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New players guide for MH 2015 (simplified)

I saw a lot of questions in chat during game play, so I decided to write up a collection of somewhat easy to read tips/guides for new players. Hope it helps! We were all newbies before ;) [P.S. correct me if am wrong with the info)

1) Pick a starter hero & stick with it! Don’t create new account just because you think you chose the wrong hero. Every hero is fun in their own way. Play through the game from Hell’s Kitchen up til the end of game in Asgard. Just enjoy the story! (fyi, the story is written by Brian Michael Bendis)

2) Two ways to buy new heroes; real cash & in-game currency Eternity Splinters [ES] (dropped from enemies every few fix minutes, 5-8 min or so). Spend ES by talking to Adam Warlock in hubs

3) Three types of heroes; Starter (200 ES) , Basic (400 ES) & Advance (600 ES). Their costs are based on the amount of work required & new technology/visual to create/develop them

3) Starter heroes are Daredevil, Thing, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch. New heroes for choosing (not available when I started) should include Captain America, Luke Cage, Punisher and…(need help from you guys here, I have no idea). Choosing starter hero & you will get free ES (one time only, per account) after defeating chap 8 boss (use this to speed ES collection to get another hero). Choosing newly included heroes & you won’t get the free ES. Your call

4) Press T to change heroes, change game difficulty, assign team-ups. This game is no Marvel Ultimate Alliance. You play 1 hero at any time, although you can swap your purchased heroes at any time in hub (lounge/lobby zone where there are no enemies & with other players around. Gear vendors/crafters/ES hero vendors are all here). You can also swap heroes in combat zones if you meet the requirements of the zone (heroes’ level range & difficulty of each hero)

5) Chat mechanism. By typing your text directly into chat box & press enter, text will appear grey (can only be read by those in same zone as you). Type /social followed by space will turn it to green (read by all players). Type /say followed by space turns it to white (chat bubble appear on top of your hero, effective way to get nearby player’s attention). Type /party followed by space to turn it blue (only party members can read it). Type /tell followed by space & player name turns it to purple (private message)

6) Item rankings. Rarity increases from White > Green > Blue > Purple > Yellow (cosmic) > Orange (hero unique). Apart from providing invulnerability & health/spirit boost, Cosmic can provide massive power points to boost to certain powers. Unique provide boost to fixed powers respective to each unique, & bunch of other quirky/useful additional powers. For me, I always equip my heroes with their full set of uniques

7) Vendors that can be leveled up; armor, weapon, crafter, runeword. Donate all unwanted items to crafter!! [Hank Pym/Reed, etc] (don’t sell it, you’ll gather enough credits just by playing/collecting credit drop). Level enchanter next

8) Press O for nearby players, supergroup, friend list

9) If you meet green floating enemy with no legs, that’s Doop. They will disappear after a while. Defeat them to get lots of loots! If you are lucky, you may even meet a bigger Doop, the Cosmic Doop, which has more loots!

10) Team-ups. Buy them with cash or ES. It is yours, permanently. You can assign them to any hero you own, 1 per hero (press T). Change their powers in hub for no cost. They provide passive boost (when they were assigned to a hero, but not summoned) & as summoned pet (that can fight)

11) Costume affixes. Each costume can be crafted (at crafter) max 4 affixes (level 1-4, one affix for each level) to make you stronger (e.g. lvl 1=atk spd +1%, lvl 2=+20 dmg, lvl 3=+50 critical, lvl 4=atk spd +6%). Also, can assign 1 costume core (that determines your costume’s level, which in turn powering up your affixes) (e.g. using above example, higher costume core level increases all the numbers of your affixes). Can also assign visual from artifacts (careful, artifact will be used up).

12) When reaching level 20, you can start doing legendary quest [LQ], which is the fastest way to level up in the game. Although I encourage to finish story mode at least once (story also provide free power points, health & spirit permanent boost, specific artifacts, free ES once per account if you select starter heroes to start with)

13) Reaching level 25 & 50 unlocks specific Synergy for each hero. Press V to assign max 10 synergies for each hero. Turn on/off any that you want for free at hubs

14) In Chap 9, you can buy Legendary Gear for your heroes for 300 Odin Marks each

15) After finishing story mode, you can play endless mode [PvE] such as Midtown Manhattan [MM], Green & Red Terminals, Xdefense, Holo Sim. To farm items or leveling. Can also battle against players in [PvP]

16) When you reach max level 60, you unlock other modes such as One-Shot, Raid, Yellow Cosmic Terminals. Also, each of your level 30+/50+/60 heroes provide permanent boost to total EXP gained for your account. You would wanna level all of them for faster leveling of future heroes

17) When in a group, right-click on teammate’s avatar to easily teleport to them

18) Shift + left click to tag items on chat. Shift + left click on tagged item in chat to view them

19) Shift + right click to de-stack items one by one, either from STASH to inventory or vice versa

