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SiRaCo’s Generic LEVELING guide suitable for ALL heroes!!!


Hi guys, welcome to my very second guide (here’s my first: ). I see loads of people on Social chat and character specific forums asking questions on how to best level your character, how to beat that dread SPIRIT ISSUES, best place and method to level etc, so I thought “why not make a guide to help people out?”. In this guide I will cover what works best for me that could also be helpful to others.

I have made a uniformed/generic method of levelling heroes that I have both discovered myself, through SG chat and by asking others. Some of this you may already know, some you may not. I may have also missed out some stuff that I and others could do with knowing so if you can help out and post your idea, please do so and I will give you full credit for it

IF YOU HAVE YET NOT COMPLETED THE STORY MODE, I WOULD STRONGLY ADVISE FOR YOU TO DO SO. This will help you get comfortable with the game mechanics, your hero AND you will get freebies!!! Also, by completing certain story quests you will gain an addition 12 power points to use, which means instead of only having 150 power points to play with just by getting your hero to 60 through Midtown/Holo etc… you will have 162

Anyway, off to the juicy info:


  1. Gear | Level 17, 27, 30, 32, 45and 55 milestones
  2. Places of levelingFew tips on leveling in Midtown Manhattan
  3. Legendary quests
  4. Powers
  5. Omega Points
  6. Team-ups
  7. Stash
  8. Helpful Links


I decided to do this first as this is basically your starting point. ‘Fail to prepare, prepare to fail’. If you already have a higher level hero or you are starting again due to prestiging then you should definitely invest in the best items as early as possible with the credits you already have.

I figured that all I need to get for starters is as much RAW BASE DAMAGE as possible whilst not having/have minimal spirit issues.

These are the first two items that I gather as early as I can as these basically beats/helps spirit issues. I also like to travel fast so I always use dash skill or teleport or fly etc – these travel powers eat up spirit like there’s no tomorrow so it’s best to get some power cost reduction items!

  • Magneto Medallion

Get this as soon as you hit level 20 (soonest you can hit terminals). All you need this for is the cost reduction for powers. The Physical damage is a bonus for phys heroes! The lowest level you can wear this from is 25.
GET THIS regardless of what damage type (energy/physical/mental) your hero uses. There’s barely any point getting more damage/defense/hp early in game as hardly anything one-shots you (damn you Rhino/Jugg charge), and damage you will get from the items listed below. The up-to 22% cost reduction for all powers goes a hell of a long way! Trust me on this one.
(You probably won’t be able to solo bosses yet as soon as you hit 20, but never fear!! You can invite anyone to help you, what ever their level is, to help you kill a boss in any terminal!). Lastly, if you manage to get a 22% power cost reduction affix early, you will never have to worry about getting another medal until you hit 60!.

  • URU Forged Item

Defense or Damage type, I always go for defense to be honest.
Stick River of the Soul Runeword on this.
Power cost reduction, Some spirit, Spirit on hit and + power duration.. this is perfect for early levels!

Runes needed (common runes, PICK THESE UP! In fact pick up every rune, you never know when you’ll need them!):

Chalice Rune, Lake Rune, Man Rune.

  • Artifacts

Two of these will be your bread and butter, damage source!

You don’t need to get the highest rolls (pictures have highest stat rolls). Any will do.

You can get these Bloodstone artifacts from the Cube Shard Collector (NPC Next to the multi coloured terminals, Northest point of Avengers Tower, for example). Please see picture below. You may need to hit the refresh button for this to come up.

It may take you a couple of days to get this as the refresh doesnt fill right back up as fast as the normal gear and weapons vendors. Ask in social chat or your friends/SG see if they can try and get one for you.

Level 17 milestone

As soon as you hit 17 stick on Jaguar.

Level 27 milestone

As soon as you hit level 27, stick on Eel and Eagle.

Level 30 milestone

Omega Points! don’t forget, this is where you can allocate your Omega Points for further and in most cases, incredibly, substantial, bonuses. Click here to see what I do

Now, if you are still REALLY having spirit issues or would like to have none, then take off either Eel or Eagle and stick this on at level 32…

Level 32 milestone

  • Mark of the Odinborn (Drop only artifact, quite common so just ask around if you don’t have one of these). This is sooo helpful! Big chunk of spirit back for ANY orb that you pick up, yes ANY so that’s Health or EXP or Mana and I think the internal cooldown for the spirit regen is 1 second (please someone correct me if I’m wrong).

