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Wide range Lockbox Key readily available at Black Cloud Marketplace For the quote of 279 N coins Aion gamers could buy Wealth Lockbox Key, that could be made use of to open a Wealth Lockbox. Each crucial opens one Wealth Lockbox.

Aion Summer Block Party returns

aion summer party
These supports could offer you an Ice Pick or an Ice Block. Fracture open an Ice Block with an Ice Pick to acquire an Ice-Hot Box which consists of numerous rewards. Utilize a Bag of Ice to get an Ice Pick or an Ice Box.

Ice-Hot Boxes include numerous benefits. Accumulate Ice Blocks and also Ice Picks to make even more boxes to optimize your benefits!
Ice Picks and also Ice Blocks are likewise readily available on the Black Cloud Marketplace.

Beverage is Free for Level 20+
Pick choose a free totally free everyday beverage the Bartender located situated Pandaemonium or Sanctum. Your initial alcoholic drink is on your house yet in situation you were still parched, profession Ice Blocks with the Bartender for an additional beverage.

Brommeltini. Each alcoholic drink will certainly last for 30 few minutes as well as boosts your organic recovery, all-natural mana therapy, as well as DP.

Beginning July 30th, all Daevas could go to bartenders in the resources city and also exchange Bags of Ice from occasion mobs or managers. These supports could provide you an Ice Pick or an Ice Block. Split open an Ice Block with an Ice Pick to acquire an Ice-Hot Box which includes different rewards. Utilize a Bag of Ice to acquire an Ice Pick or an Ice Box.

Steaming Point Event

aion boiling point

Beginning today, Daevas could sign up with a brand-new occasion entitled “Boiling Point”, where you need to accomplish a little demand from Shugo Mendrunerk. Bring the substances Mendrunerk requires, and also he will certainly provide you a powerful chowder to increase your spirits as well as grant you a tasty desire! Rolled Dumpling or you could select up the things from our supplier to make the chowder.

Talk Like A Pirate Day Sale

aion talk like a pirate day
On September 19th examination out the Black Cloud Marketplace to watch the unique costs on the Talk Like a Pirate Day Collection of outfits as well as Weapon Skins. This deal upright September 21st, 2014. For this weekend break just, these things are on online sales at a decrease cost.

Aion 5th Anniversary video clip as well as In-Game Event

On September 22, 2014, log into your personalities as well as commemorate the 5th Anniversary with the Aion group. On each web server and also intrigue, 3 candle light pie enthusiast will certainly be adjusted around every 15 mins for one hr. Gather Aether Flames from arena declines or acquire them from the establishment to trade with the Aether Flame Exchanger NPC, select a candle light with the enthusiast of your option, as well as placed it on the pie.