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Aion 3.5 goes stay in October 2012


Aion 4.0 Gunner Class Preview

NCsoft released a preview of the new “Gunner” lesson concerning Aion in area 4.0! The name of the lesson in addition to anything checked out in the video undergo change.

Aion 4.0 Bard Class Preview

Today, NCsoft released a brand-new video of Bard Class being offered in Aion 4.0. I intend to admit this program has some impressive capabilities.

Aion POSA Cards supplying incorrect advantages

Baseding on Felicia Johnson Aion United States Community Coordinator, throughout the settlement maintenance today an error happened and players that utilized POSA Cards actually did not acquire ideal rewards:

Aion 4.0 New Wallpapers

4 Aion beautiful Wallpapers have really been submitted on the major Korean Aion internet site. The wallpapers consist of Aion lessons Bard, Chanter, Spiritmaster as well as IU’s Angel Guardian.