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[Should I keep it?] An attempt to build a list of useful any hero uniques/artifacts/medals

I’ve seen some people mentioning my small collaborative website ( @StrangerSin @DrNo‌ and others) so I decided to make a post here and keep it updated each time I add a new item to the list.
This thread is also the place to make requests and suggestions.

The whole point of this is to help player clean up their inventory by keeping only the items that are useful for the characters they play. Anyone can edit the score of each item which is both great and potentially an issue if people start entering wrong information.

You will notice that you can filter items by hero or by rating (BiS/Good/etc)

08 Nov 2014

  • added Kirigi Sword and Bow of the Einherjar

14 Oct 2014

  • added Claws of the Sisters
  • added Giraffe Figurine

04 Oct 2014

  • added Cobra’s Hood
  • added Kraven’s Lion Vest
  • added Fire Giant’s Sword
  • added Monkey, Shark, Polar Bear and Rhinoceros Figurine
  • added Lizard’s and Hyde’s Formula

29 Sept 2014

  • added Lady Hellfire’s Talon

20 Sept 2014

  • added Kraven, Lizard and Mr Hyde’s medallions

11 Sept 2014

  • added Rogue

06 Sept 2014

  • added Midtown Signet of Valor

31 Aug 2014

  • added Fred Dawson’s Cap
  • added Midtown Patrol Vest

Very simple guide for faster leveling and odin marks.


I’ve got a few people asking after how i leveled my Loki from 1-60 in short time. (i was not even near being amongst the first).

I would guess it took me somewhere between 15-20 hours to get to 60.

Here’s how i did it, it is very simple:

1-20 Midtown

20-52 Odin quests.

52-60 Mix in as many cow runs as you can along with Odin quests.

I only used some of the spare 50% potions i got from quests, and 1 or two exp bars i got from a dropped treasure card.

Without any buffs, i would imagine you could easily get to L60 in 20-25 hours max.

The trick for fast leveling and odin mark gain is to ignore everything that is not an objective to your quest.

For example:

If your objective stands to kill robots in Midtown, and a pack of bosses spawn, Ignore them.

Do not let ANYTHING distract you from getting your odin quest. Even though if the Odin quest sends you to Hydra Island for example, do not finish the instance, but instead Bodyslide immediately when you have completed the quest. If there’s a lot of trash, just run past them. However, be sure to kill a bunch of trash every few minutes to keep them splinters coming. Run around, gather them in to a pile, and AOE them down. When this is done, only collect the essentials and continue towards your objective. I tend to leave everything else than relics/cores/blue + rings and insignias/cosmics and uniques on the ground.

Even though, the added in delay for the “As i’m here, might as well finish the bosses” does not feel much, it really adds up over time.

That is pretty much it. I never touched any terminals or did any story content. I only went where my odin quests told me to.

Also, reroll a quest IMMEDIATELY if you feel it is going to take a long time. A lot of people waste a lot of precious time in order to try to find an objective that is either buggy or spawns rarely. I’ve seen people wasting 30minutes trying to find that one last civilian shakedown in low town in numerous occasions. It is not worth it, do not be afraid of rerolling the quests even though you might have 2/3 of the objectives done. Time is of essence in this method. Eventually, you will learn which quests to reroll and which ones are the fastest.

If you skip all the extra nonsense and 100% focus on odin quests, you should gain odin marks and exp very quickly.

Additionally, if you happen to get one of those odin quests where you will have to find a rare objective (ie. Infested jungle and those brood sensor arrays), do a quick sweep at the area first. If you can not find the objective during that one full sweep. Reroll immediately in order to avoid wasting too much time in finding it. A lot of my friends have completed all the other objectives, and then spent 30minutes trying to find the last one. Always start from the hardest objective to see if it is worth your time. If you find it in few minutes, Go for it. If you don’t, reroll immediately and don’t look back.

Odin quests that you might want to skip:

Unfortunately i do not have the quest names saved and i have mostly experience on the L60 legendary quests. If you happen to bump on one of these quests which have not been named yet, i would appreciate if you would throw the name to my direction so i can list it here.

