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Things and goals Database Updated to 3.0 In span of the upcoming launch of Aion 3.0 on the European internet servers I enjoy to expose that Aion Life has in fact had its Items along with quests information resources updated to the computer game variant 3.0. We were unable to supply the Also german as well as french variants besides the English one given that the details was not existing in the Aion 3.0 client. We desire this will absolutely change with the primary launch of the EU Aion 3.0 variant.

Aion 4.0 to have 3 new lessons! We go to GamesCom, Europe’s biggest video clip pc gaming event and of program, we mosted likely to see simply exactly what’s new with Aion (and take some community worries along the ways). We were fairly going to find out that among the people existing are Aion developers from Korea. We had some outstanding video clip footage exposed from the place (with an assurance from Gameforge people that this will absolutely reach European players significantly, substantially earlier) along with it was a pleasure satisfying the individuals that actualy make this computer game.

Aion 3.5 conversation video in addition to 4.0 divulges! Throughout our attend GamesCom 2012 in Cologne, Germany, we were managed to a total conversation as well as session with the Korean developers, politeness of Gameforge. We were exposed great deals of video clip from Aion 3.5 including large amounts of information worrying specifically just what is additionally new as well as remarkable because place. Being pushing for new Aion information we needed to ask pertaining to Aion 4.0, although Aion 3.5 was just currently launched in Korea.

RaiderZ It is this new MMORPG computer game originating from Korea called RaiderZ. We saw Gameforge’s screen at Gamescom 2012 greatly for Aion details, yet we were furthermore interested worrying RaiderZ. You check out, they have these big companies spread out around the world that shed distinct loot and I truly wished to find out much more worrying the computer game.

Meeting Aion EU Executive Product Director We had the honor of relaxing with Mr. Volker Boenigk, Team Aion EU Executive Product Director, throughout Gamescom 2012. Simply a number of days before that Aion 3.0 launched in Europe (being several months late to its United States matching) in addition to developers from Korea were just a number of feet from us talking relating to Aion 3.5 and likewise Aion 4.0. Aion Europen on the internet discussion forums are comprehended for their tough stance on specifically just how the computer game is run in addition to I actually wished to give those issues in a private, face to face, work meeting Below’s a listing of factors evaluated partly 1 amongst the task meeting.