Level 45 milestone

THEN! As soon as you hit Level 45, your 3 artifact slot becomes open, stick the other level 27 Bloodstone artifact that you just took off, or stick Odinborn on if you didn’t take it off.

OR some heroes like Venom don’t REALLY need Odinborn, I just stick on Xerogen Crystal for some very helpful bonuses.

Level 55 milestone

When you hit level 55, your 4th artifact slot opens.. use whatever you want, I stick on Ziggurat or Kargul for the Crit Rate, Crit Damage and the forever awesome TELEPORT!!!

  • Slots 1-5

For Slot 1 – 5 gear… Really just get uniques on as fast as you can. But generally speaking, Cosmics (yellow) should be at least what you’re aiming for. For example, Slot 1 and 5 with +Damage ratings and/or Crit Hit Rate affixes. Then Slot 2-3 Defense and HP. Sometimes I prioritise the +ranks on powers before any of these but at early levels.. it barely matters! Get what you think you need. If you are quickly dying… get more defense! IF you feel weak but never die.. UP your damage!.

  • Relics

Some heroes are very squishy LEMURIA is your life saver.

Some can just do with more damage boost. Relics such as Asgard (Melee) or Xandar (Ranged) etc will do to start you off with. If you already have a leveled up legendary then just use one that synergises with it! For example, Atlantis for a levelled up Gungnir. This is very much so in your hands.

  • Costume crafting


This is where things can get very very credit expensive. I once spent 600k just to get the 4 affixes that I wanted.
Personally, I always have loads of credits (and here is how: ), so I always roll raw Damage Rating, then just Switched to Crit Damage Rating when I have high enough crit % chance. Again, if you already have a leveled up legendary that has crit hit rating… then add CDR straight away.

The other reason I roll Raw Damage rating is that I can just easily swap these affixes onto another costume and use that ‘old’ costume with raw damage if I decide to prestige my hero.

Costume Core

Get a core with an affix that gives you the affix like in the picture below. I would say for a core that is below level 60, it is quite tricky finding one of these. It helps MASSIVELY when it comes to healing and spirit regen.

When you are travelling, this affix can really help you out because when you get hit your hp goes down a little and you can use the medikit to give you back some more spirit to travel further, faster :). All about efficiency!

That’s pretty much my minimum leveling gear requirements for myself. Simple, cheap and easy to gather! I didn’t cover rings, pets or insigs because to me.. they are just bonuses so just use what you need.

Places of leveling

You have 3 simple options…

New recruits:

Story Mode – if you are completely new to the game. Seriously.. go do this first. Free items, Free HP + Spirit, Free exp and rarity boosts? I mean come on! Marvel story-line? Kinda cool!




Some heroes are just right-off-the-bat great with playing in Holo-Sim. Heck, some heroes can even Solo this at level 1 – not advisable for most. Remember to leave the room at level 12. From level 12 you will get 1 EXP per orb due to level gap restrictions

Or for the easier option (With team-mates)


Without any exp buff.. I think I once got up to level 13 with 1 Xdef run (cant remember how many waves though).

As soon as you hit level 20…

Enter Legendary Quests

Same with the Costume Core crafting, this can get very very credit expensive. BUT if you manage it right… you should get to level 60 with around 300k credits (maybe even less as you pick up some credits for killing mobs and completing quests).

With Legendary Quests (LQs)… the fastest way to level up is to either ONLY do the quests in Industrial City Patrol or Midtown Manhattan – doing this exclusive option is very credit expensive as re-rolling them costs substantial credits.

However, I tend to do the MM, ICP and Terminals, BUT ONLY GREEN (fast, efficient and good amount of exp, unless you have a hero that can do Red terms in under 1 minute), this way my credits don’t deplete as fast as the option above. I personally don’t do Doom LQs as it’s such a big map AND you have to kill him three times :/. I’m 50/50 on Modok.. If I have a hero with teleport, then yes. If not, I don’t bother as I hate the map layout.

Sometimes if I can’t be bothered with the lag from ICP, I simply won’t do it and just re-roll. ICP is a bad place for me for lag :(.