Kill robots and cyborg quest in Manhattan/x-def: killing 90 robots is too much compared to the other quests. Sometimes this might take a lot of time, and sometimes it is quick. Best to make your own judgement. If you find an yellow robot, do not kill him straight away. Let him live as long as he summons additional robots to ramp up the kills. If you get 2-3 robot spawns side by side, this quest can be really fast. Also, if you see someone else killing robots and not touching the commander robot, be nice and do not attack the commander robot. It can be really frustrating to do this quest in full MM when everytime you find a robot that summons more, someone comes and kills it in front of you.

Kill brotherhood quest in Manhattan: Brotherhood just does not spawn that much.

Kill supervillains quest in Manhattan: This quest can be a pain if you get a boss wave with only 2-3 bosses to start with. Reroll if you do not want to spend extra time in Manhattan.

Kill champion (blue) hand ninjas on the chapter 3 hidden cove: Blue ninjas are sometimes really hard to find.

Lowtown quest with civilian shakedowns: Civilians spawn too rarely.

Training camp quest with kill mortars/blob: Mortars are constantly camped and spawn very rarely. When they spawn, they are dead in few seconds. I have missed this way too many times because i have been few screens away and they are taken down immediately when they spawn.

Nuke ‘em from orbit, Destroy brood sensor array and kill broods in S.H.I.E.L.D science station, Chapter 7: The Brood sensory array spawn there is too much competition for them at times, resulting in waiting and hunting for them which is no fun. This is not the issue all the time, but ends up being rerolled if there’s too many people around looking for a same target. My recommendation is to do a really quick sweep to uncover the whole map before rerolling.

Hunting Season, Kill x-drone, jeeps at Hidden cabin, Chapter 6: Quest is really not fun to do ever since it was moved to the Hidden Cabin zone. There’s generally only 1-2 vehicles in the zone, and the encounter frequency of predators can be very low at times.

Edit. there is a trick to this. The cars at training camp entrance count in to this (there’s always 2-3), and you can also drag X-drones from training camp to the bridge to make the kills count. This makes the quest infinitely faster.

Kill bonebreaker/sauron/Sabertooth Chapter 7: This quest takes you to three different places where two of the bosses are located in a relatively long instance making it really time consuming.

Ending the Extortion kill Blue maggia/food trucks Chapter 2: The blue Maggia needed from The Crab Shack’s do not spawn enough.

edit. I decided not to mention the trick to farm one odin quest per day on each L20 character, as it’s talked widely around the forums.

Hope this helps!

Guide Request : Events!

Hello, its been quite a bum trying to figure out what to do for events especially the repeating ones. The patch notes help but they can be overwhelming when it comes to sorting through the information for a to-do list. Could someone point me to an existing thread or video that outlines the highlights of the events? Its ARMOR week now, and I went and popped my consumables and did things that were actually better utilized during Cosmic Madness.

[guide] Base Damage, Damage Rating and Attributes

Howdy folks,

I’ve been doing some testing with the numbers for Base Damage, Damage Rating and Attributes to find out where it was worth putting more omega points, and so I decided I’d share my findings. Now probably some people have figure this out already but I’m positive there are lots of players still somewhat out in the dark where this is concerned, so I’m hoping this little guide comes in handy for them.

This will be more relevant to spending Omega points, but in theory the guidelines below serve for anything in the game.

Please note that this comes from personal testing and there might be some miscalculation from my part somewhere (feel free to correct me if it’s the case!) but overall I’ve noticed the following to be true:

1 damage rating = 0,025% base damage

I did notice some small variations (such as 0,027% or 0,0248%) and at first I thought it to be diminishing returns but on further testing it seemed somewhat random, not related to how much you already have in rating. Sometimes smaller values of rating would still give less %. But assuming 0,025% is a nice average, and that actually seemed to be the precise value in most cases.

Here’s a few other numbers:

1 Strength or Energy = 4% base damage = 160 damage rating
1 Fighting = 3% base damage = 120 damage rating

1% base damage = 40 damage rating

Please note that Attributes also give some other minor bonuses. How much those are worth to your particular build is up to you. Fighting is particularly tricky since it also gives Brutal, and the weight of it can vary a lot depending on your build.

Hope it helps!


