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Aion Veteran Rewards for 12 Months

Dear Daevas if you have spent last 12 months with Aion you are eligible for goodies in the Master Daeva pack!

Month 12: Master Daeva

1 Aqua Griffo Egg
1 Asmodian Personal Reusable Kisk Stone
1 Elyos Personal Reusable Kisk Stone
1 Fiery Head
5 Major Ancient Crowns

The Master Daeva will earn a whole array of useful rewards! First out is the Aqua Griffo, a rare purebred pet. The Aqua Griffo , waits to stand by your side with unfaltering loyalty. It provides your characters with 18 convenient inventory slots, produces Aether items, and detects unstealthed enemy Daevas. Each of your characters will find endless use for a new handy Personal Reusable Kisk Stone (Elyos and Asmodian versions). You can trade in five Major Ancient Crowns for goodies you’ve been wanting and display a burning passion for Aion with a flaming Firehead Hat.

To redeem your Veteran Rewards, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your NCsoft Master Account.
2. Click the Game Accounts link.
3. Select an Aion game account listed on the Game Accounts page.
4. Click the Apply in-Game Items link in the Action section.
5. Select a server in which you have made a character, and click the Next button.
6. Select a character to receive the Veteran Rewards, and click the Next button.
7. Click the checkbox next to an item pack or packs, and click the Next button.
8. Review the confirmation page, and click the Apply the Items/Item Packs to This Character button.

Aqua Griffo pet – How to feed your hungry Aion pet

Aqua Griffo pet is a part of the 12 month veteran reward package. This cute pet eats only items that actually say ‘ensouled’ in the title like: Ensouled Armor, Ensouled Boggart Cloak, Ensouled Chakranta Fragment, Ensouled Fragment, Ensouled Mugolem Fragment or Ensouled Petrahulk Fragment. But so far no one actually find out how to get those items.

At first I tried to feed him with different gray items, but he didn’t like them and kept spitting them out. So I did a little research and found an article on PowerWiki Pet Food with a list of Soul/Ensouled Food Type.

So far my little pet likes: Cursed Soul Fragment, Hazy Mamut Soul, Hazy Mau Soul and when he eats enough he spits out Major Aqua Griffo Bundle! When I opened my firs gift up I got 15 Aether. I was little disappointed but it’s a gift from my lovely pet:)

The Aqua Griffo will provide your characters with 18 convenient inventory slots, produce Aether items, and signal when enemies approach!

Item Name Drop Monster Monster Level Appearing Region
Shabby Soul Fragment Ancient Elyos Spirit 17 Verteron –  Altamia Ridge
Soldier Soul Crushed Soul 25 Abyss – Wings of Siel Archipelago
Asmodian Soul Piece Immortal Warrior 25 Abyss – Wings of Siel Archipelago
Golem Fragment Odium Golem 25 Abyss – Wings of Siel Archipelago
Elyos Soul Eternal Warrior 25 Abyss – Wings of Siel Archipelago
Intact Asmodian Soul Immortal Warrior 26 Abyss – Wings of Siel Archipelago
Intact Elyos Soul Eternal Warrior 26 Abyss – Wings of Siel Archipelago
Coarse Golem Fragment Odium Golem 26 Abyss – Wings of Siel Archipelago
Coarse Soul Fragment Spectral Soldier 26 Morheim –  Fortress of Sorrow
Intact Magician Soul Horrid Ancient Mage 27 Abyss – Wings of Siel Archipelago
Intact Soldier Soul Skeletal Miscreant 30 Abyss – Ruins of Roah
Intact Villager Soul Disturbed Resident 30 Abyss – Ruins of Roah
Intact Vengeful Soul Ghost of Oblivion 30 Abyss – Ruins of Roah
Large Soldier Soul Skeletal Miscreant 31 Abyss – Ruins of Roah
Large Villager Soul Disturbed Resident 31 Abyss – Ruins of Roah
Large Vengeful Soul Ghost of Oblivion 31 Abyss – Ruins of Roah
Big Golem Fragment Degenerated Golem 31 Abyss – Ruins of Roah
Solid Soul Fragment Warrior Spirit 40 Heiron – Patema Ruins
Hazy Mamut Soul Mamut Soul 41 Beluslan –  Mamut Graveyard
Hazy Mau Soul Frostspirit Fighter 42 Beluslan –  Hoarfrost Fortress
Huge Soul Fragment Ancient Dark Spirit 43 Heiron –  Nolantis Ruins
Hazy Rayal Soul Seafoam Rayal 44 Beluslan –  Alukina’s Palace
Cursed Soul Fragment Cleric Wraith 46 Pandaemonium- Arena Basement Level 1
Noble Golem of Elim Noah’s Furious Shade 50 Dark Poeta – The Lost Forest
Contaminated Puca Soul Grim Puca 53 Inggison
Contaminated Soul Fragment Reian Spiritwarrior 53 Gelkmaros
Huge Jotun Soul Anvilface 54 Lower Udas Temple – Jotun Studio
Huge Soul The Great Virhana 55 Beshmundir Temple – Hero’s Vault
Contaminated Drakan Soul Manadar 55 Beshmundir Temple – Crypt of the Vanquished

