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[Happy Hour] 25% – 28.09.2014 13:00 to 28.09.2014 23:59

Dear community,

the benevolence of the Dragon God radiates across the three kingdoms!

Make use of this window of opportunity and get yourself 25% more Dragon Coins! 28.09.2014 from 13:00 (local time) until 23:59 (local time)!

Metin2 Team

Extraordinary maintenance in 10 minutes

Servers will be shutdown for an extra maintenace in a bit

NO_NAME Items – important information

The existing NO_NAME items are not dropping anymore

The ones currentluy in game WILL BE REMOVED, don’t buy, or upgrade or bonus the items, you will lose whatver you use on them once they are removed

Extraordinary Maintenance 01/10 9:00

Extraordinary maintenance 01/10 at 9:00 CEST to remove the remaining NO_NAME items from the server

Sorry for the inconvenience

your metin2 team

Summer Tombola!

Dear community,

the Dragon God has become a lucky charm: collect your free win-guaranteed entry for the advent tombola every day.
Every entry wins! Visit the ingame Item Shop daily and redeem your free entry.
Ensure yourself a shot at the daily prize – for example an amazing mount – and even more great prizes!

Fulfil one of the following prerequisites and thereby receive your free entry daily:
a) You have completed the quest ‘The biologist’s research 1 (Orc Tooth)’ before Wednesday, 11.06.2014.
b) You have taken part in the Tombola for seven days in a row. On the eighth day, the first entry that is shown in the row will be free for you.

Participation in the tombola is free of charge for the one that fulfil the prerequisites. Simply visit the ingame Item Shop each day and collect your free entry. In addition, you can buy more entries for the same day starting from 22 Dragon Marks a piece and thereby increase your chances of winning better prizes. You can always obtain your one free entry (selecting from left to right) – and they are all winners! With some luck maybe you will draw the main prize. Even if you don’t there are plenty of valuable items and lucky tokens to be found amongst the prizes. Every entry wins: valuable items and lucky tokens are waiting for you.

Sometime, instead of an instant win, your entry will contain one of five lucky symbols. You can see which symbols you already have by looking under the header ‘Your Lucky Tokens’. If you have collected three, your prize will be paid out.

The Lucky Symbols and Main Prizes

Instead of an instant win, your entry will contain a lucky token. You can see which symbols you already have by looking under the header ‘Your Lucky Tokens’. If you have collected three, your prize will be paid out. According to the combinations, there are the following win possibilities:

45 points = Magic Stone
40-44 points = Chubby Mini-Executor (black)
37-39 points = Soulstone
35-36 points = Blue Pearl
33-34 points = Bloodred Pearl
31-32 points = White Pearl
29-30 points = Stone vs Warrior +4
27-28 points = Stone vs Ninja +4
25-26 points = Stone vs Shaman +4
23-24 points = Stone vs Sura +4
22 points = Stone of Defense +4
21 points = Stone of Evasion +4
19-20 points = Finger Bones
16-18 points = Teleportation Ring
13-15 points = Moon Elixir (E)
9-12 points = Sun Elixir (E)
7-8 points = Stone of Cooldown +4
5-6 points = Magic Seed
3-4 points = Quartz Sand

The Tombola started already yesterday.
The Tombola next day starts every day at 4am (CET), except for today. The first “next day” has been extended to 48 hrs due to technical reasons. Your purchased entries for next day will be available for you tomorrow, even if you already purchased on 12.06.2014.!

Metin2 Team