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Aion 10 Days Free Trials

Today, Aion team presents a new Free Trial program beginning Thursday, May 26, 2011.

We are pleased to announce the start of the Aion Free Trials, beginning Thursday, May 26, 2011!

Spread your wings and join in the fight against your ancient enemies! Play Aion’s Free Trial for 10 days and experience the stunning beauty and depth of action found only in Aion! Our new Free Trial landing page will go live May 26, 2011!

Not sure where to start? Our new Faction Incentive Program provides a great entry point for new players. Grab your friends and ascend, Daevas!

Play Aion’s Trial for 10 days FREE
Explore the world of Atreia as you level to 20
Join or create a new Legion with your friends
Learn a craft and forge your own equipment


Don’t forget this week Aion team prepares two events

  • May 25 – June 8: ‘Gateway Getaway Event’
  • May 25 – May 31: ‘Behind Enemy Lines Rifting Event’

Is Aion Under Titanic Takedown Tuesday Attack?

A few minutes ago aion_trine posted a tweet about network outages for Aion, GW and Lineage 2:

We have been experiencing peer network outages for Aion, GW and Lineage 2 . Our team is investigating the source of these outages

Since Minecraft, EVE Online, League of Legends and games site The Escapist are under “Titanic Takedown Tuesday” attack, we hope it’s not the case with Aion.

We are currently experiencing network outages. We do not have an eta as to when they will stop; however, we do expect to continue experiencing them for the next hour or so. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and understanding. Please continue to monitor our Twitter feeds for more information.


Site updated with Aion 2.5 quests

I am very proud to announce that we have updated our quests database to reflect the changes that patch 2.5 brought to Aion. All the news quests have been added and old have been updated with the latest data. I am so very proud to say that this is the first time since this site existed that we have all the German and French quests added as well. Quest text and steps are all translated to French and German, the only thing left in English are custom explanations. The walkthrough images are also from the English version of the game and I hope you won’t mind that. We are hoping to keep adding quest walkthroughs in the coming weeks and I have a surprise for all of you min-max types because we are working on an updated version of our items database and we should be releasing that in the coming days. I know that it has already been more than a month since 2.5 was introduced, but there is only wife and me working on this site and things take time. Here are some fun facts about the patch:

  • 380 new quests have been added
  • Overal experience from quests has been increased by 681769895 in 1671 quests
  • That is an average of 408001 xp points increase per quest
  • The quest with the most XP increase is Brigadier Indratu with 11242666 XP points added as reward
  • There are actually 186 that have had their XP reward reduced by 14467080 points total

Aion Sale on Plastic Surgery Tickets

A sale on Plastic Surgery Tickets in the NCSoft Store starts on July 6, 2011 and runs until August 3, 2011. Buy one, get one free! It’s never been a better time to dye your hair or adjust your waistline.

Aion Item Database updated

I am very proud to announce that we have updated our Aion Item database with 2.5 data, but we did so much more and added new functionality to it as well. First of all we have updated our item tooltips and they look much more like their counterparts in the game. What I am really proud of is the addition of the Your Equipment section and the Equipping mechanism. There is an “Equip” link next to each item and you by clicking on it you add it to, what I would call, your ideal item build. All other items of same type you hover over will be compared to the equipped item in a nice side-by-side tooltip. All of the equipped items are shown in the “Your Equipment” section and there is a permalink that you can share with your friends or post them on forums. The purpose of all this is to provide you with a tool that will help you create a perfect list of items for your character, a kind of a gear wishlist if you’d like, which you can strive for in-game.
There are still some kinks and bugs here and there that we will work on in the coming days, but I wanted to share this with all of you as soon as possible. There is additional functionality I still plan on adding to the item database, like comparison mechanism for multiple items, but that will have to wait just a bit longer. If you have any additional ideas you would like me to add to the current functionality, please feel free to share them and I will see what can be done. In the meantime feel free to visit the updated Aion Item Database.