20) Useful tips to unlock waypoints in story mode. Especially when going through story mode with another new hero. E.G. Your Storm (normal difficulty) at any unlocked waypoints (especially useful at Chap 9 to buy Legendary Gear for lvl 1 hero, since Legendary Gear takes forever to level up), press T to switch hero. When switched, the waypoint will be unlocked for that hero

21) Super useful tips to view/stats/equip gears/relics for all heroes while playing in any zones. I had to figured this out by myself. Press T to bring out roster window. Press I to bring out inventory window. Select any hero in roster to view their stats/gear, without the need to switch them out! You can even drag items to heroes in roster to equip them! Useful when equipping those different relics found while playing to your benched heroes

Phew! That’s it for now. These are the ones I can think of that benefits new players. Will add more when I am able to (new list will be added to the bottom. Enjoy the game!

Question about Endgame Omegas: which crit and brut rate to aim?

Hi everyone.

As I’m getting more and more toons level 60, I am still wondering which caps about brut and crit to rate (pls no “the max ofc” it’s a total useless answer to me).

After doing some researches, i found this:

From this topic:

Like Pacifis said, above 40% the rate asked for crit and brut rate becomes far too much.

Personnally, I took these factors before doing any calculation:
-At level 60, toons have around 10% brut
-Uniques set of the toon give around 1200 crit rate, so 25% of crit.
-Helas give 20% chance of brut.

So I checked the Omegas and found these usefuls for brutal rate:
-Warpath: 10 Fighting (600 brut rate, 1800 brut damage rate, 30% damage of any kind) ->2330 Omegas
-Sabertooth: 5 ranks (600 brut rate, 900 brut damage rate, 300 health regen/min) ->1000 Omegas
-Punisher: 10 ranks (600 brut rate with a little drawback) ->640 Omegas
-Shadow King : 20 ranks (480 brut AND crit rate, 20% summon allies dmg)->1380 Omegas

Considering that I wanted 50% brutal chance, I need to aim 30% so 2401, these Omegas giving 2280, we need 120

Siege targetting system (Artifact costing 100 ARMOR currency, sold by Jocasta) gives around 400 brut rate, which is a lot.

Just with all that, You have 50% chance of doing a brut instead of a crit, and your crit rate is increased.

The main drawback is that is ask a DAMN TON of Omegas!

Does all that work worth it?

In-Game Code of Conduct

In-Game Code of Conduct

The general rules of the Terms of Service apply to all in-game activity. You may review the ToS here:

This boils down to treating your fellow players with respect, at all times.

Our in-game moderators are not able to read every piece of chat that goes into the game, nor should we have to. If you see another player violating the Terms of Service in any way, you should use the /report functionality that’s built into the game to bring them to our attention. You can do this by typing /report in the chat box, immediately followed by the username of the player in question, along with a brief description of the issue.

We also strongly recommend the use of the /ignore feature, if you no longer want to see chat from a certain player.

Remember, per our Terms of Service, filing false reports is also a violation. Filing false reports against other players could result in action being taken against your account.

Some things to look out for, and avoid doing:


If you’re unclear on what this is, please have a look at the Wikipedia entry on the subject:

Basically, don’t abuse in-game chat specifically to illicit a negative reaction from other players. If we find you doing so, we may take action against your account.


Do not harass other players either via general chat channels or private tells. If another player is doing or saying something that you don’t like, use /ignore, or /report to bring them to our attention.

Remember, the behavior of another player does not excuse your own behavior, and will not be accepted as an excuse if we find you have violated our Terms of Service.

Inappropriate Language

Marvel Heroes uses a fairly strict chat filter as we are a family friendly game. Attempting to bypass this filter by misspelling certain words may result in action being taken against your account. In addition, continuously using words that trigger that filter means you should not be using those words.

This is also not the place for inappropriate sexual chat. If we see this in your chat logs, action will be taken against your account.

Hate Speech

Hate speech of any kind will not be tolerated. If we see this in your chat logs, serious action will be taken against your account, up to and including permanent removal from the game. There is never a justification for this behavior, and we take it very seriously.

Threats of Violence

Any threats of real life violence against another player will result in your permanent removal from the game.

Toxic Behavior

In addition to the points above, this also includes going out of your way to make the gameplay experience a negative one for other players. Whether via harassment, inappropriate language, or the abuse of certain in-game systems to make the experience unpleasant for the people around you.

Using Alternate Accounts to Bypass Suspensions

This will result in the original suspension being lengthened considerably. If you were suspended from the game, it was for a reason. Wait your suspension out and make sure the behavior doesn’t occur again in the future.

We want Marvel Heroes to be a fun experience for everybody who plays it. When the Terms of Service are violated in the above ways, it has a negative impact on the entire community. Please carefully consider your actions in the game and treat other members of the community the way you would want to be treated.