The minimum you should be doing are MM and Terms OR ICP and Terms. Green terms are just far too quick to do and would be a waste to not do it.

MM LQs with MGH Brutes as your quest… MAN ALIVE I HATE LOOKING FOR THESE!! I decide to do this quest based on a few factors; Have I seen them lately? Would I reach them on time? Is anyone around that could have killed them? Do I have a headache? Am I feeling anxious? Do I need to pee? – If the last three questions’ answer is a yes.. then HELL NAW MAYNG.

MM Leveling tips…


  • When you are farming for a specific mob group, try NOT to kill the commander (yellow elite) first. Their trash mobs stop spawning if you kill them straight away. So keep the commander alive and watch the spawns flood in, sometimes you can even finish an LQ with one pack by doing this effectively

  • Watch out for the shiny manholes. These ninjas count for both Demons AND Paramilitary Soldier LQs. Also, it’s a good idea to remember where they are for when the right LQ comes up.. you can finish that LQ with the pack that comes from the manhole!

  • ‘Giant enemies’ come from lots of mob packs; The Asgard Spear Giants things that come falling from the sky, the big yellow robots from the A.I.M. Mob pack, the Hydra Robots that come hovering down in twos, the big Moloid spawns and of course the Sentinels

  • Lastly, unless you are playing in MM on Monday for Midtown Manhattan Madness event… then don’t bother with the bosses.. just get on with your LQs. Save time, level faster

  • If you see a mob pack just about to spawn (without the commander out already), remember what type of pack they are and where they are… ignore them then move one to your quest, then go back to them if you re-roll them as your next LQ… If the commander is already out.. do kill it as they give nice exp and with the right skill(s) it takes seconds


With powers, I tend to read builds first to see what powers do – especially guides with videos. However, I try not to follow/use a build, especially an end-game build when I’m starting out with a new hero, for obvious reasons – one it being built for end-game content and may not be as effective in the early parts of your marvelous heroic career, two, so that I can get a better ‘feel’ of my hero and match it with my playstyle. And so on.

Try, if you can, find a few skills that you really like under level 30 -35 and max those powers first. Why? Because you will get more damage (or bonuses in terms of passive powers) out of maxing a power that you get earlier in game than to aim for one at, say, level 47 where you have barely any points left to use. Unless you have a pile of Retcons that you can and would want to burn through – if you do.. go ahead, delete your old skills and max out the higher level ones as high as you can per level.

Single Target
– Always opt in for a good single target skill. You will NEED this for blues, yellows and bosses. So yes, go ahead.. find out what your hero’s best boss-killing power is and get it.

– The next thing you need to find out is your what character’s AOE (Area of Effect) skills are. Every hero has at least one AOE skill, some are so focused on single target DPS (yes, Wolverine, I’m looking at you you single-target-hungry freak) that they are just a tad harder to level up, at least not as fast as most heroes. By having a good combination (rotation) of AOE skills… you will breeze through to LQs, especially the ones in MM.

Maximising each power
– It is very important that you fully understand each power that you choose and what synergies they have with other powers. For example, some single-target skills gain +50% damage boost if you hit an enemy that is vulnerable or bleeding. Practice your skills rotation to get the best out of your hero!

Skills rotation
– This is where you really want to make it easy for yourself

  1. I always have my ‘Dash’ skill on ‘A’ key – this is just what I have been used to using
  2. Then ‘S’ will have my skill that casts Vulnerability
    3 .’D’ will have my first (short cooldown, max 4 seconds) AOE power or somethings that adds a DoT (Damage over time) layer type of power
  3. ‘F’ will be something that hits relatively hard or has a longer cooldown
  4. ‘G’ is where I always put my signature power. Always
  5. ‘H’ is where I put my buffs that have long cooldowns.

Then my bar ‘2’ will have utility powers such as Teleport, Toggles etc…

For faster activation, I have bound my Medikit to Space so it’s hell of a lot faster to hit than ‘M’

Omega Points

This can be as simple as literally maxing out SPIN TECH first (found under the Nanotechnology tab). This Omega node really does give you ‘the most out of your buck’ for only 470 Omega Points. You will get +600 RAW BASE DAMAGE rating to bosses!!!

After maxing Spin Tech I choose:

  • Microsurgery Experimental Robotics (Nanotechnology tab) – MAX as it gives you +125 exp per defeat for 425 Omega Points.

