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Guide:How to change your password

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1 How to change your password

1.1 Step 1: Login
1.2 Step 2: Your account information
1.3 Step 3: Changing your password

How to change your password
After creating an account, there may come a time when for what ever reason you may want to change your password. We also recommend doing this frequently to aid in keeping your own account secure.

Step 1: Login
To do this, you will first need to go to the main page:
Remember to type this in your address bar rather than doing a google search which may bring up unofficial websites, which may resemble our home page but are merely there to steal your ID and Password. After the page has loaded you must now login, type your current ID and Password in the boxes provided on the right and click the login button underneath.

After successfully logging in, you will see the top three buttons are now visible, along with a welcome user message. Now you will click the middle button, Account Information.

Step 2: Your account information
You should now see Your Account, along with your account information, Username, Email, Amount of Dragon Coins etc. Underneath is a row of buttons, click on the 4th one down named Password, Change Password.

Step 3: Changing your password
On the next page it will prompt you to input the password you are currently using in the Old Password box, along with the new password underneath. After doing this click Send.

If your password change has been successful, you will then see a new page.

Congratulations you have now successfully changed your password, you may now login to the game or onto the website using this new password.

Happy Lunar New Year! By GM Amelia

Happy Lunar New Year! By GM Amelia

Hi-ya, Elpeeps! Have you joined our Lunar New Year events yet, orjob-changed Elesis to Crimson Avenger? You have some time to get busy on those while
we’re still cooking up patch stuff for the next few weeks. Meanwhile, let me
tell you about all the sparkling-new goodies arriving in the Item Mall after midnight!

Add’s Ice Burner featuring
Velder Imperial Guard

Here’s the Twisted Tracer’s chance to dress up like a veritable
protector of Velder Kingdom. Collect all pieces of Add’s Velder Imperial Guard
outfit from his exclusive Ice Burners. Available for 2 weeks only!

 Dr. Add and Nurse Elesis

Were you scared of the doctor’s office when you were a little kid? I
know I was, and it was because of one thing: the shots! With these new costumes
arriving for Add and Elesis, if you were or still are afraid of getting
vaccinated, no one would be able to tell. Ha! Try them on tomorrow!

Fuzzy Wool Accessories

Finally, a new collection of accessories arrives in time for your Year
of the Sheep kick-off party. You know this is gonna be an awesome Lunar New
Year when you can keep warm with such cute Fuzzy Wool gear. Get these at the
Item Mall!

See y’all in-game!

Let’s All Welcome Grand Chasers! By GM Amelia

Let’s All Welcome Grand Chasers! By GM Amelia

Hi-ya, Elpeeps! As many of you may have heard, KOG Games’ Grand Chase
service will be closing soon. This is sad news for us and especially for the many
players and fans of the well-loved forerunner of Elsword Online. In light of
this, we also have some pretty big news. Starting tomorrow, we’re having a
wonderful in-game event to welcome Grand Chasers who played in KOG Games’ NA
server, so that they may find a fitting new home in Elrios. :-)

How do you, true-blue Elpeeps, figure in this? Well, you can be part of
the welcoming committee. And of course, you get free goodies, too! Right off
the bat, you get a Welcome Grand Chase title to help the cause. You also get to
earn Link Up Coins that you can
collect and exchange for awesome items—find out by visiting our special guest
GC NPC, Rita. You might even get to
craft free pets, full costume sets, a Skill Slot Change Medal, Ice Burners,
Fossil Readers, and more. Sound good? Get in the game starting tomorrow for
your chance at some of the most mind-blowing rewards!

Item Mall Goodies

Your standard Ice Burner system gets a new costume set. Glacial thaws
out and makes way for Hamel Navy Officer.
Awesome costume for sailing off to a sunshiny destination!

While there will be a special Cobo event for sampling a new service,
the Nasod Welding Costume Suit and
will be available at the Item Mall. Do these look familiar? J Tip: You can craft
these, too!  

Finally, are you missing some parts of old Ice Burner sets,
particularly Archangel or El Search Party Officer? Good news! These legendary
costumes return by way of Cobo Costume
. These work in a similar fashion to Ice Burners, but even
better—there’s a costume box version for each character, so any costume piece
that comes out will be for the character you picked. Isn’t it great?!

See y’all in-game tomorrow!

Baristas and Ara’s New EvilTracer! by CO Cuddles


Baristas and Ara’s New EvilTracer! by CO Cuddles

Howdy Elpeeps! I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend full of adventures on Elrios. Aquick blog update for new ItemMall goodies! ;-)

Ara’s Evil Tracer

A sinister new look for the Nine Tailed Fox! Ara looks super fierce in
her new Dark Nephilim costume from Ice Burners!


Barista Costumes

The Elgang is serving up fresh brews of coffee in Elrios! These new
costumes will sweeten and brighten up anyone’s morning. The French macaroon Eve
drones look super cute!


~Cuddles :-DDD

Soon: The Last Master ofDarkness By GM Amelia

Soon: The Last Master of
By GM Amelia

Hi-ya, Elpeeps! One week to go before we introduce the last job path of
the Masters of Darkness series. Ready yourselves for Dark Tracer, the height of mAddness!
Just after being flung forward to the present when his obsession, the Nasod
race, had already fallen, Add may soon be able to follow his desire to go back
to a time he knew—back when the Nasod race flourished and everything was as it
should be.

Find out what it’s like to have the advancements and complexities of science
at your disposal. Prepare to trounce foes with time-and-space defying tricks,
including summoning spatiotemporal bodies of super vibrating atoms to hit
enemies to submission. One of the Dark Tracer’s skills I look forward to the
most is one that lets you undo death in battle by going back to a specific
point in time. No resurrection stones? No problem! Be there when Dark Tracer arrives
next week!

Item Mall Goodies

Now on to new stuff coming in this week! The new pet Marionette arrives at the Item Mall
after midnight tonight. Looks can definitely deceive because this is no mere
doll… it’s a powerhouse!

Also watch out for Waltz of the
Flowers Costumes
for Add and Elesis. What do you think about these two
having this dance? I bet it’ll be a refreshing sight. :-)

One more thing before I go: Show up for FREE Supplies from COBO! For a full week starting tomorrow, play 30
minutes or more each day to get an awesome support item from your adventurer
supplies company. The first one is a random 7-day mount! Plus more rewards to
be earned from completing the Cobo Special Missions. Don’t miss out!

See y’all in-game!