Marvel Heroes Forums: Code of Conduct

Welcome to the Marvel Heroes forums! Stay awhile and listen… :)

The Marvel Heroes forums are a service for players and game creators to exchange news, knowledge and ideas in a secure, friendly environment.

The forums team is present 24/7 to help protect forum users from abuse, trolls and spambots, as well as coordinate feedback, bug reports and requests to and from the development team.

One of the major features of the forums is direct communication to the game design team. The entire team reviews the forums and there are often 100 or more posts by team members on many days of the week.

Thread Titles

When posting a fresh thread, please use a clear title that is easy to understand. This will help forum staff channel the feedback to the right people as soon as possible. Use “Bug:” in the title if you are reporting a bug of any kind.

There are forum sections for every hero and each type of bug report. It’s important to post bugs/technical problems in those forums so the respective designers or support staff can immediately review the posts during their daily reviews.

Try not to use all caps or people’s names in thread titles, to keep things easier to parse and manage.

Forum staff will adjust thread titles to match these guidelines and move them to the correct forum section as soon as possible, but it’s more efficient to do that from the start, when starting a fresh thread.


Forum members have a very high level of flexibility for forum signatures. Make them cool, creative and respectful. Try to keep them to about 5 lines or less of vertical space.

There are a lot of good examples of signatures on the forums; check them out to help you decide what you want for yourself. You can edit your signatures using the “Account Options” button (shaped like a gear at the top of the page).

Posting Guidelines

Since the purpose of the forums is to exchange news, knowledge and ideas in a secure, friendly environment – it’s important to stay constructive. Even if you’re having a bad day or completely disagree with something by another poster, we have to keep the environment safe and reasonably polite for everyone.

Sharing ideas and opinions shouldn’t be combined with attacks or “calls outs” of any human being, group or company. If you have an issues with another forum member, send a message to a forum staff member who will help resolve the situation. Complaints and constructive about any aspect of the game is absolutely allowed and appreciated in a constructive, respectful and reasonable manner.

Posts can be flagged is abusive and will alert a forum staff member to review the post and work with the poster if it violates the code of conduct. Please don’t use these flags for revenge against another poster, that’s not their purpose.

Many families play Marvel Heroes together. Please don’t use profanity.

Please don’t repost data-mined or spoiler material. Usually, it’s not a big deal, but it may be a sensitive licensing issue, so it’s best to avoid it altogether.

Troll-Free Environment

The Marvel Herores forums try to maintain reasonable, “troll free” environment. Normally trolls are just frustrated people who want to vent, so forum staff will do their best to help them find a more constructive way to post. If a player is reported repeatedly for abuse or trolling, they will be assigned a troll flag in the forum software and their posts will be put into limbo (invisible) until the troll flag is removed after a period of “troll-free” time.

Everyone probably knows what trolling is, it’s easy to spot. Here’s a good summary from Wikipedia: “In Internet slang, a troll is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a forum, chat room, or blog), either accidentally or with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic.”
Source: Wikipedia Entry for Trolling

You can use the “Flag” button to report a post that is violating the spirit of this troll-free philosophy. Forum staff will review and take reasonable steps to correct the problem.

Disagreeing with a post does not hurt another user in any way, use that as a simple expression of your opinion.


In the event a player violates the code of conduct, they will usually receive a warning message using one of these categories:

1.(a) Spamming, bumping threads repeatedly, posting spoilers, or mild language. (minor)

2.(a) Abusive, rude or trolling behavior. Wikipedia Entry for Trolling (major)

2.(b) Attacking, insulting, calling out or threatening any human being, group or company. (major)

2.(c) Excessive profanity, advertising bots, repeated minor offenses. (major)

Other Tips and Notes

Before posting, you may wish to use the green search bar to see if your topic or question already has a dedicated thread.

Please don’t post on alt accounts or try to circumvent the system. Everyone is pretty reasonable and forgiving, so it’s better to just work through an issue with forum staff, they are very understanding.

Code of Conduct Obligatory Stuff

The use of the Marvel Heroes Forums constitutes acceptance of this Code of Conduct.

Membership and participation in these forums is a privilege and not a right. The forum staff reserve the right to remove forum privileges for those who repeatedly violate the code of conduct or harm/threaten other forum members in any way.

The Marvel Heroes forum staff has the right to modify and apply the Code of Conduct at their discretion at any time.

Vote for Marvel Heroes 2015 in MMORPG’s Player’s Choice Awards!

Hey everyone!

Hope your holidays were fantastic! Marvel Heroes 2015 is up for another award, and this time it’s for MMORPG’s Player’s Choice Awards. We’re up against some tough competition in the “Most Improved MMO of 2014″ category. Other games that we’re up against include Elder Scrolls Online, World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor, Warframe, and Star Wars: The Old Republic. If you’ve got a spare moment, head on over to their website and drop us a vote!

Have a good one meow.