Aion Fortress Siege Vulnerability Times

Click to enlarge

There are many speculations about fortress siege times, so Aion team has decided to post the exact schedule with additional explanations:

We’ve had many of you asking about information on fortress siege times. Fortress times are no longer random. They follow a set schedule depending upon the day and time.

Aion: Assault on Balaurea added four new fortresses to siege and conquer. The addition of these four new fortresses into the current siege schedule is an ongoing process. We are currently working with our development team to improve upon this schedule.

Sneak peek on the next Aion Korean update

Today Ayase announced a little sneak peek on the next Aion update for Korean version. There will be some additional changes for EU servers but it’s interesting to know what we can expect soon.


  1. Greatly increased the drop rate of all main (Eternal/Fabled/Heroic/Superior rank) gear from instance boss monsters.
  2. Greatly increased the drop rate of all main (Eternal/Fabled/Heroic/Superior rank) gear from field boss monsters
  3. Greatly increased the Item drop rate of gear dropped by all monsters. This includes:
    1. Drop rate of Common/Superior Weapons, Armor, and Accessories.
    2. Drop rate of Heroic/Fabled Weapons, Armor, and Accessories.
  4. Increased the drop rate of the main items acquired from treasure boxes.
  5. Increased the drop rates of all Skill Manuals and stigma stones dropped by monsters.
  6. Increased the drop rate of fluxes dropped by monsters.
    1. Increased the number of Common/Superior rank fluxes.
    2. Greatly increased the number of Heroic/Fabled rank fluxes.
  7. Increased the drop rate of Superior rank manastones dropped by monsters.
  8. Fixed a problem in which a few items dropped in Instances were not temporarily tradeable, as they were supposed to be.
    1. Anurati’s Corundum Earrings/Turquoise Earrings
    2. Debillkarim’s Corundum Necklace/Turquoise Necklace
    3. Kingspin’s Corundum Ring/Turquoise Ring
    4. Malika’s Leather Belt/Sash
  9. Fixed a problem causing certain items not to display properly when equipped.
    1. [Asmodian] Forsaken Temple ~~ Head armor
    2. [Both] Steel Rake Sailor’s ~~ Torso armor
  10. Moved some gathering nodes from inaccessibly locations


  1. [Beshmundir’s Temple] Added some extra Nightshade monsters have been placed, which will be needed to complete some quests in the Garden of the Dead.
  2. [Chantra Dredgion] Fixed a problem causing the bulkhead between the Armory and Gravity Control not to show up sometimes.


  1. Platinum Medal quest NPCs in the Balaur Fortress and Special Ordnance Quartermaster NPCs will always spawn while the friendly faction is in possession of the fortress.
  2. Moved the Inggison Dimaia Gate Guard NPC.
  3. Modified the type of weapons equipped by the Elite Aetherguards summoned by Ulsark through the Illusion Gate.
  4. Fixed some NPCs’ incorrect dialogue.
  5. Fixed a bug causing the skill system messages made by a few boss monsters not to display properly.


