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Aion 2.5 location offers new capacities The new Aion 2.5 upgrade, Empyrean Calling, provides 2 new capacities for every single training course. Among the new capacities can be obtained from the Class Trainer.

Aion Faction Incentive Program Details

Aion team has in fact been dealing with new work which purpose is to improve play experience. The significant focus of this program is to establish benefits on specific North American along with European internet servers which have an intrigue looking for advancement and aid.

Aion 10 Days Free Trials

Today, Aion team offers a new Free Trial program beginning Thursday, May 26, 2011.

Is Aion Under Titanic Takedown Tuesday Attack?

A few minutes ago aion_trine released a tweet worrying network disruptions for Aion, GW in addition to Lineage 2:

Site updated with Aion 2.5 goals I am actually happy to expose that we have really updated our objectives information resource to mirror the changes that identify 2.5 offered Aion. All the info trips have in fact been consisted of in addition to aged have really been updated with the latest info. We are actually wanting to preserve generate quest walkthroughs in the coming weeks in addition to I have a shock for all you min-max kinds as a result of that we are working on an updated variant of our choices information resource in addition to we should be releasing that in the coming days.