Beginner: The different types of characters

Hi everyone.

As a dear friend of my friend just started MH, I thought to all the beginners who aren’t especially into RPGs (as Hack & Slash are a variant of) so I’ll explain with more generic words.


1) The tanks

In RPGs (Role playing game), tanks are very solid characters with something to provoke the ennemies and lure them in order to them them and avoiding their allies to be attacked. These mechanics are often of two types: the cover system and the provoke system.

In MH, Tanks are easily recognizable in their skill trees with the second one system: the taunts. Note well that they don’t work against bosses and in raid, but will allow you to lure tons of mobs in open map and in group. They aren’t the characters that do the most damage, but that doesn’t man that their damages are bad,

Example of tanks: Luke Cage, Captain America, Rogue, Miss Marvel, Emma Frost (diamond form), Spiderman, Deadpool

2) Heavy fighters


Often called “off-tanks” or “DPS tankys” in RPGs, they’re strong,solid and most of people often make the mistake of thinking they’re tanks, but they’re not. Some of them are described as OP (for overpowered) because they’re so solid that they can toy with their health like Ghost rider and Venom.

Examples: Venom, Ghost rider, Silver Surfer, Thor

3) Light fighters

Light fighters are quite difficult to play in my opinion: they’re not as solid as heavy fighters and they haven’t stealth like assassins. But they kick [REDACTED]! Many of them have of the most impressive damage and can tear apart a boss in 1vs1. However, they must be played very carefully as one mistake can kill them!

Examples: Daredevil, Wolverine, Moon Knight, Taskmaster

4) Assassins


Assassins are a classic type of character in RPGs: they have stealth, fragile, have awesome burst allowing them to dispach specific targets in a few seconds and have often Dots (poison/bleed) and hard crow control (stun, silence…)

In MH, Assassins have all stealth, it can be a gadget because the character can be like a light fighter (X-23), a heavy fighter (Psylocke) or even hybrid range (Winter soldier). Their stealth can litterally be stronger than being tanky allowing you to avoid crapton of ennemies and attacks.

Examples: Winter soldier, Psylocke, Nightcrawler, Black Panther, Black Widow,

5) Ranged

In RPGs, Range damage dealer are often archers, a subtype of Rogues.

In MH, Range just prove that you strike 100% of the time with often some little tools for melee but you can’t go full melee at all. Plus, Range does not necessary means you’re extremely fragile, some can be more solid that light fighters and casters. Some have also minions or tools to take their aggro while they strike.

Examples: Star Lord, Rocket Racoon, Hawkeye, Cable, Iron man

6) Casters

In RPGs, Casters are Mages, this can go from the classic of “black mage” (very offensive and squishy) to “blue mage” (jack-of-all-trades) to “red mage” (with damages over time and crow control) to “white mage” (generally healers that can strike quite hard when well played)

NB:I’m a RPG fan, so Final Fantasy Players, do NOT say that White mages don’t hurt, they excel in killing zombies and they often have a high level white spell that strikes hard

In MH, casters are often those who use mental or energy powers to deal massive area damage, damage over time and can even control the battlefield. Like range characters that doesn’t mean they’re all fragiles: Scarlet Witch and Phenix heal quite well, Strange can have illusion to draw aggro, Loki has 6 durability and have illusions ect…

Examples: Storm, Phenix, Scarlet Witch, Loki, Dr Strange, Human torch

So who whould you pick? Choose well as your 400 Eternity splinters represent a lot of time ^^

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