  1. Reduced the prerequisites for Greater Stigma Quests.
    1. Now, players will be able to acquire Greater Stigma Quests without having to complete an Instance Dungeon entrance quest.
    2. Players will be able to purchase Greater Stigma Quest Collection Items with Shulack Coins without going through the Steel Rake/Dark Poeta instance dungeons.
  2. Modified so that group members can simultaneously collect items for solo Greater Stigma Quests.
    1. [Elyos] Taloc’s Heart Full of Soul, [Asmodian] Stigma Expansion
    2. [Asmodian] Fixed problems that were hindering players from completing Stigma Expansion.
  3. Fixed the problem where Drakan Researcher wasn’t dropping quest items.
    1. Added Drakan Researcher to the link in the Quest Description window.
  4. Fixed typos on a few quests.

User Interface:

  1. Modified the Character Password UI.
    1. Password Input window will now display how many characters have been entered.
  2. Added text that will let you know that the location of the numbers on the key pad has changed each time you log on.
  3. Players will no longer be able to set a new password that uses the same number twice. (Existing passwords that use the same number twice will not be affected.)
  4. A message will now pop up when players try to input their password using a keyboard, informing them that passwords must be entered using a mouse.


  1. Fixed the problem in which monsters’ “Wide Area” skills were not working in the following places:
    1. Certain areas of Draupnir Cave.
    2. Certain areas of the Oracular Chamber.
  2. Modified some areas in Heiron to look more natural when characters are mobile.
  3. Fixed the problem where characters were able to walk through some of the geography/landmarks in the Abyss.
  4. Modified some areas in Altgard to look more natural when characters are mobile.

How to collect enough food for your Aion pet

While I was following various links during the last few days about hungry Aion pets, I came across this interesting post Blackbeard’s Guide to Collecting Trash. At first, I was little surprised by the title, but I believe Blackbeard’s ideas and suggestions on how to easily collect enough food for Aion hungry pets will be very useful for everyone.

Gather with your alts

The best way to feed any pet: gather with your lowbies. I mean, most people have more than one alt. Yeah, selling the trash to a vendor will rake in easy kinah, but if you want to take the chance, it’s there.

My main alt is the one that has all of the “fortune” pets. So, when I level up a lowbie, I collect all my trash drops, place them in the account/legion warehouse, get my main and summon the pet, and just feed the pet till it spits out a drop.

Over the past weekend, running nothing but Kromede’s Trial and Haramel, I was able to stock up on enough trash to feed my pet for a couple of weeks. The Dukaki in Haramel drop cloth bags and iron scraps. From one run I usually have about 20-30 of each.

Don’t forget about Poeta and Ishalgen. Your lowbies can stand around for hours killing and save up enough drops to feed a fortune pet in one sitting.

But… if you’re really interested in gathering pet food, here’s a suggestion:

Get your legion involved.

If you are the Brigade General, start a contest/promotion where the more trash your legion collects and stores in the legion warehouse (or give directly to you, so you can count the amount and give proper credit to the correct person), they will receive something back as a reward. Maybe some armor they could use, maybe a weapon. Maybe even a dice roll on a random amount of kinah.

Heck, buy/make some green/blue/gold weapons and sell/trade them to your legion by giving specific details on the trash you want. List varying items you have to trade based on the amount/type of trash you want.


(All types of thorns for a dye producing pet)

Green Armor/Weapons:
100 thorns = green armor/weapon, level 10-20
500 thorns = green armor/weapon, level 21-30
1000 thorns = green armor/weapon, level 31-40

Blue Armor/Weapons
500 thorns = blue armor/weapon, level 25-35
1000 thorns = blue armor/weapon, level 36-45
2000 thorns = blue armor/weapon, level 46-55

Gold Armor/Weapons
2500 thorns = gold armor/weapon, level 25-35
5000 thorns = gold armor/weapon, level 36-45
10,000 thorns = gold armor/weapon, level 46-55

Sure, the prices could be adjusted to your taste, but figure it this way: if your legion is going to be gathering trash drops anyway, half of the work is done. Now it’s up to you to make it worth their while for giving it to you rather than vendoring it. I’m sure that you’ll see that, when presented with an option of vendoring for tiny bits of kinah or saving up for something that they will NEED as they level, I’m pretty sure that people will go after weapons and armor, since they’ll be able to save their personal kinah for other things.

You could also use this method as a way for trading semi-rare/rare armor and weapon skins. The more rare the skin, the more trash it will cost.

In the end, everyone will have trash drops that others will have a use for. It’s up to you to find what it’s worth to you and the people you’re willing to do business with.