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Concentrate analysis easily offered in the IS for a marginal time!

Throughout battle it is vital to sign up with physique in addition to spirit as this produces continuous success. In the renowned training internet sites, where young rivals are enlightened, checking out plays an important part in the uncovering treatment: It is needed to find out about the collect of devices along with muscles.

As it is not continuously basic to boost the appropriate quantity of emphasis for it, the huge universities of the continent have in fact been taking care of charming aid for relatively time.

Concentrated analysis increases your opportunity of successfully increasing your ability (or Soul Stone) whilst examining your adhering to magazine by 2.5 times.

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Some Pantherbaby Pet (120d)!

[Item Shop] 30 % Discount On Several Items

From 17.12.2014 14:00 to 24.12.2014 13:59 on the item shop 30 % cost cut on:

  • Powersnack
  • Windshoes+
  • Biologist Quest Package
  • Real true blessing Marble

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[Point Shop] Magical Chest

Beloved location, starting on 18.12.2014 00:00, till 18.12.2014 23:59 we offer you the Mysterious Chest in the Item shop. Open it as well as likewise with a little all the best you might get bush Battle Boar as a location!

Feasible loot from Mysterious Chests can be the following:

Wild Battle Boar Seal, Magic Stone, Reinforce Item, Blacksmith Handbook, Dragon Scroll, Blessing Marble, Blessing Scroll, Book of the Leader (3 humans resources), Passage Ticket (3 systems), Stone Handbook, Medal of the Dragon (10 gadgets), Blessing of Life (2 systems).

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[Happy Hour] 15 % -21.12.2014 09:00 up till 21.12.2014 23:59

Precious location, the kindness of the Dragon God gives off throughout the 3 kingdoms!

Use this residence window of possibility in addition to acquire by yourself 15 % a lot more Dragon Coins! 21.12.2014 09:00 up till 21.12.2014 23:59

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