  • Clairsentience (Psionics tab) MAX for +20 exp per defeat for 50 Omega Points

  • Precognition (Psionics tab) MAX for +20 exp per defeat AND some +120 Dodge for 70 Omega Points.

I chose these exp nodes because I am going to be killing tens of thousands if not hundreds or thousands of mobs and each kill will give me an additional +165 exp per kill. It may sound small but that really adds up!

This only adds up to 1015 so this is a great platform to start with! Anything you add on top of this will be further bonus!

Then whatever I have left I just dump in the likes of Warpath (Mutation Tab) for the +Fighting nodes (Each rank in Fighting gives +3% Damage to all powers +1 Brutal Strike Rate and +3 Brutal Damage Rating) . But feel free to dump it in what ever you need/want.


Not really gonna write up much on this as I only have Havok, Groot and Firestar.

Firestar is who I use for every hero. I always keep her on passive for her raw damage rating boost. Sometimes I bring her out when I’m bored and lonely.

Havok I use for Energy-based heroes because at level 40 he has this passive that gives the hero an extra up-to +1200 Energy Damage rating bonus, based on a proc on hit – this is HUGE and his passive damage boost is +Energy Damage and is higher than of Firestar’s.


For the love of Zeus, please tidy your stash and keep it tidy.

For the newbies (and maybe some intermediate players), you can use hero-specific stash tabs to store items such as:
Any Hero Uniques

For the crafting tab, all I need is one crafting tab and it looks like this…

See how I have those crafting materials? I keep 10 of each in ‘Pure’ tier for when I want to use them for unbinding/costume affix etc…


Well that’s about all I ever do for when I start a new hero. I level a hero in 1-2 days (chilled gameplay whilst chatting to guild, trolling social [lols not really], reading topics on forums whilst playing etc…) without boosts by doing this and have most of my 24 heroes prestiged to at least blue. Highest being Orange as I don’t want to get too close to that very tempting Cosmic prestige as I know what I’m like!

I hope this helps some people out and If you think you have another way/better way of leveling then just post in the comments below and it would be much appreciated!

I will also be doing hero specific leveling guides for every hero I have just so people have an option to level like I do and I will post them all below soon, all in good time!

I have 24 heroes in the game… so if you want to to see a leveling guide for a hero then just tag me in a comment and I’ll let you know If I have that hero!!

Helpful Links

SiRaCo’s Hero guides:

Rogue doing what she does best Credit Farmer Build | 700k-850k Credits in 10 minutes:

Ms Marvel leveling guide:

How to add Hyperlinks to contents WITHIN your own post (like my Table of Contents):

MHIB Build Creator [Winter Soldier]

I finished my work and ready to show it for public:

Marvel Heroes Build Creator

For create build you should be registred on and select active hero.

Now active:

Black Panther, Cyclops, Doctor Strange, Gambit, Ghost Rider, Iron Man, Jean Grey, Nova, Psylocke, Rogue, Silver Surfer, Spider-Man, Star-Lord

Others Heroes will added in future, when I will have time for this =)

New Build Creator have easy tools for slots:

New Synergy System:

You can create full Build Guide (Items, Powers, Omega, Synergy, Powers Sets) and write your description, where you can use link to item base, tooltip for items will work automatic.

Short Link

When you save your build you get short link (Example:

Also you can select tags for your build and get Rating from other users.
List of builds show in main table, where you can use filter and sorting as you wish:

Welcome to MHIB Build Creator!!!

P.S. Hope server not will fall ;)

[No Longer Updated] Useful Artifact List With Hero Build Link Reference

My life has become too busy to keep this updated. Please go here to get up to date information on artifacts and other ways to easy know what is good and what is not in Marvel Heroes 2015: Please be aware that when new artifacts/uniques are added, they may not have any heroes listed next to them for a while. If you are unsure, google the name and see how far in the past the item has existed. Also, Gaz tries to keep special artifacts/uniques drops listed here: although it may lag behind. For example, another great site is which will show you a zone/boss artifact recently added that Doomsaw has not updated.

Triple check your artifacts to know what is good and what is not.

