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Compete against fellow players for Honor.

Open PvP:
For an additional dimension to your gaming experience, enable battles against other players in the wilderness. Speak to an NPC Trainer in urban areas (such as Kingshill and Resistance Command Center) and activate/inactivate open PvP status. With (PvP) next to your character’s name, you are subject to attack and be attacked by other players also with (PvP) while in the wilderness. You are unable to attack members in your group. 


All players on the Balor server (PvP server) automatically have open PvP status on at all times in the wilderness. 

Arena Battles:
Compete in an organized instanced environment against players of similar level. Honor points are awarded at the end of battle.

1v1 (Best of 3) Duel: Compete against one other player in a battle, played in rounds. After each round, skills and health/resource meters are reset. The first player to win 2 rounds wins the match.​


3v3 (Best of 5) Team Death Match (TDM): Each team of 3 players must work together to defeat all members of the opposing team to score a point. Every player has 1 life per round. The first team to win 3 rounds wins the match. 


5v5 Capture the Flag (CTF): With up to 5 players on each team, your group must take the enemy flag and bring it to your own base 3 times before the enemy group is able to. 


6v6 Storm the Fortress (STF): Players are assigned to the attacking or defending team. The attackers have to gain access to the fortress and destroy the defense’s thunder gun. The defensive team must prevent this from happening. 

In addition to official battles, you may visit any of the arena maps (entrance located in various urban areas) to participate in confrontations against any player(s) of your choosing, as long as the participants are within your level bracket.

Dying in 3v3 Matches:
Players that die before the end of the round, go into spectator mode. Choose the player you want to follow around the arena. Cheer on your teammates and pick up tactical moves as the battle commences to the last player standing.

Who will I face when I sign up for battles?
If you are not already in a group, you will be randomly assigned a team. You will only face opponents of similar level in the arena. 

  • Players with a maximum level difference of five will be matched against each other.
  • During the matchmaking process, respective ELO standing are taken into consideration.

Signing up for Battle: 
Click on the Battle Registration icon (Hotkey “J”) and choose your desired type of battle. You will notice grey/green boxes in the top right corner of the screen once you have registered. The green boxes represent the number of player in the queue and the grey boxes indicate the number of open spots for the particular match. 


Once enough players sign up to start the match, and you accept the battle, you will be brought to a waiting room with the other members of your team; you are teleported automatically into the arena once all participants are ready. If you leave at any point after you accept the battle, you will receive a dishonorable exit. 


How can I sign my group up for battles?
The group leader may register the group for team battles. All group members must be in within 5 levels of one another and group members must individually accept the battle.

Battle Stats:
At any time during the battle, you may view the score card (Hotkey “J”), which lists the players in the arena and the progress of the match. Here you will find the total number of flags (CTF), kills, deaths, damage dealt, skills bonus and honor points awarded to each player. 


Unlock bonus achievements in the arena to gather even more honor!

Ruthless! - Most kills in one match (minimum 7). Reward: 50 Honor Points (in all modes)​


Invincible! - Most kills in a row without dying (minimum 3). Reward: 33 Honor Points (in all modes)​


Immortal! - Not died in a match at all. Reward (1v1): 33 Honor Points, Reward in all other modes: 100 honor points​



  • Essential part of the team! - Bringing home 3 flags without any help. Reward: 75 honor points
  • Unbeatable! - Stopped most opponent flag carriers in a match (minimum 3). Reward: 75 honor points.


  • Unstoppable! - Destroyed most defense towers in one match (minimum 5). Reward:75 honor points.
  • Immortal! - Destroyed most pile drivers in one match (minimum 3). Reward: 75 honor points.

Score Overview:
At the end of every battle, every player has a personal evaluation of achievements and honor points earned. Earn a badge with every achievement attained during the match. 


Inactivity in the Arena:
Inactivity in the arena for 15 seconds will prompt a warning message with a 20 second countdown timer. If inactivity continues through this time frame, the player will no longer be eligible to receive honor points in this match. Once the match is over, the player will receive a Dishonorable Exit.

Leaving an active battle and a Dishonorable Exit
To exit a battle, teleport back to the last urban area you visited or click on the Battle Registration button (Hotkey “J”) and exit the battle. If you decide to leave, you will be given a dishonorable exit, which penalizes you 15 minutes before you can re-register for another match. The only exception to the penalization is if you exit the battle before any other player accepts their battle entry request.