Sup All, Since Marvel Heroes are getting better and better with each new patch, I can see more new players coming in so I think that this Bootcamp 101 for Instances would help those new players, also try and educate some of the other players to be more alert in their gameplaying ways to create a more fun gaming environment in Marvel Heroes. Feel free to add additional content if you guys think I miss something and of course some might agree and disagree, its only natural. Anyway I would not go into too much detail, im listing down just the basic guides, the rest you will have to find out and experience it for yourself Ingame to truly understand the mechanics of Marvel Heroes.


a) You can start to enter PVP once you hit Lvl 20 for any of your heroes.

b) The basic of this PVP is to eliminate the oppositions End Guardian Golems. Which team does that first will win. Its about teamwork, not so much about who gets the highest number of player kills.

c) You start the pvp with 50 Runes, which you can immediately spend on the rune vendors available to you in this pvp instance, there are 3 Rune Vendor types, explore and understand the runes, its not that hard to figure out. Once you progress more by defeating Oppositions Guardian Golems you will get more runes and all the runes are stackable so figure out for yourself if there are only some particular runes you are interested to get and stack.

d) If you are new to PVP, especially first timers you will die alot dont be disheartened its only natural, you will get better in pvp once you pvp more and more and understand the mechanics behind it, besides the pvp is still in beta mode so dont be disgruntled and moan too much the gazzilion entertainment team are working hard to bring in the right balance in pvp, its never easy, nerf some heroes some heroes becomes abit OP, it is to be expected but im sure we will get the right balance in the near future, this I have no doubt based on the progress in Marvel Heroes so far.

2. Midtown Manhattan

a) This instance is where most players would go to grind, farm, LQ and etc. It is always much more enjoyable if you can get a group in this instance resulting in faster LQ finishing and etc.

b) When you enter MM, please understand this because 90% of the time players will always go HEAD ON to kill the Commander Mob(Yellow Colored) due to the attraction to Yellow? Here’s the thing, dont do that unless you have the LQ which state that you need to kill the commander. This is because once you kill the Commander Mob the other normal type mob will stop spawning, resulting in you to have and find these type of mobs elsewhere, which makes your LQ longer to complete due to the waste of time searching.

c) If you see a player surrounded by mobs and he is purposely leaving the Commander Mob (Yellow Color) then leave it be, he is doing his LQ. Dont just go HEAD ON and kill the Commander Mob just because you feel that is the right and fun thing to do! There are tons of other Commander Mob which will spawn in MM so please just walk away and find your own group mobs to kill unless you are in the same Group then thats different.

d) If you see a player is down and need ress especially if the player is down fighting the Villain Bosses try and spare a few seconds to help ress him, because most of the time they are doing their LQ and they need the boss kill count and also that loot. So every little actions counts, people will do the same to you in the near future its a positive cycle.

e) MM is an instance where I dont mind getting ninja Invites, I myself will ninja Invite other people when I’m LQ grinding. This is because it is understandable, a full group in MM, each of your LQ will complete in a matter of minutes sometimes even seconds because whatever you kill you share those kill count amongst your party members. You invite people, they leave without saying anything is fine for this particular Instance, It is somewhat Understood because when you are LQ Grinding you get an LQ in MM and then after that you get a terminal LQ, so you come and go as you please, if you want to leave the group its entirely up to you, If you want to stay its all good as well. Basically when I am LQ Grinding, I will teleport between MM LQ and Terminal LQ and I would stick with the group that I am with, its the best way of Levelling because LQ gives out the most Experience.


a) You can enter X-Defence with a group or just simply press the queue button. The Objective of X-Defence is to simply clear the mobs that is surrounding the students. If your group is well organized the further waves you will get resulting in harder mobs but better loot chances indefinitely.

b) Always click your Mission Tracker when new waves appears, this is because you simply have to pay attention to detail, if the mission tracker states in that wave you have to kill specific 100 mobs then you simply kill 100 mobs of that particular type. If the mission tracker states that you have to kill specific Villain Bosses then you kill those Specific Villain Bosses only, dont go time wasting and kill ONLY mobs instead! you need to balance out in Killing the bosses but keep your eyes out for those Blue mobs, these Blue Mobs are the ones that will kill the students in a few hits. You will understand this once you do X-defence more then once, its not that hard to figure out, its just that most of the time players tend to not paying attention to small details such as using their Mission Tracker.

c) Dont waste too much time sorting out your loot, when new waves appear drop whatever you are doing and go straight to finish the job, because every second counts towards completing waves after waves after waves resulting in deeper waves counts because teamwork is king. Also If you die dont wait for ress unless the area has no mobs at all, because every few seconds can make or break a successful wave, especially in deeper waves.