Useful Artifact List With Hero Build Link Reference

Last Updated: July 27, 2014

This project was to get a comprehensive look at what artifacts are useful and what are not. Either by trading them, keeping them for yourself, or trying to clear out 4 stashes worth of artifacts due to the Big 12 event, this list should help a lot of people. While I was compiling the data, a list of hero builds would also benefit people who want to stay up to date on the latest builds but finding’s update a little underwhelming. So what started out as a small project turned into a bigger one.

So with that, below is a list of useful artifacts based on rarity and if they are recommended by the build guides lists. I recommend people look it over and offer their opinions on anything that needs changed. This list is not the be all end all list so please speak up if something is amiss. I also highly encourage anyone with a hero guide to let me know so I can add it to the list.

So without further ado the 5 sections of this post:

  1. Useful Artifact List (alphabetically)
  2. Useless Artifact List (alphabetically)
  3. Useful Artifact List (by hero alphabetically)
  4. Hero Guides (by hero alphabetically)
  5. Bonus Info (Specific Loot Drops and High Roll Calculator)

I want to thank all the people who created guides that allowed me to compile this list. If it was not for you, I could not have done this. Enough talking, here is the info:

UPDATED July 2, 2014 Initial release, fixed a few typos
UPDATED July 3, 2014 Fixed more typos, added “Useless Artifacts” section, added other people’s suggestion
UPDATED July 27, 2014 Moved Random’s Protoplasm from Useless to Useful. Added Note about visuals.
UPDATED December 1, 2014 Announcement of no longer updating.

Illomustre’s & Admiralgeneral’s Fast Leveling Guide.

**Before you start : **

This guide is Focussed on FAST leveling and you will need a good amount of Credits to do this, we have found that it costs anywhere from 1-2.5 million credits depending on how fast you want to level. Also this guide is not for the players who have just joined but for the more experienced player who just wants to prestige or level a new character they have just unlocked quickly

Go to Chapter 7 Sinister Lab Normal/heroic/Superheroic Storyline for the 2h Buff
just do the quest and Kill Sinister than talk to Xavier.

Go to Chapter 4 Upper east side HEROIC mode for the mole man Medaillion. +10% XP Max.
Not far From spawn go North-east than East to find a big hole in the ground and enter the cave
find the mole man at the end of the cave and kill him to get the medaillion.

For the people who want to ask why on Heroic? its very simple: Normal mode gives you the Normal medallion that doesnt have the XP rating on it and the Superheroic gives you a medallion that you are able to get from lvl 45+ and you want to be able to equip the medallion as soon as you can.

Other things that help you level faster.

hero synergy bonus up to 200%

A Legendary item will help you alot if you are prestiging.

Uru Forged Seer’s Brilliance +100 xp per enemy defeat +1 intelligence ( available @ lvl 25 )

Cyclops LVL 50 Synergy bonus +10% XP

A pet with +3 Intelligence ( INT gives 1% bonus xp per rank )

Omega points ( From level 30 )

Psionics omega system: Precognition ( Total cost 70 points ) +1 XP Per enemy defeat +20 Total
Nano Technology: Microsurgery Experimental Robotics ( total cost 425 points ) +5 xp per enemy defeat 125+ Total

For a Complete overview of all the buffs you can use to increase your XP gain go to Vtyler’s thread Here:

_Now that we have the first part covered and you are buffed with your medallion and gear ready lets talk about the first 20-30 levels.
For this you will go to Challenges – S.H.I.E.L.D Holo-Sim Wave. Go in and wait for the wave to spawn, if the wave is not a kill as many enemys as you can wave than instantly leave through the portal and go back into a new Holo-Sim untill you get one of these waves.

Best Holo-Sim Waves.

Ngarai Demons

Hand ninjas



Brood Soldiers

Medium holo sim waves ( for tanky Heroes )




Depending on your Heroes damage and survivability ( And your confidence ) you can do legendary quests from level 25-30 all the way to 60.

( short word for people who want to say you can start legendary questing from level 20 )
Yes we know that you can start legendary quests from level 20 but looking at juggernaught for example: Juggernaught gets alot more xp from Holo-sim Waves compared to terminals becouse without his Signature move it takes him a long time to kill the bosses. Another Example is Venom who is easily able to do it at level 25 and therefore can clear terminals alot faster.

This varies per hero so it depends alot on who you are playing but after alot of testing we saw that Holo sim beats legendary quests up till level 25.

