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[Happy Hour] 15% – 12.09.2014 00:00 until 12.09.2014 23:59

Dear community,

the benevolence of the Dragon God radiates across the three kingdoms!

Make use of this window of opportunity and get yourself 15% more Dragon Coins! 12.09.2014 00:00 until 12.09.2014 23:59

Metin2 Team

[Item Shop] 20% Discount On Several Items

From 17.09.2014 14:00 to 30.09.2014 13:59 on the item shop 20% discount on:

1- Powersnacks
2- Bonus Hairdoes (Category)
3- Ring of Successor
4- Passage Ticket
5- Shrunken Head

Metin2 Team

[Item Shop]Chest Of The North available in Item Shop

Dear players,

from 18.09.2014 00:00 (local time) until 18.09.2014 23:59 (local time) you have the opportunity to get the Chest of the North in our Itemshop.

Metin2 Team

Maintenance on 23.09. starts at 09:00 CEST

Dear players,

due to some hardware and/or software updates on our Metin2 infrastructure tomorrow’s maintenances starts already at 09:00 CEST. Please take care to log off beforehand to prevent item losses.

Metin2 Team

Concentrate reading and Researcher’s Elixir available in the IS for a limited time!

From 25.09.2014 00:00 until 26.09.2014 23:59, you can get yourself Researcher’s Elixir and Concentrated Reading in the item shop.

Concentrated Reading

During battle it is important to unite body and spirit as this leads to consistent success. In the well-known training sites, where young fighters are trained, reading plays an important part in the learning process: It is important to know about the build up of muscles and weapons.

As it is not always easy to raise the right amount of concentration for it, the large schools of the continent have been working with magical support for quite some time.

Concentrated reading increases your chance of successfully improving your talent (or Soul Stone) whilst reading your next book by 2.5 times.

Researcher`s Elixir

Not every person who has dedicated themselves to science has the patience to wait for their big break. It often takes a long time and a lot of effort for them to make important discoveries, or else their discoveries do not have the required quality to give them their deserved fame.
A botanist who was tired of waiting for success asked a magician friend of his for advice. This magician developed an elixir that leads the inquirer into the vicinity of high quality flowers and blossoms. However, it also works for other items.

Your Metin2 Team