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Aion could possibly be played without Pando Media Booster

NCsoft disclosed that Aion might be downloaded and install as well as mount straight with the NC launcher without taking advantage of Pando Media Booster yet this could possibly look at change in the future

MMORPG Exclusive Aion Pet Giveaway

aion pet Watchful Ailu

Present your Aion house

aion house

I discovered on the major on-line discussion forums a superb stroll Show off your house. You call for a large amount of kinah to obtain all expensive home furnishings, nevertheless some home furnishings is really excellent.

Decorate Your Aion House competitors

aion housing contest

NCsoft disclosed new competitors Decorate Your Space from Friday, May 11, to 11:59 PM CDT Friday, May 18.

Aion Housing Tips & & Tricks