. Taking you through all the chapters.

All starting heroes in the game are now available to play up to level 10! New players will be allowed to ‘uncap’ one of these starting heroes so they can be leveled to 60. In addition, a new Help Terminal has been added to Stark Tower (Prologue) to assist new players in learning how to switch heroes.

Brand new players will now receive 400 Eternity Splinters for logging in on Day 2, due to the changing in our starter hero system. This replaces the old 200 Splinters you received (100+100 for Green Goblin and Dr. Doom).

The #’s are the starting of certain quest lines. For some quests you may enter them mid quest-line and still receive the reward.

/RNG/ = Random drop or find

Italicized = Quest Reward


Unfortunately you must complete this part on every hero.


Prologue — Queens


Prologue — The Raft


Chapter 1

  1. + 25 PERMANENT HEALTH Enter the Blood Rose -> Defeat Doctor Octopus -> Speak with Cloak

Chapter 2

  1. CREDITS Speak with Ben Urich -> Speak with Agent Schector (Jersey Docks) -> Defeat Q36

  2. + 1 POWER POINT Defeat Hood ->Speak with Maria Hill

  3. ORBS Speak with Jessica Jones -> Speak with Maria Hill

  4. RARITY DROP BOOST 2 HOURS /RNG/ Old Videotape (drop off random mob) -> Speak with Brian Walsh (Jersey Docks) -> Defeat Taskmaster -> Speak with Brian Walsh (Jersey Docks)

Chapter 3

  1. VENDOR SUMMON Go to Madripoor -> Speak with Agent Leslie Small-> Enter Hydra Outpost (Buccaneer Beach) -> Speak with Agent Leslie Small

  2. YUKIO’S CHARM ARTIFACT Speak with Yukio (Lowtown) -> Find Muramasa blade pieces -> Speak with Yukio (Lowtown)

  3. + 5 PERMANENT SPIRIT Enter Bamboo Forest -> Go to Poison Glade instance entrance -> Destroy Snake Boss and Snake Statue and kill the boss

  4. SHIELD MOTION TRACKER ARTIFACT Speak with Agent Wood (Barbershop entrance in Lowtown)

  5. CRAFTER SUMMON Speak with Agent Olsen (Barbershop entrance in Lowtown)

  6. ORBS Go into Hand Tower instance -> Defeat Eelctra -> Speak with Ben Urich

Chapter 4

  1. RETCON DEVICE Defeat Bullseye (instance in Police Station)

  2. + 1 POWER POINT Go to Fisk Tower Instance -> Defeat Bullseye, Elektra, & Kingpin -> Get the Tablet of Life and Time -> Speak with Maria Hill

Chapter 5

  1. + 50 PERMANENT HEALTH Find the Old Trainyard instance in the Underground -> Defeat Jugernaut -> Speak with Professor X

Chapter 6

  1. + 5 PERMANENT SPIRIT Go to through the Outer Compound to the Inner Compound –> Find Command Bunker Instance Entrance -> Defeat Pyro -> Defeat Magneto -> Speak with William Stryker -> Return to X-mansion -> Speak with Professor X


  1. KAZAR’S PENDANT ARTIFACT Find Sauron’s Cave Entrance (Dinasaur Jungle area) -> Defeat Sauron -> Speak with Kazar

  2. + 50 PERMANENT HEALTH Go to Evolution Facility in Mutate Marsh -> Defeat Miniboss & Destroy computer

  3. MAHT’S ARROWHEAD ARTIFACT Speak with Maht the Bug Hunter (Fall Tribe area) -> In Sauron’s Cave destroy little bug and big bug -> Go to Thunder River and destroy flying bug -> go to Mutate Marsh and enter Evolution Facility -> destroy Apollo Bug -> Speak with Maht again

  4. + 1 POWER POINT Enter Science Station (Thunder River) -> Pick up brood biomass -> go to lab then place antidote into ventilation system

  5. EXPERIENCE BOOST 2 HOUR POTION Find Sinister’s Lab in Mutate Marsh -> Defeat Sinister

Chapter 8

  1. + 5 PERMANENT SPIRIT Speak with Fury -> Go to Hydra Outpost -> Speak with Agent Meijess -> Destroy Hulkbusters & Defeat Madame Hydra -> Enter Second part of instance -> Defeat Mandarin

Chapter 9

  1. + 1 POWER POINT Speak with Maria Hill -> Go to Norway -> Go to Ancient Ruins in northern Norway -> Speak with Heimdall

  2. + 5 PERMANENT SPIRIT Speak to Fandral -> Travel to Lower Asguard -> Defeat Malekieth -> Travel to Canals of Asguard -> Defeat Malekieth again -> Travel back to Odins Palace -> Speak to Volstagg -> Defeat Loki (Twice, Normal and then Superpowered)

  3. Asguardian Siege Case- first time through the story Speak to Einherjar (Lower Asguard) -> Collect Spirits of Ivaldi (Lower Asguard) and Spirits of Yamir (Norway) -> Return to Asguard Crafter

Thats It — if you are looking to only do the quests that give you +Power Points +Health and +Spirit you’re all set. Hopefully this makes it easier to skip the quests that don’t give your alts any benefit such as Orbs or +credits.
Each time through the story you recieve – 125 Health, 4 Power Points, 20 Spirit, 3 Potions (1 Rarity, 1 retcon, 1 experience), 1 vendor summon, 1 crafter summon, 1 clickable inventory, and 4 Artifacts.



Complete Costume List


Last Updated: February 22nd 2015

Number of costumes on Live: 303

Number of costumes on Test: 000

Live Game Costumes: Posts 2, 3, 4, & 5.

Black PantherBlack WidowCableCaptain America

ColossusCyclopsDaredevilDeadpoolDoctor Strange

Emma FrostGambitGhost RiderHawkeyeHulk

Human TorchInvisible WomanIron ManJean GreyJuggernaut

LokiLuke CageMagnetoMoon KnightMr FantasticMs Marvel

NightcrawlerNovaPsylockePunisherRocket RaccoonRogue

Scarlet WitchSilver SurferSpider-ManSquirrel GirlStar-LordStorm

TaskmasterThingThorVenomWinter SoldierWolverineX-23

Test Center Costumes: Post 6

Announced Costumes: Post 7

Potential Costumes: Post 8

Artist Credits: Post 9 (includes voice credits)

The following posts list of all of the costumes in Marvel Heroes :)

Costumes are listed by their name as it appears in the game, even if it differs from the name attached to the official promotional image. This is to make it easier for people to find the costume they’re looking for in-game.

Each costume name links to the official image of the costume. Any images with (Stand) (Run) (Hover) (Leap) etc links, have turnaround shots I took in-game of the costume.

With each costume I’ve listed the G price, if it has one. Some costumes are only available through specific Fortune Cards. For those costumes I have listed the G price of the cards, and the Ruby Quartz, et al price for FCM3 and later.

I’ve also split the costumes of each hero into groups based on how you can obtain them.

These groups are:

Default for the costume that comes with the character.

Limited for costumes that are no longer, not always, or not easily obtainable.

Store for those available from the in-game store at the listed G price.

I haven’t listed drops or crafting as an option for how to obtain costumes, as all costumes should fall into those categories unless they’re exclusives (or some limited).

Enjoy the thread :) I hope it’s all of some use :)