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Vouchers in Itemshop!

Dear community,

DC Vouchers are available again! Dragon Coin Vouchers in values of 50, 100, 500 or 1000 DC.

The offer is valid from 24.08.2014 00:00 until 25.08.2014 23:59!

How to redeem: by double-clicking or clicking with the right-mouse button, the displayed amount will be credited to your account.

Please note: this item has a duration which starts upon purchase. It lasts 30 days – after then you won’t be able to redeem it!

Metin2 Team

Black Desert Costumes On Item Shop

From 26.08.2014 00:00 to 28.08.2014 00:00 available on Item Shop the Black Desert costume

Metin2 Team

[Happy Hour] 20% – 30.08.2014 14:00 until 30.08.2014 23:59

Dear community,

the benevolence of the Dragon God radiates across the three kingdoms!

Make use of this window of opportunity and get yourself 20% more Dragon Coins! 30.08.2014 14:00 until 30.08.2014 23:59 (Local time)

Metin2 Team

[Item Shop] 20% Discount On Several Items

From 03.09.2014 14:00 to 16.09.2014 13:59 on the item shop 20% discount on:

1 – Exorcism Scroll
2 – Wedding & Marriage Category
3 – Potion of Attack +10 & +15

Metin2 Team

Lolly available in the IS for a limited time!

From 06.09.2014 00:00 to 07.09.2014 23:59 this amazing Lolly will be available in the Item Shop.

You can enjoy this Lolly without regret. It doesn’t just taste scrumptiously sweet, its well-guarded secret recipe gives you the strength to overcome all enemies and increases the collection of experience points.
For 7 days, it provides +50% experience points, +20% attack speed, +20% casting speed, +30% damage, +10% maximum HP and +10% maximum SP.

Note: its effects start directly after purchase and cannot be deactivated!

Try it out!

Your Team