Combat Basics​

Combat Basics

Combat is the crux of this game. You will fight monsters (also referred to as mobs) and you can also choose to fight other players in Player vs Player (aka PvP) mode and in Hero’s Arena. PvP mode is turned off by default on all servers except Balor. Balor is a PvP only server. However, you can choose to turn PvP mode on at any time on the other servers by visiting the trainers in the urban areas.


To initiate an attack, simply click on the monster that you wish to target and hold down the left mouse button. You do not have to click continuously. By simply holding down the button, you will continue to attack your opponent until it has been killed or you switch targets. By keeping your cursor on the monster you are attacking, you will also be able to see the status of their health with each hit.​

If there are multiple monsters, just hover your mouse over the next target while holding down the left mouse button. You will automatically switch to the new target once the initial one is dead. Clicking on another target during an attack will switch your target. Be aware however, that if there is a monster in front of the one you wish to hit (in effect blocking), you will hit the closest one first.

If you do not wish your character to move, hold down the SHIFT key during the fight. This will ensure that your character stays in one place and does not follow or move to follow the cursor when you switch targets.​

You can equip essence to make your attacks even more deadly. The amount of essence used by each skill is detailed below. 

Note: For PvP encounters, all essences that increase damage by a percentage value, will only increase damage by 10% of the original stated value. Against monsters, the full stated value will apply. 



300% damage (PvP: 30% damage)



200% damage (PvP: 20% damage)



100% damage (PvP: 10% damage)



+150% damage (PvP: 15% damage)
+15% vitality abduction



+ damage (amount of damage added is dependent on level)


[​IMG] [​IMG]

Special essences may be necessary during an event to defeat monsters “Immune” from normal attacks.​

Unlike real life, death is only a minor setback in DSO. 


When it does occur, you are presented with three options:


*Note: your respawn options will default to Spirit guard if you have one in your inventory.

Your equipment will also suffer an additional 20% loss of durability upon death (if you choose to revive for free). If you choose to respawn at the last town, it’s not a bad idea to trot over to the Smithy for a quick repair before venturing forth again.

The circular stone platforms placed in each town are the respawn locations where you will appear if you choose to revive for free.

Spirit Stones
Be a good Samaritan and revive another player in the same location using a Spirit Stone. Purchase these stones from the Trader (Hotkey “T”) for 40 Andermants each. 

How to use:

  1. Stand by the fallen player.
  2. Open your inventory and right-click on the stone. The cursor will turn into a wing.
  3. Then left-click on the player.
  4. If the fallen player accepts the stone, you will lose a Spirit stone and the player will automatically revive in the same location. The revived player will be protected from damage immediately after being revived.

Note: You will be unable to travel once you select the spirit stone, so stand by the fallen player you wish to revive. To cancel the revive, right-click in open space.​

Classes — Skills & Talents

“These highly intelligent beings have dedicated their lives to studying magic, commanding the elemental essences of fire, ice and lightening to improve their magic attacks.

The magic knowledge gleaned from their apprenticeship helps the Spellweavers to become masters of their craft. Their quest for wisdom and magic mastery is guided by a codex that must be strictly obeyed.

The Spellweavers have long isolated themselves from the affairs of man by assuming modest positions as advisers, teachers, librarians and alchemists. The eight Spellweavers of the Inner Circle, who oversee the decisions of the Order, now call their bravest Spellweavers forth from the shadows. Knowledge of the enemy, once lost, must now be reclaimed in order to plan effective retaliation and drive back the impending peril.

Spellweavers are excellent ranged fighters. They use their mana to control the elements of fire, ice and lighting and manifest their spiritual powers by invoking mysterious spells. A spellweaver may be easy to disable in close combat but they’re not easy to catch. They teleport out of the way of danger.”


This your go-to basic attack that does not use mana. Fire a quick magic missile, which causes hit enemies 70% of your basic damage as physical damage.

  • Damage: 70% of your basic damage as physical damage
  • Ammo use: 1
  • Minimum level: 1

Playing with fire has its advantages. Shoot a fireball, which, upon impact, causes 110% of your basic damage as fire damage for all enemies within 2,0 meters. Burn baby burn!

  • Damage: 110% of your basic damage as fire damage
  • Radius: 2,0 meters of your target
  • Costs: 35 Mana
  • Ammo use: 3
  • Level: 2

Your enemies need to chill. Shoot an icy ball of…well ice, which causes 30% of your basic damage as ice damage to all enemies upon impact. For targets hit, travel speed is reduced by 50% for 6,0 (PvP: 2,0) seconds and attack speed by 10%.