Legendary Quests.

Remember that if you want to Level to 60 A.S.A.P. than Only do TERMINALS!. ICP and MM can use up alot of your boosts quickly!!

Terminal Quests are the easily the fastest XP you can get, Industry City is also very good couse it takes a bit longer but you usually get a couple of boxes with some extra XP to make up for that, Midtown Madness can be fast or incredibly slow, i have been looking for “MGH Brutes” for over 20 minutes sometimes and sometimes i would walk into midtown for 10 seconds and already see them.

A nice thing to remember for midtown madness is that when you are killing a group of “MGH brutes” try to keep the Yellow elite alive since he will spawn more enemys for you to kill. This way you can complete your legendary quest with only 1 group of enemys.

Rerolls cost 6250 -14750 from level 25-59 Depending on howmuch money you want to spend you can try to get one of the following quests.


Shocker ( Subway Smash up )

Octopus ( Tear the warehouse Down )

Taskmaster ( School’s Out )

Hood ( Hide and Seek )

Kingping ( The bigger they are )

Juggernaught ( Full Steam Ahead )

Magneto ( Magnetic Appeal )

Sinister ( Lab crash )

Kurse ( Winter’s over )

Industry City

50 Blue/yellow Elites + 3 phases ( Knock Their blocks off )

150 enemies + 3 phases ( Kick some asphalt )

3 Bosses + 20 Construction Equipment ( Backlot Beatdown )

50 elite + 20 Construction Equipment ( Elite Beatdown )

3 Bosses + 3 phases ( Show em Who’s Boss )

6 Bosses + 3 phases ( *************** )

50 Blue/Yellow Elites ( *************** )


50 Alien interlopers ( Interloper Intervention )

20 MGH Brutes + 5 Aim ( End the Brute Violence )

35 Moloids/Lava men ( Subterrenaen Smackdown )

50 Demons and Sorcerers ( The tendrils of Limbo )

6 bosses ( Hold the line )

50 Paramilitary soldiers ( Paramilitary putdown )


This story line quest is pretty much the same as shocker terminal only you have to kill 25 Maggia instead of destroying control panels.

Story Line

Shocker ( Subway Sweep )

Chapter 6 ( outer compund ) destroy 5 searchlights/10 jeeps/20 ammo crates ( Jeeps are always in the same location )

Manape farming guide

This is a paste and copy of an idea i posted on the Immortals guild site the other day,thought i’d share it here as well

So, this big Ape really likes to hold onto his goodies. The issue with Manape is the time it takes. The number thrown about for a run is 7 minutes. That’s around 8 runs per hour which in farming terms is pretty dire.

I managed to get some thinking time around my busy work schedule today (No manager in today >:) ) and came up with a group farming idea.

-5 people get together but don’t actually form a party
-Each member runs Manape at the same time
-Member 1 kills Manape and announces they are done
-Member 2 invites member 1 and they kill Manape. Then they announce they are done and disband
-Member 3 Invites member 1 and 2 and they all kill Manape. They announce they are done and disband
-Member 4 invites members 1,2 and 3 and they all kill Manape. They announce they are done and disband
-Member 5 invites members 1,2,3 and 4 and they all kill Manape
-Everyone shifts places by one. Member 5 becomes Member 1. Member 1 becomes 2 etc
-The process starts again with everyone running Manape

The process is repeated 5 times so that everyone gets an equal amount of Manape kills That’s 15 kills in 5 runs/full rotations which ain’t too shabby for farming that stingy Ape.

A few thoughts that come to mind straight are firstly communication. You have to know which members your doing this with so you can invite them efficiently since you wont be in a party when you reach Manape. Teamspeak will be a plus here. Outside of teamspeak, using a notepad and writing the names down would work fine.

Time is another factor. There is a countdown in the mines so member 5 is at risk of failing the instance if the others take too long with their kills. This could probably be avoided by activating Manape and leaving his room till the others arrive.

A rough time estimate going by the 7 minutes per run, would put the 5 runs at 35 minutes. Add around 5 minutes total for porting out, disbanding, reinviting etc and around 40 minutes if efficiently done. Thats 15 kills in 40 mins at a chance of the best loot. The other plus is that farming with others is more fun than farming alone, so i hear :D

Let me know what you all think