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Black Desert Costumes On Sale

From 21.01.2014 0:00 to 24.01.2014 23:59 easily offered on Item Shop the Black Desert attire

[Happy Hour] 15 % – 25.01.2014 12:00 up till 23:59

Beloved location, the kindness of the Dragon God discharges throughout the 3 kingdoms!

Capitalize on this residence window of opportunity in addition to acquire by yourself 15 % a lot more Dragon Coins! 25.01.2014 12:00 up till 25.01.2014 23:59!

Metin2 Team

Tradable Passage Tickets in the shop!

Priceless Community,

Tradable Passage tickets abvailable in shop! Kindly look into Item Shop from 29.01.2014 00:00 to New End day: 02.02.2014 23:59!

Metin2 Team

[Happy Hour] 20 % – 31.01.2014 12:00 till 31.01.2014 23:59

Beloved community,

the selflessness of the Dragon God sends out throughout the 3 kingdoms!

Use this house window of possibility as well as likewise get by yourself 20 % much more Dragon Coins! 31.01.2014 12:00 till 31.01.2014 23:59 (Local time)

Metin2 Team

Dragon Coins Voucher in the shop! (50 in addition to 500 DC).


Precious Community,

DC Vouchers are supplied once again! Dragon Coin Vouchers in well worths of 50 or 500 DC. Kindly see Item Shop from 31.01.2014 12:00 to 01.02.2014 23:59 (Local Time)!

Get: By double-clicking or clicking with the right-mouse button, the here and now amount will absolutely be credited to your account.

Kindly note: This item has a duration which starts after purchase. It lasts 30 days – after then you will certainly not have the capacity to recover it!

Metin2 Team