  • Damage: 30% of your basic damage as ice damage
  • Effect: hit targets attack speed reduced by 10% for 5,0 [PvP: 2,0] seconds and travel speed reduced by 50%
  • Ammo use: 1
  • Level: 3

Unleash a frost nova, which completely freezes all enemies within a 4,0 meter vicinity for 3,0 (PvP: 1,0) seconds. For targets hit, it reduces travel speed by 50 % and attack speed by 10% for 6,0 (PvP: 2,0) seconds.That’ll teach them to stand too close.

  • Radius: 4,0 meters
  • Effect: freezes enemies for 3,0 (PvP: 1,0) seconds
  • Cooldown: 20s
  • Level: 6

“A hard life in the wilderness has made the Rangers into what they are: Alert hunters who prove time and again that they are at least a match for all other beings of creation.

From an early age, young members of the clan learn knowledge that has been passed down through millennia, as the traditions of Rangers are as old as humanity itself. Over time, their intense involvement with nature and their inherent inner balance has given them an almost magical ability to wield the blade bow.

Once all men were hunters, but while many of them gradually turned away from a life with nature, the Rangers stayed true to their original way of life, making them much feared outsiders. But now the fists of the forest have called for an alliance with the ancient order, against those who would disturb the balance. Eager to meet the threat head-on, the agile hunters have answered that call.

Rangers are not only outstanding archers, but are also apt at melee. Their style is characterized by dynamics, as they stay constantly in motion. They choose their targets from afar, first weakening them with arrows and then striking them down in close combat with their blade bow.”

The deadly hunting bow is the Ranger’s weapon of choice. Shoot a hunting arrow which causes 60% of your basic damage as physical damage. Hit targets are marked for 6,0 (PvP: 3,0) seconds and are slowed down by 30%

  • Damage: 60% of your basic damage as physical damage
  • Effect: hit targets are marked for 6,0 (PvP; 3,0) seconds and are slowed by 30%
  • Costs: 4 concentration
  • Essence: 1
  • Level: 1

With this skill, you’ll never miss again. Shoot a precision arrow which causes 125% of your basic damage as physical damage. Marked enemies will be pierced by the arrow and will suffer double the damage.

  • Damage: 125% of your basic damage as physical damage
  • Effect: marked enemies will suffer double damage
  • Costs: 33 Concentration
  • Ammo use: 4
  • Level: 2

The blade bow is the Ranger’s secret melee weapon. Brandish your blade bow and cause 35% of your basic damage as physical damage on all enemies directly in front of you. Hit targets will be poisoned for 3,0 (PvP: 3,0) seconds and suffer per second 35% of your basic damage as physical damage. The attack speed of poisoned enemies will also be reduced by 20%

  • Essence: 2
  • Level: 3

Catch your enemies unaware! Lay a trap that will be set off when touched. All enemies within its radius will be tagged for 8,0 seconds and slowed down. Who said Rangers can’t be sneaky?

  • Effect: enemies within its radius will be marked for 8,0 seconds and slowed
  • Cooldown: 8s
  • Level: 6

Vollmond Event (November)



Helden von Dracania,

das Vollmond-Event kehrt für Euch zurück.

Sprecht dafür mit dem NPC Thabo in den Städten.
Er wird euch den Weg nach Varholm zeigen,
damit ihr die Insel von den Werwölfen befreien könnt.


06.11.2014 – 12:00 Uhr bis 08.11.2014 – 12:00 Uhr

06.11.2014 – 18:00 Uhr bis 08.11.2014 – 18:00 Uhr

06.11.2014 – 21:00 Uhr bis 08.11.2014 – 21:00 Uhr

Den offiziellen Leitfaden zum Event findet Ihr hier.

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Euer Drakensang Online Team

Sternengold Event


Helden von Dracania

Es ist wieder soweit: Das Sternengold Event ist zurück!

Der Himmel von Dracania ist übersät mit Sternengold und lässt tolle Überraschungen regnen!

Nutzt die Chance, für Euch und Eure Gilde um tolle Preise zu gewinnen.


Start: 19. November 2014, 14:00 Uhr

Ende: 01. Dezember 2014, 14:00 Uhr

Über einen Zeitraum von elf Tagen (19. – 1. Dezember) haben die Spieler die Chance, Glücksmünzen als Drops von würdigen Gegnern, als Trophäe nach PvP-Matches oder beim Glücksspiel der Gaukler zu sammeln.

Den offiziellen Leitfaden zum Event findet ihr hier.

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Euer Drakensang Online Team