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New Aion Godstones The Aion 2.6 upgrade presents 7 new Godstones that might be received from the perk stage of the Crucible Challenge. When the repeatable quest is ended up 5 times, a break to the perk deal stage will definitely open at the last stage of the Crucible Challenge. In the advantage stage, players will absolutely run into off versus the Tiamat Assassin or an NPC of the standing up to race, both which have a chance to shed some fantastic loot. The NPC of the withstanding race also has an opportunity to shed Enchantment Stones in addition to Manastones, yet furthermore Gold Medals, Platinum Medals, as well as the new Crucible Challenge Godstones. The Godstones are:

New Aion Pet– Worg of the Dead

Aion team exposed today new auto-looting animal canine– Worg of Dead, which might be gotten in

Aion Store

Aion Website along with Forums Log-Ins Undergoing Maintenance

Aion team exposed today that Aion players will definitely not have the capacity to login to Aion internet site or on the internet discussion forums for at some point. The site in addition to on the internet discussion forums search as well as browsing will absolutely be supplied throughout this period.

Aion 3.0 Loading Screens

Today we offer lots of new packaging display screens from Aion Korean 3.0 variant.

Aion 3.0 Mounts

New Aion 3.0 areas could be discovered in 2 kinds: flying and ground-based along with might be acquired through crafting or hatched out from eggs like Aion’s pets. The price of installs might be modified by performing different upgrades.