d) Do take note that blue mobs tend to attack the students much faster, so plan well in defending the students, if you see blue mobs nearing the students its best to take care of that first. Also there will be split waves, check your map properly, when this happens it is best to split your group into two, if not mostly your X-Defence will fail.

e) Doop waves will appear in X-defence at random waves now (last time used to be at wave 10 and above only) and more Doop waves appears if you get more further waves in, when this happen please kill 1 Doop at a time dont go scrambling and start mass killing doop because you will only agro the Doop resulting in your group not having to share the loot and finishing the Doop wave in a more time efficient manner. Also this is the wave that people wait for mainly because the loot chances of getting that unique to drop from the Doops. Again Teamwork is KING!


a) Holo-Sim is somewhat similar to X-Defence but with different kind of Objectives all over. You can enter this instance alone or with a maximum of 2 players. If you enter alone you have 2 chances for death. If you enter with 2 players both have 1 chances each for death. Basically the further waves you can go, the better rewards you will get.

b) Most important is always to check you mission tracker and completely understand the objectives. Example main mission is to rescue victims from pyro. So what you need to do is rescue all victims before the timer runs out, Killing Pyro is optional. These are stated in your mission tracker, so if example you go head on to kill pyro without saving the victims, you holo-sim is failed.

c) Any resurrection artifact will not work in holo-sim.


a) You can start to Prestige once you reach level 60, but you have to buy the Prestige Gourd from the Cube Shard Vendor. It will cost 10 Cube Shards for the Prestige Gourd. Once you use this you Hero level will be reset to Lvl 1 and also it will reset all of your story mode.

b) Why do people Prestige? At the current moment Prestige only give you cosmetics enhancement in terms of your name color from Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, Red (Level 5 Prestige) and Yellow (Cosmic Prestige, Level 6). Besides that each time you prestige you will receive a default original Costume of the Hero you are prestiging, so if you Prestige 6 times, you have 6 additional Costume for that particular Hero, which for 3 Costume you can random roll it in your crafter to get a new Random Costume. From level 1 to Level 5 Prestige you will Lvl up normally, BUT PLEASE TAKE NOTE if you decide to go for Cosmic Prestige the description is 25 x Longer to Level. Cosmic Prestige is really not as fast as you would thought it would be, so thread carefully if you want to go Yellow. Based on Experience, lets say you have all you boost XP on and you do it 24/7 , it still takes at least a week, a week and a half tops. If you sleep and do it fast, it takes around 3-4 weeks. If you do it at a casual pace, like what I do, its an average of 6-8 weeks to complete.

c) For me Prestiging is obviously to let people know who your MAIN hero is and set it aside from your TOONS. Besides I am pretty sure in the future Prestige will have more rewards and most probably be a bit more complicated or tedious then the current form of Prestige. Besides prestiging can be quite fun and a relaxing pace if you enjoy levelling and also if you really enjoy the Hero that you are playing.

d) Do take note when you prestige any of the Permanent Stats or Power Points that you receive in Story Mode will not stack if you have completed it before. Besides people who Prestige mostly will just do their LQ and Level up in MM, its basically grind your way up to Lvl 60 but in a much more relax and faster pace because you are so familiar with the hero you are playing, basically Leveling to 60 doesnt take too much time at all.


Each pet that you have now will have a vaccuuming effect when you press “J” (default binding, you can change it). It will suck every loot that is on the floor except for cosmic items, cores, medkits and insignias. You can reroll each of the Cybernetics bonuses on your pet if you want to get a different sets of bonus on them. You can use this link here as guidance..

Pet is account bound so you can transfer it to any of your current heroes in your hero rosters. But take special note for COSMIC PET unfortunately can only be transferred to COSMIC PRESTIGED HERO, I learn this first hand because I have A Cosmic Hero only. I do hope Gaz can do something about Cosmic Pet.


Currently Green Raid is out, it is easy and its PUGABLE and roughly will take you about 1 and half hours with an average group of DPS heroes. But with really good Group of DPS heroes would take you an average of 40 minutes or so from Encounter 1 till Surtur Fight. Best to check the RAID FORUMS for any tips and suggestions regarding RAIDS.

-Will update more on this soon.


Current MAX POINTS for OMEGA POINTS is capped at 7500 points. It is Account Bound and you can assign different Omega Skill Sets to EACH of your Hero. Meaning Hero A spends 7500 points on different Omega Skills and Hero B can spend 7500 points on different type of Omega Skills , etc.